Author's Note: Hello dears! All right, so as my summary mentioned, this story is somewhat of a sequel to my friend Wormtail94's "Spoiled Brat" story. He personally asked me to write this story for him, so don't worry, I'm not trying to steal his characters or anything. Anyway, if any of you readers have not read his story, or the other ones that include the other mother and her 4 Coraline daughters, I want to once again remind all to do so before reading this story; otherwise it will confuse you. Make sure that you especially read "Spoiled Brat" if you haven't, and you'll see why both of us were inspired to throw ideas around for this story lol. Enjoy darlings!


Maternalluv20/ Other Mother The Taming of the Brat

The other mother wiped the sweat from her brow as she closed the oven door. The Macaroni Casserole was finally put in after two hours of hard work putting it together.

"MOOOMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" A voice yelled from the dining room. The other mother sighed while wiping her hands on the kitchen hand towel. "Yes sweetie pie?" She asked sweetly while entering room.

At the end of the dining room table, sat Coraline 2, the other mother's second failed attempt at creating a duplicate of the real Coraline, who had entered her world not long ago. While this Coraline had looked perfect at first, the other mother's hope soon turned to despair when she found that Coraline 2 had a huge…no, ENORMOUS appetite!

In fact, she was the reason why the other mother was working fervently on the meal at hand. Coraline 2 had asked, no…ORDERED that her mother make her an Italian dish for dinner that night, and the other mother reluctantly agreed, wishing that her daughter would give her a break.

Coraline 2 was short, and had a belly that stretched out so far that it would put a pregnant woman to shame. "Where's my food?!" She shouted rudely while slamming her fist down on the table. "I'm starving!" Of course this was a dramatic exaggeration, considering she had just consumed a whole pizza, 10 garlic roles, and a coconut cream pie.

The other mother smiled wearily while trying to calm her daughter down. "Now now pumpkin, I just put the casserole in the oven, so there's no need to be upset. If you want something to snack on, I can make you a salad perhaps while you wait-"

"EEEEW A WHAT?!" Coraline 2 interrupted in disgust. "DO I LOOK LIKE A VEGETARIAN?! I hate salad! It tastes like watery paper! Yuck!"

"And you know what watery paper tastes like sister?" An emotionless voice asked while entering the room. It was Coraline 3, the other mother's third failed attempt at making a 'Coraline' duplicate. While she looked exactly like the real Coraline, her only problem was that she was…well, expressionless. One could never tell in her voice or see in her face whether she was happy, angry, or sad. She always had a calm demeanor about her, and never seemed frazzled by whatever offensive comments were hurled at her from Coraline 2.

"Oh shut up you boring nerd! You know what I meant!" Coraline 2 snapped.

Other mother frowned slightly. "Now Coraline, you know I don't like name-calling in this house. Please try to be more pleasant." She admonished gently.

"She started it." Coraline 2 whined pathetically. Coraline 3 just shrugged and sat down at the table next to her engorged sister. "Well, what would you like to snack on then dear?" The other mother asked, hoping to satisfy her impatient daughter.

Coraline 2 put on her thinking face, which was rather hard not to laugh at considering it looked like she was constipated. After a minute, she suddenly piped up excitedly, "Ooh ooh! I want deviled eggs! Lots of deviled eggs and some…SOME LOBSTER BISQUE!!!"

"Yes, because that's what you need, more fattening foods." A voice said sarcastically before the other mother could reply. All heads turned to see Coraline 1 walk into the room. Yes, this was the other mother's first, and probably most pathetic attempt of a 'Coraline' duplicate out of all of them.

See, when this Coraline was first made, she had been missing an arm, a leg, had a crutch to make up for her lost leg, one black button eye, and an eye patch over the missing one. The other mother had tried to make a duplicate of the real Coraline from memory, and well….this had been the result.

But after the most recent 'adventure' with the real Coraline, the other mother had made some changes for her first little girl after they struck a bargain. If one saw Coraline 1 now, appeared more like some kind of cyborg! Her hands had replaced by two giant metal three digit claws and her leg by a metal one, eliminating any need for a crutch. She no longer wore an eye patch as the socket, and was now filled by a large metal button.

"WHO ASKED YOU UGLY?!" Coraline 2 demanded cruelly while looking at her sister with disgust. "I was talking to mother! Are you mother? I didn't think so!"

"CORALINE!" the other mother scolded while placing her hands on her hips.

Coraline 1 glared at her sister at the stinging remarks. "Hey! You can't call me that anymore Coraline! I have limbs now, see?" She shot back while smiling snobbishly and holding out one of her metal claws and waving it mockingly.

Coraline 2 merely snickered at her sister's excuse for 'limbs.' "As if Coraline! You may have your desired missing parts now, but they're not real and soft like mine!" she said unkindly while holding her fat left arm out, and tracing a path slowly down it with her right hand. "You'll always be ugly to me Coraline! First is worst!"

Coraline 1 sunk her head feeling deeply hurt, and looked at herself in self-loathing. She hated herself for even needing prepares done at all. "At least I look appealing to the eye! Unlike some hogs I know." Coraline 1 snapped bitterly, feeling angry tears build up in her eyes.

"What was that?!" Coraline 2 demanded while slamming her fists against the table.

The other mother wrapped her arms around Coraline 1 comfortingly. "It's all right darling, don't take her seriously, she's just in a sour mood. Remember that mommy love you very much." She soothed while kissing the top of her daughter's head.

Coraline 1 smiled sadly while leaning into her mother's warmth. Meanwhile, the other mother looked back at Coraline 2 with disapproval. "Coraline, you really should be more sensitive to your sister. She can't help the way she looks; although I think that she is beautiful and precious. You all are very special to me, never forget that."

Coraline 2 just snickered in response. "That's what you always say mother. Now go make my food before I die of hunger!" She began to hold her protruding belly and moan dramatically, as if she were really in pain.

The other mother rolled her eyes while holding her hands up in defeat. "Alright alright. I'll go whip up something for my little piggy." She said before exiting the room.

"Make it fast!" Coraline 2 yelled disrespectfully after her mother's retreating form. Both the other Coralines shook their heads incredulously. So rude and ungrateful, Coraline 3 thought to herself while reading her book on world history.

For a while, the three sisters sat there in the awkward silence. Coraline 3 was engaged in her book, while Coraline 2 was drumming her fingers intolerantly as the food cooked. Coraline 1 was still angry and uncomfortable. So, she tried to strike up a conversation to ease the tension in the room. "So…" she began to say, catching her sisters' attention, "sure smells good in there. Wonder what mom's making for dinner tonight."

"It's Macaroni Casserole…and don't think either of you will be getting any of it! Mommy is making it especially for me!" Coraline said greedily while smiling and rubbing her hands together in anticipation.

Coraline 1 looked disappointed. "Says who? YOU? You could share once in a while you know Coraline." She said grumpily while licking her lips hungrily.

Coraline 2 glowered at her sister while shaking her head. "Oh right…and let myself starve? You wish!" She snapped while folding her arms over her large chest.

"Oh please…Coraline, you are so overdramatic and way in over your head." A new voice chimed in sweetly. All three Coralines looked up to see their latest sister, the lovely Caroline. Now here finally, was the Beldam's latest and most accomplished attempt.

She had finally been able to get Coraline's image in her head, and made an almost exact replica of the real Coraline. With the exception of the black button eyes and shiny black hair, this duplicate was very beautiful…perfect, in the other mother's opinion. In fact, while she had Coraline's features, she looked more like a younger version of the other mother, therefore making her stand out from her other sisters. The other mother had named this one 'Caroline,' because she was unlike the other 'Coralines' that had been made and deserved a better title.

While the other mother loved her three 'Coralines' wholeheartedly, she couldn't help but choose Caroline as her favorite. After all, she was 'mommy's perfect little helper.' She helped cook, clean, and followed her mother everywhere, trying to be all she could be.

Coraline 2 was very jealous of everything about her, and would dream up the most horrible ways to make her sister miserable, in order to keep her anger from getting out of control.

Coraline 3 really could care less, and would sometimes talk with her youngest sister, but the conversation usually went nowhere interesting.

Meanwhile, Coraline 1 was a little envious of Caroline, but honestly, she idolized Caroline's way of life, and had a rather close bond with her sister. Caroline felt bad for Coraline 1's situation; she really did love her sister and was generally kind to her since the other sisters didn't really bother to spend time with her. But at the same time, Caroline found that she could sometimes take advantage of her outcast sister when she needed something done.

While the pretty little doll was sweet in general, she definitely had her haughty and vain moments when around her sisters, especially Coraline 2.

"Well well well…" Coraline 2 sneered while looking upon her third sister with contempt, "who invited miss 'I'm so beautiful and perfect' into this conversation?! Shouldn't you be helping mother miss goody two shoes?"

"I was just on my way," Caroline giggled sweetly, "but I couldn't help over hear your words Coraline dear. You do realize that the amount of food you consume on a daily basis is enough to feed a whole starving nation in a third world country? You should probably go on a diet before you proliferate any further. Otherwise, you could someday explode! And oh…that would just be such a shame…" Caroline said this with fake concern, delighting in putting her obese sister in her place.

Coraline 2 turned red in the face at her sister's clever insult. "You take that back Caroline!" She growled dangerously.

"Yeah," Coraline 1 giggled, taking Caroline's side, "you are most likely the reason why those pour children are dying in those third world countries. I may be the worst Coraline, but last is best!" She smiled widely and giggled while motioning towards Caroline.

Even if she was envious of her beautiful sister, Coraline 1 never hesitated to compare her youngest sister's beauty to her obese sister's repulsiveness. The look of shock and anger was always worth it for Coraline 1, plus she wanted revenge for Coraline 2's earlier hurtful remark.

"Why thank you dear." Caroline giggled along with Coraline 1 while giving her a high-five.

Coraline 3, though expressionless, couldn't help but add to her sisters' insults with rare delight (which couldn't be seen of course). "Gluttony is one of the 'seven deadly sins' you know Coraline; it's sad to think that you are the example of what we're warned against."

More bursts of laughter erupted from Coraline 1 and Caroline, while Coraline 3 merely returned to reading her book as if she hadn't said anything.

Coraline 2's chubby face began to contort pathetically into one of sadness. Her eyes immediately filled with angry tears, and it wasn't long before she wailed, "MOOOOOOOMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The other mother quickly rushed into the room, a stern look on her beautiful face. "All right, what in the name of me is going on in here?!" She put her hands on her hips while glaring at all of her daughters.

Coraline 2 was sobbing like a baby. "Coraline, Coraline, and Caroline were making fun of me mommy!" She whined, "they're saying that I'm fat a-and that I am the cause of starving children a-a-and-"

"I know I heard it all in the kitchen." She interrupted while holding her hands up in frustration. "Girls," she began to say to the two Coralines sternly, "you both should not antagonize your sister like that. It's hurtful and I will not tolerate it in this house."

Coraline 3 shrugged and returned to her book, while Coraline 1 looked at her mom incredulously. Why the hell isn't she scolding Caroline too?!

"And Caroline," the other mother began to say softly. Finally! Coraline 1 thought with glee, hoping that her pretty sister would get scolded just as much.

"Precious, what does mommy always say about unkind words?" She asked lovingly while looking at her youngest daughter adoringly.

Caroline innocently put her hands behind her back and took a deep breath, acting as though she were about to recite a speech. "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."

"That's right my little cherub." The other mother nodded favorably while patting her daughter's head with pride. "I'm sorry mommy." Caroline then added with her sickingly sweet voice, before reaching her arms out to give her mother a hug.

The other mother happily knelt down and wrapped her arms around Caroline. "Aww. It's all right sweetie! Mommy's very proud of you!" She then she nuzzled Caroline tenderly. "What would I do without you?"

Meanwhile, the other Coralines all stared at their mother with different expressions on their faces. Coraline 3 just stared blankly at her mother; Caroline 1's mouth hung open in shock at the gentle correction Caroline had gotten. WHAT THE F***?! She thought resentfully. While Coraline 2, looking on in disgust, couldn't help but say out loud, "Ugh…gag me with a spoon!"

The Beldam looked up sharply and let go of Caroline's embrace. Then standing upright, she stared her daughter down before pointing at her and saying, "As for you, young lady," she began sternly, "you'd better start acting a little more grateful for the food you get around here! I cook for you all the time and you get more than enough of your share than your own sisters do. I agree with your sisters Coraline, you do eat enough that could save a third world country! I'm really getting fed up with your ungrateful and greedy attitude! Do you ever think of anyone in this family besides yourself?!"

Coraline 2 was unprepared for that reprimand. Her mother had never raised her voice to her before, and she didn't like it one bit. Coraline had sat up straighter during the scolding, and her eyes widened before her lips began to tremble from the lump that came up her throat again.

The other three girls were equally as shocked! None of them had never heard or even received scoldings that severe before, yet…they were happy that their mother was finally taking advantage of this situation, and that she was starting with their brat sister.

The other mother sighed while running her fingers through her hair. "Look pumpkin," she said while walking over to the sniffling lard child, "you know that I love you. I always will no matter what you do. But I am warning you right now…." She said while taking her daughter's fat double chin in her hands and raising her face to meet her eyes, "your behavior better improve, or else I will have to take more drastic measures to ensure that you never act this way again. Do you understand mommy?"

Coraline 2 looked at her mother with wide eyes, but then she pouted and nodded her head slowly before looking down again. "Fine…" she mumbled embarrassed. Her mother seemed satisfied with her answer, and got up and began to move towards the kitchen.

"Dinner will be ready soon girls. Caroline, my little cupcake, why don't you come help mommy please?"

"Yes cupcake, go be perfect somewhere else." Coraline 2 mumbled, wanting desperately to hit something…or someone….

"Coming mommy!" Caroline called obediently before winking at Coraline 2 mockingly, and then making an 'I heart u' sign at Coraline 1 affectionately. Coraline 2 glared furiously while grinding her teeth together at the sight.

Coraline 1, however, suddenly felt much better. She beamed at her younger sister before blowing a kiss in her direction, further annoying Coraline 2, and Caroline caught it with her hand before flipping her hair and walking into the kitchen with her mother.

Coraline 1 sat back in the chair, very pleased with all that had occurred. The most coveted sister in the family cherished her dearly, and the brattiest sister in the family had finally gotten in trouble. There is a God! She laughed inwardly.

Coraline 2 on the other hand, was not a happy camper. She knew that she would get revenge somehow on her sisters, especially on Caroline. That stuck up little brat! She will pay soon! And with that, she began to plot ways of getting back at her youngest sister without getting on her mother's bad side.

However, something told Coraline 2 that she had better not mess with her mother's favorite. Something told her, that things were not going to go her way tonight, and chubby Coraline 2 did not like…bit.

Author's Note: Alright darlings, so I know cliffies aren't very well liked in stories like these, so I will hurry to get the next chapter up. I hope everyone enjoyed it!


Maternalluv20/ Other Mother