5 Days Later….

It had been nearly a week since the incident with Coraline 2 and Caroline had occurred.

When Coraline 2 had finally been let out of the dark room the morning after she was confined, she was a very different little girl.

She appeared to be in shock at first, and at first none of her mother's attempts of comforting and soothing had worked.

However, as soon as breakfast was set in front of her, she appeared to transform into her old self again, and dug in the meal greedily, for once feeling thankful that she had food to eat at all.

Although she was still angry at her mother for extending her punishment, she was wise enough to keep her temper in check, and actually thanked her mother for the delicious meal.

The other three sisters were shocked to hear their sister actually thank the other mother for once, and without a hint of malice.

After that, the sisters never really saw Coraline 2 except for meals.

She pretty much kept to herself, knowing that if she hung around her sisters, they'd most likely invite her to join whatever game they'd be playing, and at once start badgering her with questions about what happened that night she'd been left behind with their mother.

Coraline 2 knew that Caroline would be the most interested of all, since she was the reason all of it happened in the first place.

Although Coraline 2 knew that she would have to be much nicer to her sister after that painful event, she knew in her heart that the loathing grew tenfold for her "perfect" sister, and would probably never leave.

But she could put on a face, couldn't she? After all, if Caroline was so good at being sweet even when she was pissed off, Coraline 2 decided she could have "fun" with her sister by challenging her to see whom could pull off a better face, even when intense hate was involved.

Oh yes, Coraline 2 definitely became smarter with her way of handling situations after that, but she was still foolish and had a lot to learn.

See, Coraline 2's mother was very pleased with how well behaved she was acting ever since that night, and Coraline 2 loved being praised and lavished upon by her mother whenever she did something right.

So pleased, that one day, she decided she was in good enough a mood to go spend time with her sisters again.

That was when time repeated itself…

Coraline 2 had waltzed into the living room, and actually greeted her sisters pleasantly upon seeing them.

All three of them had looked up at her with surprise (with the exception of Coraline 3 of course), but allowed her to join their group.

Coraline 3 was reading as usual, while Caroline and Coraline 1 were pretending to have a tea party.

Coraline 2 sat in the middle of the room, and began to color in her coloring book she'd brought with her.

Everything was pleasant at first, but then Coraline 1 began to ask her sister the question she dreaded.

"So, what happened to you that night?"

Coraline 2 froze, and took a deep breath before replying, "It's really none of your business you rob-I mean…Coraline. It's between mother and me."

"Oh right…because you two are sooooo close." Caroline snickered while pouring tea in her sister's cup.

Coraline 2 refused to respond, knowing she could get into trouble if she lost her temper.

Coraline 1, however, would not let up. She took her sister's silence as cowardice, and opted to tease and pester her even more. Luckily, the teasing didn't last long, because she gave up when realizing her sister was not going to be moved.

So, Coraline 1 settled back into her game with her sister.

At length, Coraline 2 decided she wanted to play with her own doll mother had made for her. She began to look around the room, and when she finally spotted it, her blood boiled.

Coraline 1 was playing with it during the tea party; Coraline 2 couldn't fathom why, but her blood boiled when seeing her sister play with HER toy. That, and after being sorely tested merely a few minutes ago by her, Coraline 2 snapped into action without thinking.

The other mother came running into the living room when she heard one of her daughter's scream.

When she arrived at the door, she was met with the sight of the tea table toppled over, some of the fine china broken, Caroline backed up against the wall with horror, and Coraline 2 holding Coraline 1 in a choking, vice grip.


The other mother rushed forward and pulled Coraline 2 off of her sister, who was gasping for breath and crying at the same time.

"Sweetheart! Are you alright?" The other mother exclaimed while cradling her daughter in her arms. Coraline 1 only shook her head, tears streaming down her face as she rubbed her throat, and continued to gasp heavily.

The other mother cradled her daughter, while looking up and glaring at Coraline 2, who had frozen as she realized that she had done it again.

"Alright…" The other mother began evenly, "What happened? How did this all start?" Looking at Coraline 3, the other mother decided she would give her the most honest answer out of all of them.

"Coraline dear? Would you care to explain to me why your sister was attacking Coraline?" Coraline 3 nodded her head before closing her book.

"Well mother, it kind of started when Coraline," she indicated to her sister who was being held in her mother's lap, "began to question Coraline (2) about what happened that night when she hurt Caroline. Well, Coraline (2) was very calm and collected about it, and didn't lose her temper, but Coraline (1) kept pestering her about it. Fortunately, Coraline (2) didn't snap, and around that time Coraline (1) gave up and went back to playing with Caroline."

The other mother frowned at Coraline 1 dissaprovingly, before asking, "Did Caroline have any part in this too?"

Caroline gasped indignantly at the question, and immediately began to defend herself. "Oh mother, please as if I would-"

"Hush! I was asking your sister." The other mother interrupted bluntly, eyeing her daughter, before turning back to Coraline 3.


"Caroline sort of was involved mother. She made a sarcastic comment about the closeness of you and Coraline's (2) relationship, which sounded pretty hurtful, and just continued to snicker and encourage Coraline (1) to probe Coraline (2) about that night." Coraline 3 paused as her mother turned to glare at Caroline.

"I expected better from you missy." She said almost sadly, while shaking her head at Caroline with disappointment.

Caroline, for once, was at a loss for words. She wanted to defend herself, but she didn't dare to in this situation.

"Continue, please Coraline…"

"Well, after that, things were fine for a couple of minutes, but then Coraline (2) suddenly lunged at Coraline (1) out of nowhere and began to throttle her. I can't really say I know why." Coraline 3 concluded while looking at Coraline 2 expressionlessly.

The other mother nodded, before looking up at Coraline 2 who looked positively terrified. "Coraline, dear, can you tell me why you hurt your sister so unexpectedly?"

Coraline 2 was trembling, but she answered quickly, "I'm sorry mother! I tried so hard to be good and not lose my temper, and I thought I had passed the test at first! But what Coraline (1) and Caroline said still hurt me, and made me angry inside! I don't know why, but when I was looking for the doll you made me, and saw Coraline (1) playing with it, something inside of me snapped! I…I-I just got so angry and I…I'm sorry…" She began to cry while sinking to the floor.

The other mother nodded sympathetically; she understood, but knew that the situation was still too serious to just let go.

"I know you are honey, and thank you for being honest. You too Coraline." The other mother said while nodding towards Coraline 3.

"As for you two," The other mother began to say softly yet firmly to Caroline and Coraline 1 who looked very guilty, "Neither of you had any right to question your sister about what happened that night. It was none of your business; and it was cruel of you Coraline (1) to try and tempt your sister into losing her temper with you."

Coraline 1 tried to apologize, but it hurt to speak.

"And Caroline…darling? How could you stoop so low as to actually make fun of and laugh at Coraline (2) and encourage Coraline (1) to tease her? It was very immature of you, and I'm very disappointed." The other mother finished while helping Coraline 1 sit up.

Caroline's lip began to tremble and she began to protest, "But mommy I-"

"I don't want to hear it." The other mother interrupted flatly while holding up her hand.

Coraline 2 watched all of this with excitement through her tears. She couldn't help but smile at the fact that her sisters, especially Caroline, were getting an earful FINALLY!

"I understand that all of this was still no excuse for what happened to poor Coraline (1)," The other mother continued to say, "but you two still helped the situation become what it was. Now, I want you two to go up to your rooms. Coraline (1), I will have to deal with you tomorrow since you are hurt right now. Nevertheless, you will be going to bed early tonight is that understood?"

Coraline 1 nodded numbly while pouting.

"As for you young lady," The other mother added while turning to eyes Caroline, "I will be dealing with you after I deal with Coraline (2)."

Coraline 2's smile instantly disappeared from her face. Deal with?! What was that supposed to mean?! They were the ones who started it!

Caroline looked positively mortified! "But mommy! You can't-"

"Don't…argue…with…me." The other mother growled, putting Caroline in her place.

"Now, both of you go please. Caroline, I want you to help your sister to her room, and make sure you get her a glass of water."

"Fine…" Caroline mumbled rudely before helping her sister, and slowly making their way out of the room.

Coraline 3 also began to make her way out of the room.

"Oh, Coraline dear? Please shut the door sweetie. Thank you." The other mother called after her sweetly.

"But…But that's not fair!!!" Coraline 2 protested as her sister closed the door.

"They're the ones who started it! They hurt my feelings first! Do you understand how hard it was for me?!" Coraline 2 began to cry as her mother calmly grabbed the bug chair and set it in the middle of the room.

"I understand it was difficult for you sweetie, and I'm sorry. But you should have gotten me before it got out of hand. None of what they did, was still an excuse for you to physically harm your sister, and then add insult to injury by calling her horribly foul names. That was your choice" She finished saying with loving yet firm assuredness.

Coraline 2 shook her head fervently as she realized she would be getting a spanking again.

"No No No NO NO!!! Please mommy not this again!" She pleaded while falling to her knees dramatically, and clutching onto the hem of her mother's dress as she approached her.

The other mother sighed calmly while helping her daughter up and embracing her tenderly. "I'm sorry sweetie…I don't like to punish you. But I love you, and that's why I'm not going to be lenient. Now then," she said while patting the chair, "let's get this over with."

Caroline and Coraline 1 cringed as they heard their sister protest from outside the living room door.

They then heard sounds of smacking and loud yelping.

Caroline looked at her sister with horror. "You don't think she intends on doing that to us do you?!"

Coraline 1 couldn't respond, but merely stared back at her sister with the same expression of frozen fear.

"Well…that's what happens when you don't think before you act sisters." Coraline 3 stated emotionlessly from the kitchen as she continued to read her book.


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