Chapter 11

"Did you find the girl?"

"Yes my lord."

"Where is she then?"

"She is in the town of her father."

"So she is with Ichigo. Well then this makes taking her much easier than originally thought. Send Grand Fisher, oh and tell him to bring Ran back alive."

"Yes Lord Aizen."

"Ran what kind of ice cream do you want?"

"Chocolate, please."

"Two chocolate ice creams," Ichigo said to the woman behind the counter. She smiled at him as she handed him the ice cream cones.

"Do you like it here so far?" Ichigo asked as he sat down at the table Ran had chosen.

"It's okay here, but I really miss my friends. Why isn't your mom ever around?"

"My mom died when I was a little kid."

"How did she die?"

"A hollow killed her. Can I ask you something?"


"What do the two k's in your name stand for?"

Ran opened her mouth to same something, but suddenly her eyes rolled back in her head and she went into a dead faint.

"Call an ambulance," Ichigo said to the girl behind the counter as he laid Ran down on the floor and felt for a pulse.

"Are you Ran's father?" A doctor asked Ichigo.

"No, I'm a friend of the family." He said turning away from the window he had been looking out of to face the doctor.

"I'm sorry. I just assumed you were since you have the same last name and an Ichigo Kurosaki was listed as the father on her birth certificate."

"WHAT?" Ichigo gasped as he sunk to the floor under window, he had just been staring out of.

Rukia sat up in a cold sweat. That had been the worst nightmare so far. God she wished these nightmares would stop already she was so sick of waking up every night because of them.

She could still see Ran falling to the ground and Ichigo standing there furious in what looked like a hospital hallway. God she wished she knew why Ichigo had looked so angry. Maybe she should tell him, then again if Ran was the girl that all the hollows where after then that might put Ran in greater danger than she was already in.

Come back here had been the biggest mistake of her life. Maybe she could get her old job back. A soft knock at her bedroom door jerked Rukia back into the present. Looking towards the door she smiled as it opened and a sleepy eyed Ran entered.

"Mom I couldn't sleep," Ran said as she rubbed her eyes. "Can I sleep in here with you?"

"Sure sweetie," Rukia said as she flipped the blankets back and patted the spot next to her. As Rukia turned off the bedside light she thought to herself, maybe things will be better tomorrow.