Chapter 13

A few days later

Ran sat cross legged in the middle of her bed a history text book laid across her lap. Her black hair with orange tips spilled over her shouldersand onto the book she was trying to read. With a sigh Ran brushed her hair back behind her ear and closed the history book. Putting it on the window sill next to her bed she let herself fall back against her pillows and let her mind, as it had been begging her all day to do, wonder back to that day so long ago when Ririn, Noba, and Jinta had given her the bracelet with the symbol that meant 'New Hope' drawn upon it.


A five year old Ran and her two best friends Gin Matsumoto and Aki Hinamori sat on the jungle gym set at school. All three knew they looked different from the normal students that attended Nagano Elementary School. It was because of this that the three had banned together in the first place.

Ran had black hair with orange tips and big sweet brown eyes. Gin had red hair with just the two front pieces of hair were sliver and soft baby green eyes. Aki had white hair with black streaks and dark, as the night sky, blue eyes.

None of them comprehend the strange creature that was spying on them as they played a clapping game. Then out of know where the creature lunged into an attack and was stopped dead by three soul reapers, two men and a women. As the three turned to check that no harm had come to the children playing they were shocked to see that all three kids were staring right at them with looks of amazement on their faces.

"How did you do that?" Ran asked.

"Why did you do that?" Gin asked.

"What did you do that to?" Aki asked.

"You can see us?" All three soul reapers croaked.

"You're standing right in front of us." Ran pointed out.


"What is it Ririn?"

"They all have strong rustiest. They could be the reason for the recent hallow activity here."

"Go see the captain at once. Noba and I will stay here and protect them."

"I'll be back as soon as I can," Ririn said as she quickly flash stepped back to Soul Society.

A few hours later Ririn appeared back on the playground at Nagano Elementary School. "I'm back," she called softly to her two teammates.

"Took you long enough," Noba said.

"What did the captain say?" Jinta asked.

"Where are the three?"

"Here," Ran, Gin, and Aki said as they stepped from behind Noba and Jinta.

"Come here, quickly," Ririn said as she knelt down to the height of the three small children. Starting with Gin and ending with Ran she slid a bracelet on to their left wrist. "Gin you are the 'New Light'. Aki you are the 'New Way'. And Ran you are the 'New Hope'. You must promise me that you will never knowingly or willingly take these bracelets from your left wrists. Do you promise?"

"We promise," the three said looking into Ririn's eyes.

"You must promise to never tell any expect for another soul reaper what you have seen today. Do you promise?"

"We promise," the three said again.

"You must promise that when you are called you will come forth and fight, for without you all worlds are lost. Do you promise?"

"We promise."

"In return for your three promises we promise to always protect you with our lives. Watashi-tachi wa itsumo anata o mamotte kureru, heiwana mono de iku."

"Ran," Rukia's voice called up the stairs, causing Ran to jerk from her memories and fall off the bed. "Ran are you alright," Rukia called upon hearing the loud thud.

"I'm fine mom. I'll be down there in a second." Jumping to her feet Ran hurriedly pulled her long hair back into a ponytail. "Mom?"

"I'm in the kitchen dear."

"What's up," Ran asked as she walked into the little kitchen.

"Sweetie do you miss Gin and Aki?"


"Why one Earth would you miss Aki? Now me I can understand, but Aki? Really Ran I thought you had better taste than that." A sweet angelic voice said from behind Ran.

Spinning around Ran shrieked "Gin," and through herself at the young girl with red hair with just the two front pieces of hair were sliver and soft baby green eyes. "What are you doing here?"

"We're here to see you," said another voice.

"AKI?" Ran half asked half yelled as she let go of Gin and through her arms around her oldest and dearest friend. "I can't believe you're here! I can't believe you're both here! Pinch me I must be dreaming. OW GIN THAT HURT!"

"You said pinch you."

"I've got so much to tell both of you come on lets go to the park. Mom can we?"

"Sure, just make sure you're back before dark."

"Okay!" All three called as they raced to the park, Ran in the lead.

Ran, Gin, and Aki sat talking on the swings for hours.

"Ran? What are you doing here?" Ichigo asked as he Tōshirō, and Gin, who had recently rejoined the Shinigami made their way over to were the three sat talking.

"Hi Ichigo. Who are they?"

"Tōshirō," the man with spikey white hair said.

"Gin," the man with silver hair said. At his name the three burst out laughing. "Why is my name funny to you?"

"Ichigo these are my two best friends I was telling you about."

Ichigo looked at the young girl with red hair two front pieces of her hair were sliver and she had soft baby green eyes, "I'm Gin Matsumoto. We were laughing because I have the same first name as him."

Turning to the young boy who had white hair with black streaks and dark, as the night sky, blue eyes, "I'm Aki Hinamori. You three are shinigami aren't you?" At their look of confusion he quickly added, "soul reapers."

"We are, but how would you know?" Ichigo asked.

"Did I forget to mention that they're shinigami too? And that they were given bracelets as well? Oh and that their moms were shinigami as well?"

"Yes," Ichigo said glaring at Ran.

"You don't have to worry about us," Gin said quietly, "unlike Ran we can keep track of our bracelets."

"Oh aren't you soooo funny Gin," Ran said rolling her eyes.

"Ran," Aki said in his calm and commanding voice.


"The sun."

Glancing at the sun Ran gasped, "We've got to go. Sorry Ichigo, but we promised my mom we'd be home before dark," Ran yelled over her shoulder as she Aki, and Gin took off running in the direction of Ran's house.

"Did Aki and Gin reminded anyone else of Momo and Rangiku?" Tōshirō asked still staring after the three.

"Yep," Gin said he too was still staring after the three fading dots.

"Defiantly," Ichigo mumbled, great now I have two other kids to keep track of instead of just one. When this is over I'm going to kill Yamamoto for giving me this assignment.

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