Chapter 2

Graduation Day

Rukia stood with Orihime, Ishida, and Chad. She was trying to stay away from both Ichigo and Renji who hadn't given her a moment's peace since she had found out she was pregnant, two weeks ago. Seeing them both heading this way she made an excuse and speed off towards the girl's bathroom.

Ichigo watched her go. Rukia was hiding something and she wasn't saying. At first he had thought it might have nerves about their up coming exams and passing all her classes, but that was over with and she was still acting oddly. Turning to Orihime he asked, "Do you know what's wrong with Rukia?"

"No," Orihime said, shaking her head.

"She has been acting oddly as of late." Ishida said.

"Maybe she's still a little nervous?" Chad asked, making everyone look at him.

"I don't think so. She's been acting oddly for the past two weeks," Renji pointed out.

"Maybe she's in love." Orihime said.

"With who?" All four boys asked at the same time. Orihime smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

Rukia emptied the contents off her stomach for the third time that day. God it had been two weeks and she still couldn't believe that she was pregnant. Life wasn't fair. Going to the sink she turned on the water and cupped her hands together letting them fill with water, and then she rinsed out her mouth. As she turned to leave her cell phone went off. She flipped it open and stared at the message. Walking out of the bathroom she walked right into Ichigo. Before he could say anything Rukia said, "Come on there's a hallow close by. We need to get the others; there could be more than one."

"Alright." Ichigo nodded his head and turned away, he wondered once more what was really wrong with Rukia. It sounded as if she had been sick.

This is it Kuchiki it's now or never, Rukia thought to herself as she followed Ichigo to where the others stood.

"Watch out Ichigo!" Rukia screamed as jumped in front of him pushing him out of the way of the hallows attack.

Ichigo watched horror struck as Rukia fell to the ground dead under the wait of the hallows attack. It took him a matter of minutes to reach her body were it laid and in that time it had all ready vanished from the world forever. No one would ever again see Rukia's smiling face, hear her laugh, or hear her voice again. In that time Ichigo realized something he had never considered before that moment; he was in love with Rukia Kuchiki.