Chapter 7

A Week Latter

Ran stood on the corner of the street. She knew something was wrong she could feel it in her bones. Suddenly the earth shook and Ran could feel the spiritual power of a hollow. She knew that the hollow couldn't sense her spiritual power, but it could still sense her mother's, and her mother hadn't fought a hollow since she was eighteen. Turning Ran raced to where she knew the hollow would be.

Ichigo had no choice but to kill the hallow that had shown up in his town. It was his job as a soul reaper to protect the good souls from the bad ones. But he wasn't thinking straight today and he hadn't senesced the hallow until it was too late.

Dam Rukia! He thought viciously as he dodged the hollow's attack. How the hell was he suppose to fight hollows when the only thing he could think of was Rukia's sudden reappearance? And that kid, Ran. Who was she? Was she really Rukia's daughter?

He was so busy thinking that he didn't even realize that the hallow was no longer focused on him but on a young girl who was wearing the robes of a soul reaper. She had long black hair with orange tips and brown eyes. The zanpakutō was longer than most the handle was snow white while the blade itself was as black as her hair.

She moved with lighting speed taking down the hallow before he could even realize that she was there.

"You are the child with black hair and orange tips." The hallow breathed before it vanished from sight. Ichigo stood opened mouthed at the young girl.

"Ran?" he breathed making her jump.

Turing around Ran smiled at him and said, "Hello, can you please not tell my mom that I have shinigami powers?"

"Are you sure?" Isshin Kurosaki asked his son for the hundredth time that day.

"Yes!" Ichigo yelled, "I'm telling you Ran has shinigami powers."

"Ichigo," said Ishida as if he were talking to a very small child. "There is just no way possible that Ran has shinigami powers. For that to happen her father would have had to have been a shinigami as well."

"Don't talk to me like I'm a child Ishida! I know what I saw and I'm telling you I saw Ran is a shinigami!"

"What did her zanpakutō look like?" Urahara asked as he pushed his green and white striped hat up.

"It was longer than most I've seen. It looked like mine in bankai form expect that her handle was snow white. Why?"

"It could tell us who her father is and then again it could not."

"Rukia should be told," Renji said speaking for the first time.

"Ran asked me not to tell her mother."

"She didn't ask one of us not to tell her mother though." Renji pointed out. "I think Urahara and Isshin should tell Rukia." The two men looked at each other and then stood.

Rukia stood in the center of her now furnished living room. She was just about to collapse onto her new couch when the doorbell rang. Sighing she opened the door and froze when she saw Urahara and Isshin.

"Hello Rukia. Do you mind if we come in?" Isshin asked, shaking her head Rukia stepped aside and allowed them to enter her house. After they had seated themselves Isshin spoke again. "There is no easy way to say this Rukia. Ichigo," Rukia visible stiffened at the sound of his name, but kept quiet until Isshin had finished speaking. "Ichigo was fighting a hollow when another shinigami appeared and cut the hollow down before he could. When she turned Ichigo saw that it was Ran."

Rukia stood up so fast that it shocked Urahara and Isshin. Rukia stormed off towards the stairs and without thinking called her daughters full name.


Isshin's mouth dropped open as he stared at Rukia. Closing his mouth he swallowed and then asked, "Rukia did you just call her Ran Kuchiki Kurosaki?" Rukia froze and turned to face Isshin and Urahara as Ran appeared at the top of the stairs.

"He told you didn't he?" She asked as she looked down at Isshin.

"Yes," Isshin said, then gasped as he met Ran's eyes. Her eyes! They…they're the exact same color as Ichigo's eye color.

Rukia stared at her daughter. How was it even possible that an eight-year-old girl could even be a shinigami? She was going to kill Ran if what Isshin and Urahara said was true.

"Are you?" Rukia questioned quietly, trying to make sure she had heard correctly the first time and wasn't just imaging everything that had come out of Isshin and Ran's mouths so far.

"Am I what mom?"

"Are you a shinigami?"


"How," Rukia asked falling against the wall and sliding down it.

"Does it really matter?" Urahara asked speaking for the first time.

"Yes it does." Rukia snapped turning on him.

"I don't see why, she is your daughter Rukia." Urahara pointed out.

"Though, since you are a shinigami and assuming that the father was not she should be completely normal. However if her father was a shinigami then it is completely normal that she is a shinigami." Isshin said his gaze never leaving Rukia's.

"Ran go to your room now." Rukia said as she straightened herself and glared at Isshin.

"Why?" Ran asked curiously.

"Because, I said so!" Rukia snapped at her daughter.

"Arrg… I hate that excuse mom!" Ran yelled as she turned and stomped back up the stairs. There was a resounding bang as the door to a room upstairs slammed shut.

"Rukia, what exactly is going on?" Isshin demanded, after the echo of the slamming door had quieted.

"Nothing," Rukia said not meeting his eye. "Please leave."

"Answer one question, please." Isshin whispered without turning as Urahara quickly skirted out the door.

"Fine, what is it?"

"Did you call her Ran Kuchiki Kurosaki?" Isshin asked. After a few minutes he turned, following Urahara out the door. As he reached it he heard Rukia answer his question.