Chapter 8

Isshin's mind seemed to be going in a thousand different directions at once, as he and Urahara walked back to Urahara's shop.

Ran might be his granddaughter. Might? There was no might about it Ran Kuchiki Kurosaki was his granddaughter. She had the same color eyes as Ichigo. The question however was why were there hallows after her.

When they arrived back at the shop Ichigo was standing outside. Urahara went into his shop as Isshin met Ichigo's eyes and mentally prepared himself for the questions that were to come.

"Did you tell Rukia?"


"What did she say?"

"Ran or Rukia?"


"Nothing really."

"Dad, what's wrong?"


"Are you asking me or telling me?"

"I'm not really sure which it is Ichigo."

"Fine dad, I'm going over to the shop if you need me."

Isshin nodded his head at Ichigo as he walked out. A few minutes after Ichigo left the phone rang. Sighing Isshin picked up the phone.


"Isshin, its Rukia. I can't find Ran anywhere."