DISCLAIMER: I cannot take credit for any of this…except for the idea behind this particular fan fiction.


Fifteen year old Gwen watched with an amused and somewhat twisted glee.

Laying on Kevin's couch, four year old Ben and Kevin slept at separate ends of the couch during a much needed nap while she prepared lunch.

No sooner had she turned to go back into the kitchen than Ben began shivering, the action slowly awoke Kevin whom rustled around to see if anything was wrong. The house wasn't cold but Ben shook as though he were soaking wet in the coldest of winters.

Kevin rolled onto his side and studied everything that the brunet did; almost instantly he realized why he was having a hard time slipping off to sleep. It wasn't that he was used to going all day before sleeping all night, it was the fact that he had nothing to keep him company.

Slowly, softly, methodically, the raven black haired boy slipped as close to Ben as possible - his actions were aimed at not rousing the brunet from his slumber. Carefully, gently, cautiously Kevin rolled onto his side behind Ben and smoothly brought his arm over the younger's chest under his arm. The action was quickly rewarded with Ben gripping his hand with both of his own.

Quickly Ben stopped shivering for he had warmth; Kevin slipped into a peaceful rest for he had something familiar. What Kevin liked most of all was the feeling of brunet hair feeling cool against his warmed cheek; Ben remained awake long enough to feel the others warm breath whisking the skin between his ear and neck.

"Boys, lunch…" Gwen trailed off entering into the living room to find the boys snuggling - an innocent quality to everything struck her as amusing.

I guess lunch can wait for a little longer she thought while retrieving a spare blanket from the hallway closet before draping it over the boys.

A/N: Kinda short, but it's something to satisify my inner Bevin demon...