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Chapter 27: Epilogue of Sweet Dreams

Wolfram was slammed down on the ground with painful intensity, finding his first breath to be painfully lingering. It had been awhile since air had been necessary, the feeling of his lungs expanding seeming strange. Blinking slightly, he looked down at himself.

Everything appeared to be in order: His hair was still the same color; he was in his usual clothes, and he hadn't grown or shrunk. Hesitantly he opened up his shirt, peering inside. His skin was scar free now, though he was slightly thinner than he usually was.

'Thanks, Eternity.' he thought, smiling. 'I won't forget this.'

Currently, he was standing directly outside the entrance to Blood Pledge Castle in a heaping pile of shrubbery, and he could make out the figure of Shinou's temple in the distance. As he stepped onto the road way, he tried to ignore the way his stomach gave an incredibly nervous tingle.

What if they were all having a party because the 'spoiled prince' was gone? He shuddered at the thought, wondering what he would do then. Probably nothing…

Quietly he ignored the tingling of his stomach, stepping into the archway that marked his home. The two guards at the front gate gasped, one of them staring at him with such an expression that Wolfram wondered whether Eternity forgot to give him pants. He stared back angrily, narrowing his eyes.

"You…" one of the guards stumbled. "You're dead. They all told me that you were…They SAW it happen."

"Obviously I am not dead." Wolfram sniffed in annoyance. "Or else I very well wouldn't be standing here, would I?"

The two guards flushed as Wolfram walked passed them, but he steadily got that reaction from every single person that he came across. Lasagna dropped her pile of laundry on the ground in surprise as she rounded the corner, not caring that all of the clothes inside of the basket were now covered in dirt. She let out a wail, fear and excitement combining into one.

'They all think I'm a ghost.' Wolfram thought bitterly, shaking his head as people stared at him. Of course, the first family member he saw was Conrad, who was still training his men but was looking extraordinarily pale. Yozak was sitting on a step with a forlorn expression on his face, but the thief gasped in surprise when he saw Wolfram standing on the path.

"Er, Captain." Yozak said to Conrad, grinning broadly despite himself. "You might want to look behind you…."

Conrad turned slowly, his eyes widening with shock as he saw Wolfram standing there, looking completely unharmed but a little annoyed. Even he, who was usually as calm as they came, couldn't help but say, "Wolfram" rather loudly.

Before Wolfram had time to respond, he was tackled to the ground by a very small, strong force that happened to be a bit wet. Dazed, the bishonen blinked in surprise until he discovered that it was Greta, tears dribbling down her cheeks as she smiled. Instantly he was overwrought with guilt.

"Wolfram…" Greta sobbed. "I though you were dead!"

By the time fifteen minutes passed, he had been groped by so many people that he felt like he had experienced rape. His mother had yet to let go either, her green eyes wide as she cried full force, his head buried against her bosom even as Wolfram attempted to fight her away. She was not the only one in tears: Many of the people, including Gunther, were sobbing.

'I'm surprised.' he thought. 'I didn't think this many people would miss me.' Of course, he had figured that Greta and his mother would, but not all the maids or soldiers. He had always been a bit harsh on his own men, and Gunther had never thought that calling Wolfram 'Little Lord Brat' was a waste of time. But maybe it had always been laced with affection after all.

"Where's Yuuri?" Wolfram asked slowly.

When Wolfram looked up, he was surprised to find that Yuuri was standing some distance away, on the stairwell leaning against one of the poles. 'Didn't he miss me at all?' Wolfram wondered, eyes wide as he felt a tingle of hurt. It was Yuuri that he had most wanted to come back to see, after all. Now the king didn't even care that he was back?

Cecilie smiled. "He was really heartbroken…"

"Yeah." Greta said, still sniffling a little, but now she was grinning. "He wouldn't talk to anyone. It was just a few days ago that he really even bothered to come out of bed."

Instantly Lady Cheri backed off, giving him a little push in Yuuri's direction. She sniffed, wiping a tear from her eye, as she grabbed Greta's hand. "This is so romantic….If you two want to borrow my love cruise ship, go right ahead."

Conrad looked at her out of the corner of his eye. "Er, that got destroyed, didn't it?"

"Nothing stands in the way of love."

Wolfram approached Yuuri nervously, and he wished that everyone would turn away. This was awkward enough without the entire castle as his audience, including the giggling maids who were steadfastly getting their old, annoying traits back. What made it worse was that Yuuri wasn't smiling: Instead, his face remained completely unmoving when the bishonen approached.

"Well, Wimp…" Wolfram said slowly. "Didn't you miss me?"

For a moment Wolfram thought that the king wasn't going to say anything at all, but then Yuuri flew off the step as fast as lightening and wrapped the bishonen in a backbreaking embrace. His heart caught in his chest, his eyes getting blurry for a moment before he returned the hug. 'This would be so much nicer if I didn't know that I was being stared at by the entire city's population.'

"Wolfram, I'm so glad that you came back." Yuuri mumbled. "I couldn't live without you."

"Your face is all wet." Wolfram frowned.

Yuuri had tears drizzling down his face just like Cecilie, his eyes slightly swollen and red. When the king had hugged him, he noticed Yuuri's thinness, their bones clanking together like two metal bells. He pulled back his sleeve, dragging it across Yuuri's face lightly to clean up the tears, when he got a loud chorus of female 'Ahs' for his trouble.

"Er, Yuuri." he muttered. "Could we go somewhere more private?"

"Yeah, I think the maids are taking notes…."

Wolfram shook his head. "If they're not, I'm certain my mother is."

In front of everyone, Yuuri grabbed Wolfram's hand and started dragging him away from the crowd. Wolfram flushed as he heard Yozak cackle from behind him, then he heard Gunther give a loud wail of despair. What was worse, however, was when he heard Murata say to one of the maids 'You own my money now. Never bet against a sage.'

Exasperated, Wolfram had an extreme urge to throw fireballs, but decided that this would ruin the moment that they were having. The bishonen looked up at Yuuri's face once more, opening his mouth to say something, but finding that he was uncertain of where to begin. Mostly, he wanted to tell the king that he was sorry…If he knew the whole time that he would be back, he would have told his family so that they wouldn't have gotten so upset.

Yuuri led Wolfram into his bedroom, a frown on his face.

Wolfram opened his mouth, saying, "Yuuri, I'm sorry about what happened…Eternity told me at the last moment that she would be able to bring me back. I didn't know it either, or else I would never have dragged you guys through this."

"I don't care." Yuuri sat them both on the bed, and he was looking down at his hands. "Just as long as you're back…You don't know how I felt, knowing that you were never going to come through that door again. I even missed the way you always yelled at me."

"I do know how you felt." Wolfram muttered. "You left me once too, remember?"

Both of them went quiet, and Yuuri turned towards him slowly, touching Wolfram's face gently with his hands. He blinked in surprise, catching the scent of the king's breath on his face. Since this closeness was a recent change, it was going to take some getting used to.

"Yuuri," Wolfram smiled. "You do realize what kind of rumors are going to erupt after we get out of here, don't you?"

"Probably they'll come decently close to the truth this time."

"Er, Yuuri…" Wolfram flushed. "Do you realize what you're saying?"

The king leaned forward and kissed him deeply, making Wolfram tingle all over. It was something that he was certain would never go away. When he pulled away, Yuuri applied force to his shoulder blades lightly, gently pushing him down on the bed. 'The awkward thing about this is,' Wolfram thought wryly in his head. 'I'm pretty sure that Eternity is watching everything.'

Yuuri was already working on the buttons of the bishonen's shirt, which he was slightly clumsy at because he had never attempted such a thing before. Wolfram didn't bother to help him, enjoying the sensation of Yuuri against him. This was something he wanted to last as long as possible--Hopefully, forever.

"About the wedding…." Yuuri leaned forward to kiss him again. "Maybe we should speed it up a notch…You know, maybe next week…"

In response, Wolfram rolled his eyes. 'Guardians,' he thought. 'I should have figured.' Yuuri immediately pulled back, looking confused.

"Unless you don't want to…"

Shaking his head, Wolfram smiled, brushing a black strand of hair out of Yuuri's face as he leaned forward to nibble his bottom lip. The king's face flushed a little at this, and Wolfram smiled even more as he continued his progress across the jaw line, all the way to the ear. Yuuri shivered a little in his arms.

Wolfram whispered, "Of course I want to. I would be crazy not to want to marry you."

After that three hour long 'break,' Yuuri left to go inform Cecilie of their 'fast forwarded' wedding plans. He figured that this would be easier than telling Gwendal, who probably would have started yelling as soon as the news reached his ears. Of course, nobody else seemed the slightest bit surprised, even though Wolfram was.

Yuuri had gone back to inform his family, which would probably be quite a bit more sudden to them because a Shin Makoku week was far less than that in earth time…It was probably more about a half a day, and chances were high that they would at least have to wrestle Shori out of his room.

Wolfram was leaning against the wall of one of the buildings, drinking some tea with Greta and Anissina, who had become even closer than usual because the younger girl had been staying with her as of late. It wasn't something Wolfram was one hundred percent sure that he liked, since Greta had started being the cultivator for convincing people to do experiments. As it was, the bishonen had already been apart of one, but Anissina had managed to fix his finger right back on after she was finished.

"Doesn't surprise any of us, really." Anissina smirked as she nibbled at a cookie. "Yuuri threw a royal fit when you were gone. All of us were worried that he would never snap out of it…The only one that managed to help a little was Lady Cheri, but even then he just wandered around with this gloomy look on his face as if the sun was never going to come out again."

"I suppose I caused a lot of trouble."

"Oh, yes…" Anissina raised an eyebrow. "But, you know, there are ways to make up for it…For instance, I just barely made a 'turn-your-hair-any-color-you-want-kun,' and it would really benefit Shin Makoku if I had someone to 'try' it out on."

"No…" Wolfram's eyes narrowed. "Not on your life. My hair is fine the way it is…And Greta, before you even say anything, I don't want you to try it out either."

Greta pouted a little bit. The girl had already looked at Anissina with a hopeful expression when Wolfram shot her down, and he shook his head wearily. 'I don't want my daughter to end up bald,' he thought. 'Or myself for that matter…Especially right before the wedding.'

There was a loud crashing behind them in the foyer, and Wolfram glanced up slowly from his tea, seeing his mother standing before him looking incredibly excited. This was something that Lady Cheri had been doing on an hourly basis after Yuuri told her the news, since she was so thrilled about weddings because they were the 'uniting' of lovers. Probably that was why she had so many of them herself.

"I have got something that I just have to show you!" she chirped excited. "You'll love it…I'm certain of it…"

With a nod, he stood up and patted Greta on the head, but the girl was rising with him. Her eyes shined hopefully as she grabbed his hand, which had been happening a lot over the past few days. She seemed to think that if she let go of him for even a moment, Wolfram might just float away. Of course, since she was old enough to know otherwise, perhaps she had just missed him.

"Can I come?" Greta asked hopefully. "I missed out on seeing the pretty dresses…"

"Of course!"

Wolfram touched his hand to his face wearily, shaking his head as the maids burst into shrill giggles as they passed him. Of course, this had been happening ever since the day he came back, and he was well aware of why: Yuuri had come out of their room with his shirt on backwards, and he was forced to fix it in the hall when Greta pointed it out.

"Everyone is coming!" Lady Cheri said cheerfully. "Your uncle…Though he didn't sound that pleased about it, to tell you the truth. I have no idea why! And Raven with my brother…All the world leaders of course, to pay their respect. Elizabeth will be arriving tomorrow."

Shaking his head, Wolfram wondered how many people had been invited…Probably everyone in the kingdom, knowing his mother. It was strange to know that, even though he was by far the youngest of Cecilie's three children, he was the first one to get married. Sometimes Wolfram wondered whether he would be the only one.

"Oh, I'm so excited!" Lady Cheri said happily. "Here I was gathering things to have a funeral, and instead I get to have a wedding!"

An awkward silence ensued--At least, it felt that way to him. Cecilie didn't seem to think anything of it, since she was humming to herself in excitement. 'A funeral?' he thought, feeling suddenly very strange. But then, he had been dead for over a week, so it had been apart of the normal processes.

They went into Cecilie's chambers, which was decorated in very feminine grace. He looked at the bed to find that she had covered the whole area in clothes, and a disgruntled maid was wandering around, attempting to pick it all up. It would probably take hours to fix.

"Here." she said, smiling warmly. "This was passed down through generations…I think it will be perfect for you, don't you agree?"

He flinched when he recognized it: It was something that belonged to his father. The color of it was white, half the hem and the design decorated in gold. The outfit itself was very fine, the stitching perfect, but he had always hated reminders of what his dad had once been like.

Then he thought of Dagaz, his thoughts constantly focused on anger and revenge. 'I don't want to be like him…' With that, he held up the jacked and smiled, swallowing the lump that was in his throat as he did so. He turned towards Greta, showing it to her.

"What do you think, Greta?" he asked. "Nice, isn't it? It belonged to my father."

"Your dad?" Greta blinked at him innocently. "What was he like, Wolfram?"

Both he and Lady Cheri looked at each other, his face dark for a second. At one time, he would have been angry at the very thought, going off for hours in a rage. Instead he now fixed another smile on his face, turning towards his daughter who still had hope about things.

"He was…" Wolfram said, trying to think of a good thing. "Very strict…But he taught me many things, I suppose…I don't think I will ever forget him."

In a way, perhaps he should be grateful. His father had taught him how not to act in many ways, and he knew what kind of parent that he wanted to be like: He would never hit his kid, for one thing. 'I wonder what he would think if he saw that I was marrying a half-human….Probably he would have a nervous breakdown.'

At that, Wolfram laughed, startling them both. Cecilie stared at him in surprise, since she probably had expected some other outburst rather than that.

"I didn't think you remembered your father very well." she commented. "Or at least not the suit."

"No, I could never forget him…or this."

Shaking off her look, he shrugged off his jacket and pulled on the white one, just to fit for size. His mother smiled and nodded, clapping her hands. He was surprised that she would have let him wear it; after all, he figured that she had seen enough of his father to last a lifetime.

"You look wonderful, Wolfie." she gushed happily. "Just like I always imagined. You to will just have to take a honeymoon on my cruise ship…"

"It's still damaged, isn't it?"

"Nope!" She turned around. "I had it fixed just for the occasion! This way you and Yuuri will have privacy…Of course, that isn't my only present, but I figure I'll give you another one early too…"

His mouth formed a slightly exasperated frown, but he was kind of grateful that his mother was doing this. It would be nice to go somewhere just the two of them. People had been smirking at them knowingly lately, and he had already formed a nice fireball that nearly took off Yozak's hair on the first day. The thief hadn't looked at him for a full twenty-four hours.

She swept a white nightgown over to him that was incredibly feminine. It was nice, the fabric soft just like he liked it, but it didn't have the same vibe as his old clothes did. He knew what she was trying to go for, though, so he smiled gratefully and took it all the same. It would be better than the army nightshirts that he had been forced to wear lately.

"Yuuri will have a hard time keeping his hands off you in that thing." Lady Cheri giggled. "But, from what I hear, maybe the nightgown won't be necessary."

Steam went out Wolfram's ears. "MOTHER!"

Greta laughed beside him happily.

Wolfram was leaning against the table during the wedding party with his face in his hands, eyes narrowed as he watched Yuuri from across the room. Though he didn't admit it, he was very upset right now, the only thing keeping him calm being the fact that he was drinking large amounts of red wine from the table next to him. It appeared, as everyone was dancing and laughing, that he was the only one in a very bad mood.

Of course, Yuuri couldn't help the fact that he was an adulterous letch…It was just the way he was. Still, Wolfram couldn't help but have his feelings hurt as the king had a large a amount of women around him, all chatting happily and acting as though they hadn't met a more wonderful person. Always it was like this…He had been foolish to ever think that things would change.

He took another sip of wine, eyeing the process as Jennifer and her husband spun wildly around the room. Miko-san was also wearing a vivid gown that had been giving to her by Cecilie, making her look like an excerpt from Victorian times. 'I'm tired,' he thought, wanting to stand up but finding that his legs didn't want to obey him…He was just that drunk.

The wedding ceremony itself had gone along fine. They had done everything they were supposed to, saying the words and going through the lines. In Shin Makoku, it wasn't considered necessary to kiss, because here it was such an intimacy in comparison to earth.

'This is absolutely ridiculous,' Wolfram thought. What was worse, he muttered to himself, was that he had actually expected things to change. With anger showing on his face, sadness and hurt coming from within, he swayed to his feet rapidly and almost took down Yozak in the process.

"Whoa." the thief joked. "That's not a happy face for the bride to be wearing."

"Very funny…" retorted Wolfram, not at all in the mood.

"And where's the groom?" Yozak said, getting slightly more serious. Even the thief knew when he was going to far…He had seen far too many people get their skin singed off by the bishonen. "Getting you something to drink?"

"Guess again." Wolfram replied bitterly. "Once a cheater, always a cheater…I'm going to bed--alone."

"Ouch…" Yozak shook his head, though he looked amused. "Not exactly a great way to start things out, Your Highness…Usually you don't start giving him the cold shoulder until after the fifth year, not the first night."

Shaking his head, tired of being made fun of, he tried to jerk away from Yozak but lost his balance. He ended up being saved by Yozak's massive biceps that he had so often cursed, and he pulled away hissing to himself in disgust. It was so hard to move when the world was spinning around him a million miles a minute.

Wolfram blinked up at Yozak for a second. "Do me a favor, will you? It's my 'wedding,' after all…"

"Depends on what it is."

"Can you help me get to my bedroom?" Wolfram said, flushing a little but pretending to not be embarrassed. This was so humiliating. "My balance isn't too hot right now."

All around them flashed spangles that Cecilie had hung with great pride, and currently she was in the middle of the largest bunch, talking animatedly with Raven and her brother. At her side was FanFan, her merchant boyfriend that she was so fond of. Right now she wasn't paying the least bit attention to him though.

Wolfram turned his eyes back to Yozak, seeing three instead of one. If the thief turned him down, he wasn't one hundred percent sure what he was going to do. He was in no shape to get to his room, and he didn't want to cause concern by asking Conrad…After all, everything that came out of Wolfram's mouth would get reported back to Yuuri. 'Figures,' he thought grumpily.

"I suppose I'll take you." Yozak said, still grinning. "Isn't this supposed to be the husband's job, though? Maybe you want me to help you get undressed too?"

"I'm sure my brother would love hearing about that…"

Yozak's smile shrunk several molars.

Eventually they made it to the bedroom, and Wolfram blinked several times in disgust…This was Yuuri's room, not his. Yozak had guided him to the wrong place! This was the first time--and the last time--that he would ever trust the thief.

"What are you doing!?" Wolfram snapped. "I asked you to bring me to my room, not to the pest's."

"Yeah, well…" Yozak smiled again. "This is where you should be tonight, whether you say so or not. And you'd have to go on that boat ride tomorrow anyway, so you might as well make up today."

"I…er…." Wolfram blinked darkly at Yozak. "One of these days--when I can see properly---I'm going to turn you into crispy barbeque."

The thief turned away, whistling to himself happily as if he had done a good thing. Once again, feel disgusted, Wolfram turned and wobbled into the bedroom. 'It's all just as well,' Wolfram thought angrily. 'The moment Yuuri comes in I'm going to smack him so hard that his head will hurt for a week. See how he feels about a cruise then.'

When Wolfram entered the room, he stopped short in surprise: Instead of the room being in the usual décor, the maids must have come in and made it especially romantic looking as a surprise. 'Great,' he thought. 'Just what I need to improve my mood.' He half wanted to kick himself for getting his hopes up.

But that was not all there was in the room. There, laying on the red sheets as if it belonged there, was a very familiar pink nightgown that was decorated in lace. 'No,' Wolfram thought wildly. 'It can't be the same one…It got burned when I got sick.'

He went over to pick it up, touching the sleeve of it gently. The texture felt the same, soft and silky like he always expected it to be. When he ran his hands over the edge where his wrists peaked out, he touched a tear in the fabric that was all too familiar to him. About a month before everything started, it had gotten caught on a door handle, tearing the delicate lace.

'Eternity's gift…' he thought. 'It was my nightgown. She brought it back to life too…'

With shaking hands, he tore off his clothes before he could even stop himself and yanked on the pink nightgown. 'It really is the same one,' he thought, grinning to himself happily in the mirror. 'I can't believe it…I was so upset when it got burned.'

"WOLFRAM!" Yuuri suddenly lurched into the door behind him, tearing in as fast as he could. "I'm so sorry, I--OH!"

"Is there something the matter?" Wolfram raised an eyebrow.

Yuuri's face got slightly red.

'He's going to get mad at me,' Yuuri thought desperately, as what he could have sworn been the thousandth girl asked him to dance. 'And I can't blame him. But I feel bad--Last time I tried to turn one down, she looked like she was about to cry.' Casting a worried look at Wolfram, seeing the blonde's face getting more and more shadowed, he turned slowly towards the woman in front of him, trying to make it as fast as possible.

Yuuri blinked as Wolfram grabbed another drink…His thought, unfortunately, was turned into something verbal: "How much is Wolfram planning on drinking tonight!? Man…."

The girl with him, whatever her name was, smirked a bit. (Yuuri had already forgotten, since there had been so many.) She appeared to be enjoying herself, if no one else. "Your new husband doesn't look too happy tonight, does he?"

Gulping, Yuuri looked up one more time to see that Wolfram had adverted his eyes from him completely, and was starting to shake his head in disgust. Murata was standing nearby, Shinou sitting on his shoulder, enjoying the sultry mood. Disgruntled now, wondering why he was the only one that was being repeatedly asked to dance, he let out an impatient sigh from under his breath.

This was supposed to be about the two of them, but he hadn't even been able to speak two words to Wolfram since the ceremony. Too many people kept barging in the way, and it was making him absolutely miserable. Also, he was guessing by the expression on the bishonen's face that he was probably a bit sickened with everything too…

"No, no really." Yuuri said, as the girl slinked her arm around his waist even though the dance was over. "I've got to go…"

Yuuri's attention got diverted by Lady Flynn, who walked towards him to congratulate him on his marriage. Quietly, the king's eyes went to Wolfram again. The bishonen appeared to be in a deep argument with Yozak, and Wolfram's eyes flashed for a moment, obviously trying to hide the fact that there was unease inside of him.

'Great,' he thought, doing his best to smile. 'Wolfram's really upset…' Shaking his head, he tried his best to move away from Lady Flynn without being rude. She seemed to understand, however, and moved to the right so that he could pass her. Unfortunately, he was apprehended again, this time by some other woman he didn't know at all.

Someone grasped his elbow, and he turned around slowly, prepared to really say 'no' this time, even if he got a pair of tear filled eyes that he hated so much. To his surprise, it was Murata that was standing next to him, not smiling but glanced worriedly in the corner. Yuuri's eyes followed his progress.

"I believe that your husband just stumbled out the door." Murata commented. "If I were you, I'd catch up with him fast…It doesn't take a genius to see what kind of mood he's in."

Yuuri howled. "This isn't my fault! Why are all these women all over me!?"

"Potential mistresses." Murata fixed his glasses on his nose. "Happens quite often in Shin Makoku…It's inappropriate to have one during the courting or engagement, but after your married its quite average. Particularly if the person your married to is male and has the inability to have any children."

"That's just wrong…" Yuuri muttered bitterly. "And Wolfram saw all this?"

"Yes…" Murata blinked.

"And he knows what the girls wanted?"

When Murata nodded, muttering the word "Correct," Yuuri was out the door in approximately a second flat. Even when he was almost apprehended by his own mother he did not stop, and she merely smiled as she continued to dance. (Conrad had taught her the Shin Makoku way. Yuuri was still unexceptionally clumsy and wasn't particularly good at it.)

For a moment he considered going down to Wolfram's room, wondering if that was where the bishonen would be, when Yozak came striding up whistling cheerfully to himself. When he caught sigh of a winded Yuuri, looking slightly red faced and annoyed, the thief gave a smile before pointing towards the king's room.

"Thanks!" Yuuri said, bounding up cheerfully.

Unfortunately, the thief also said, "You're going to have a nice night--Make up and first time fun combined."

Yuuri swore that he had steam of embarrassment coming out of his ears. This was exactly the sort of jests he had been hearing over the past week, particularly from the cruder people such as Yozak and a few guards. Most of the others sniggered in quiet, their words of "Guess they just couldn't wait, huh?" following him wherever he went.

Even Conrad had made a comment about the haste of it all, though he--as he always did--seemed pleased that it was happening. Since Yuuri was like family to him just as Wolfram was, the two of them getting married was a pleasant experience…Of course, Gwendal didn't agree. Gunther was probably still locked in his room, going full out in a crying jag.

Sighing to himself, he pressed his hand against the door as he heard somebody fumbling around inside. 'So he's really in there.' Yuuri thought uncertainly. 'Here goes…Got to prepare to get my ears fried.' He squared his shoulders, ready to take the hit like a man. The thing about Wolfram was that it was best to let him run out of steam, then Yuuri could explain the situation later. It was kind of like letting a fire die out.

He surged into the room hastily, his body tingling with expectation of anger. His mouth was open with a shout of, "WOLFRAM! I'm so sorry--OH!"

Wolfram turned around slowly, the pink nightgown brushing against his ankles. 'I missed that thing,' Yuuri thought, a flush slowly filling his cheeks as he looked at how cute Wolfram looked. 'It makes him look so…attractive.' At these thoughts, he blinked a couple of times, surprised by his own mindset.

"Is something the matter?" Wolfram asked, raising an eyebrow in the cute 'What are you looking at?' way that he always did.

For a second Yuuri felt winded, as if somebody had physically punched him in the gut. He lunged across the room in a moment, one hand around Wolfram's waist as the blonde let out a small gasp in surprise. One look at Wolfram's flickering green eyes and he was done for….Forever…

Author's Note: I think we all know what happens next…