E/O Challenge word Control.

Took me two hours to write this. Not kidding. I'm sad. =/

Almost all dialogue.

Word count: 100 exactly


"Dean, I want a puppy!"

"No, Sam. We can't afford to feed a dog."

"Oh… Maybe a kitty?"

"You know how Dad feels about cats. Says they're too controlling."

"A bird?"

"Craps too much."

"A hamster?"


"A fishie!"

"Seriously? The way we live?"

"Umm…A pony?"

"Sure! You can ride it to school."


"No. Sam, what's this about?"



"I—It's just that all the kids in school have a pet…"


"So, I want one too!"

"…Do these kids have awesome big brothers?"

Dimples flashed. "Not like you."

"Thought so. C'mon, Sammy, let's go get some ice-cream."