A/N: I completely blame PlatinumRoseLady and Mad Server. They've written some interesting drabbles lately...so I thought Sam deserved an almost 'naughty' moment too.

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It had been far too long since Sam had experienced this particular satisfaction.

Flesh yielded under his touch, supple but firm, with just the right amount of give. His teeth were a gentle pressure against sun-kissed skin, closing swiftly to release a tide of ecstasy.

A trickle of liquid dribbled down his chin as Sam let out a heady moan of pleasure.

The wait had certainly been worth the while.

"Can you not make it look so sensual?"

"Dean, you have to-"

"Sam.You know how I feel about those."

"But we never get anything this fresh!"

"Dude! It's just a tomato!"