Random Isle Esme Excursion!

Chapter 6-Food Fight!

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Chapter time!!

Carly's POV

"Sam…" I cautioned, shooting my friend a disapproving glance.

"Chillax, Carls," she replied. "It's totally safe."

I rolled my eyes. Leave it to Sam to attempt a high dive out of a tree. While there were other people swimming.

It wasn't like the kids in the pool were complete strangers. We'd had plenty of time to talk to Kat Johnson and her little group of friends. Apparently, they'd seen iCarly once or twice, and even had a web show of their own! That would give us something to talk about.

"Alright, anyone who wants to keep their teeth better get out of the way!"

"Oh, Sam," I muttered as she cannonballed straight into the water. A little girl that I hadn't yet met, a redhead in a purple tankini, screamed and ran onto the deck, headed for the gate. I saw the owner of the whole place, Alice, standing outside the gate. They must know each other, I thought, seeing as the little girl seemed to be running to Alice.

Alice cleared her throat. Everyone watched as she walked across the deck and stepped up to the podium on a balcony just slightly above the pool area. It seemed as if all the guests were here, though no adults were currently swimming.

"Welcome," she began in her trilling, pixie-like voice, "to Isle Esme. It's not much, but we all think you'll enjoy it."

She began her opening speech. "First order of business is, of course, food. Meals will be served out here on the deck. If it rains, come here to get your food and just eat in your condo. I'm sure you've all noticed that you can access them from the deck."

We had, indeed, noticed that our condo was poolside, and we had a section of the deck all to ourselves. I smiled at that as Alice continued her speech.

"Breakfast starts at 8 a.m. and switches to lunch at 11. Lunch is served until 2 p.m., when we switch to just snacks and drinks. We have a cocktail bar that opens at 8, but we serve alcohol-free drinks in the afternoon." Kat and Livvi cheered at this. Alice smiled. "Dinner is at 6:30 every night. Don't be late or you'll miss the good stuff. Of course, we have lunch food in case you don't want what we have, but most of it's really great.

"Secondly, activities and stuff. We'll have music playing out here every night, and you can make requests. It is your vacation, after all. Plus, karaoke is available on the weekends, if anyone is interested. The pool is always open, but after 11 p.m., it's strictly adult swim. Sorry guys, but you don't want to annoy the parents, do you?" Seeing the look on Kat's face, she added, "Don't answer that."

A blonde man whom I took to be Alice's husband stepped up next to her and addressed us. "Dinner's ready. It's just pizza tonight, but tomorrow's menu will be better. Plus, dessert is absolutely extravagant." He looked at the redhead and winked. She smiled.

The rest of the Cullen family entered the deck with about a dozen pizzas. I saw plain cheese, pepperoni, pineapple, sausage, supreme, and everything imaginable. I went straight for the sausage, grabbed a piece, picked up a bag of Fritos from the snack counter, and found a chair. Sam was thrilled to find that they had ham pizza. Who puts ham on a pizza? Anyway, we ate as quietly as Sam, Freddie, and I were capable of when I saw a flash of red go by my face.

I turned my head to see what it was, and saw a blonde woman in a black swimsuit with a giant slice of pizza stuck to her face. At that point, I couldn't help myself. I burst out laughing, as did Sam and Freddie.

Needless to say, the woman was ticked. She threw the pizza onto the ground and wiped her eyes. Then, she grabbed a handful of chips and hurled them at Kat (who had thrown the pizza at her in the first place.)

Well, that did it. In a matter of seconds, everyone was throwing food at someone else. Kat was like a human windmill; her hands just kept spinning until she managed to hurl the food somewhere. The Cullens joined in as well. Good thing, too, or else we could have been in trouble. Spencer and Sam dug out their paintball guns and somehow loaded them with the Jell-O from the snack table. Kat's eyes lit up, and she ran to her room, returning with a Super Soaker that she loaded with red Jell-O.

After a while, the fight died down enough that the Cullens could control us. Laughing like a maniac, the biggest one (who legitimately freaked me out) stepped up to the podium to tell us that dessert was ready. "To eat, not to throw," he specified. "My niece worked hard on this, and it's worth eating."

The redhead from earlier came in pushing this giant cart with about 4 chocolate cakes on it. "It's chocolate pudding cake with white chocolate frosting," she explained. "I call it Chococide, or Death by Chocolate."

Kat's mouth dropped open. Clearly, she was a chocolate person. I followed her zombielike movements to the cart thing and grabbed a piece. It was absolutely delicious.

If this night was any indication, we were going to love it here.

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