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Charles, followed by Ororo and Logan, entered the entryway to see Forge pattering away on a keyboard that was set amongst the wires and equipment he'd brought with him. The students surrounded him, looks of anxiety, and strangely enough, hope on their faces.

"What's going on?" Logan demanded, vividly remembering what had nearly happened to Kurt with one of Forge's earlier inventions.

As the situation was explained the adults' eyes widened, Ororo's jaw went slack and Logan had to grab the stairs banister to keep from falling.

"You are...positive?" the Professor asked hopefully.

Forge nodded, not looking up from the keyboard, "He just needs to-"

Forge's machine went crazy and everyone watched as a bright line of light shot out from it.

It stopped in the middle of the room and there was a loud crack and a flash of red light causing everyone to shield their eyes.

But when they opened them again, nothing had changed, Kurt still wasn't there and Forge's machine was smoking, the screen dark.

Kitty's tears started a second before everyone else's.

"I...I thought..." Forge stared in disbelief at his machine.

~It should have worked. ~

It was a flashback to the day he died; there wasn't a dry eye in the room.

Their sobs were interrupted, by a soft and familiar 'BAMF'.

They heard a low moan and looked up to have their jaws drop.

Hanging upside down from the chandelier...was Kurt.

His golden eyes opened and he looked down at them, looking stunned.

He dropped from the light and flipped in midair to land in front of them on all fours.

There was absolute silence as he stood, looking taller and most certainly a year older, he wore nothing but a pair of severely ragged pants, his hair brushed his shoulders and hung in front of his eyes but he was still Kurt.

Kitty slowly slipped from where Evan had been holding her. She walked slowly over to him and soon she stood barely a few centimetres from him.

She lifted her hand and it hovered over his cheek before she slowly placed it against his soft and warm skin.

A smile spread across her face at the same time one did across Kurt's.

"You're alive."

The blue mutant grinned, thinking somewhere in the back of his mind he needed a sarcastic or joking reply, but was unable to form the words and instead grabbed Kitty in a bone breaking hug that she returned just as strongly.

That action snapped everyone out of their shocked stupors and before Nightcrawler knew it, he was in the center of a group hug. His friends all crying and smiling at the same time.

They were slow to release him, but he was quick to greet each of them individually.

First came Rogue who he hugged just as tightly as Kitty. The girl cried softly, her makeup having been completely removed by her nonstop tears.

He felt something similar to an electric shock as she tapped him.

"Just makin' sure." She said softly.

He chuckled and was soon grabbed in a brotherly hug by Evan and Scott at the same time.

"You know, I vas hoping you'd gained some patience." He muttered good naturedly.

After he'd been released from their hold, he was crushed in a hug from, much to his and everyone else's surprise, Logan.

Wolverine let go several seconds later and ruffled his hair, "Hey Elf." He said in a choked voice.

Kurt didn't have a chance to reply as he was grabbed by Ororo and hugged tightly, "Oh thank the Goddess!" she cried. Outside the clouds parted and the sun shone brightly.

Kurt chuckled before he was glomped from either side by Jamie and Rahne.

He hugged his surrogate younger siblings.

"Kurt." He looked up to see Amara standing before him, fidgeting.

He gave her a grin, "Glad to know you're alright Princess."

She let out a sob and jumped on him, causing him to freeze, but hugged the smaller girl back.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." She whispered.

He pushed her away slightly, "Nothing to be sorry for, Amara."

She gave him a watery smile, before backing away and letting the others welcome him back.

"Just one question." He started after he'd gotten hugged by both Jean and the Professor, "How did I get back?"

Everyone looked to Forge.

Kurt blinked before walking over to his friend, noticing that he was now slightly taller than the boy genius.

Forge shrugged, "Had to return the favour."

That made Kurt laugh as he hugged him, thanking him in both German and English.

After he had finished his rambling, he found himself stuck in an embrace by Kitty yet again.

"We missed you so much Fuzzy." She whispered.

He wrapped an arm around her as she buried her face in his fur, "I missed you too."


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Explanations: (because I couldn't find a way to put these into the story)

Jean's dream: Kurt was projecting his thoughts quite loudly even if he didn't know it. Jean, because everyone was thinking about him a lot already, was more open to his thoughts.

Kurt in the brimstone dimension: Kurt's half demon genetics allowed him to be teleported to the brimstone dimension where his connection to the dimension allowed him to heal rapidly, but as was shown in 'Shadow Dance', he couldn't teleport while he was teleporting. Forge's machine helped fix that and snap him back to the real world.

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