A/N: This is AU and OC in parts, but it's just meant to be for fun and to give a couple laughs. I hope you all like it.

The rating is borderline M, but just for innuendos, risque moments, and thoughts and such, no explicit sex scenes or pornography things that M rating is famous for. Again, the fic is just for fun and I hope you enjoy it for what it's worth without getting too nit-picky on me. Enjoy.


Rogue woke with a start and jolted upright as the last vestiges of her dream faded from her mind. She breathed in heavily for a moment, trying to recall the dream that woke her so vividly. When nothing came to mind after the first few minutes, she pulled the blanket off of her lap and made her way past her roommates in their beds and made her way to the adjoining bathroom.

Rogue began her daily chores of getting ready for the day. She undressed and took a morning shower before drying and straightening her hair. She was just in the middle of brushing her teeth when she heard the first sound of her roommates getting up. She heard a soft groan from the other room and grinned softly. It must be Tabitha; she was never a morning person. True enough, not moments after the thought, Tabitha's voice floated over Rogue's mind as she moaned softly. Why do mornings even exist? Why doesn't everybody get up in the afternoon? Ugh, this is such a pain.

Rogue smiled at her roommates complaining. She finished brushing her teeth and unlocked the bathroom door, stepping out back into the bedroom. "Hey Tabby." Rogue greeted, walking over to her bed and flattening out the sheets.

Ohh, Rogue's awake. Rogue cast a glance over at Tabitha questioningly as the young mutant yawned and stretched her arms. "Hey Rogue."

Rogue gave a half smile and waved before returning to her bed, straightening it out and putting the covers down smoothly. Mmmhmm! That looks delicious! Bend over a little more and I can practically see right up your shor—Rogue's eyes widened and she turned around before Tabitha could finish. "What?" Rogue blurted, giving Tabitha a weirded out look.

Tabitha had her tongue slightly sticking out of the side of her mouth. When Rogue turned, she quickly otherwise busied herself and lifted an eyebrow at Rogue's loud exclamation. "What, what? I didn't say anything."

"Ya…ya didn't say anything?" Rogue squinted. What is she playing at?

"No." God, Rogue looks so sexy when she's confused. It's too bad she's untouchable. Man, if anyone could touch her, I'd be on her in a second!

"Whoa!" Rogue stared at Tabitha in horror. She had been physically looking at Tabitha this time and saw that her lips had not moved, but the tone of her voice, the voice that Rogue heard, it was unmistakably hers. Rogue blinked rapidly and rubbed at her eyes, sure something must be wrong with her vision.

Is she alright? "Rogue, are you okay?"

"Ah…uh…" Am Ah going crazy? What's goin' on?

Poor girl, look how pale she is. She really needs to get out of those tight clothes and get into something loose! I really just ought to help her—

"Ah just have a headache." Rogue lied.

I could make it better. Tabitha smiled at her suggestively. "Do you need a cold pack or something? Anything I can do for you?"

Rogue cringed. "No—Ah'm fahne."

In the bed across the room from Rogue, Betsy moaned softly before blinking a few times and sitting up. I hope we don't have any Danger Room sessions today. The thought was tinted with a British accent, obviously coming from the Japanese woman who lie in the waking moments to consciousness.

"G'morning guys." Betsy tiredly picked herself up off the bed.

"Hey." Tabitha greeted.

"Morning." Rogue mumbled, swallowing thickly, blinking rapidly as she tried to get her bearings. Just gotta stay calm. Stay calm. Ah don't know the whole story here. Maybe Ah'm just…makin' it up.

Betsy glanced over at Rogue for half a second. I wonder what Rogue's panicking about.

Shit! Betsy cahn read mah thoughts! Ah forgot! Ah gotta stop thinking. Blank. Blank. Blank. Come on, think of nothing.

Rogue? Betsy ventured questioningly, creating a telepathic link between the two. Are you okay?

Betsy. Rogue breathed in deeply, desperately. Maybe she cahn help meh. She is telepathic…uh, Betsy?

Yes Rogue? Betsy asked patiently, making her own bed as Tabitha, oblivious to their conversation, started making little circular explosives and juggling them.

Ah…something's wrong with meh. Ah cahn hear other people's thoughts!

Betsy snorted.

Seriously! Rogue cried. She glanced over at Tabitha. Tabby—she's thinkin' about…uh…well…

Betsy's face held a small smile. About…

Rogue winced. Well…about slappin' meh down ta the bed an' taking a rahde. Betsy paused in the chore of straightening her pillows. Rogue swallowed again. Have ya always known she was so…

Perverted? Betsy asked, grinning widely as she fussed with the pillow.

attracted ta meh? Rogue finished lamely.

I don't think you need to worry about Tabitha. Betsy told her.

Betsy, Ah'm not telepathic! Rogue cried out desperately. What's happenin' ta meh?

Betsy shrugged. Maybe it'll wear off. If not, we can deal with it later. It's not so bad to be a telepath, you know.

What do Ah do?

I don't think it really matters, Rogue, just wait her out. Go through the day. If it's not gone by tomorrow…well, we'll see what happens then. Betsy was being terribly calm.

Rogue clutched her head and shook it no. This is so confusin'.

"Let's go get some breakfast guys." Betsy announced. "I'm just gunna get changed real fast. Why don't you and Tabby start down already?" Rogue dropped her arms and looked at Betsy incredulously. "I'll catch up, 'kay?"

Rogue gaped at Betsy's straight face as a small explosion popped in the air and Tabitha leapt up from the bed. "Alright, let's go." Tabitha made her way to the door and called back at Rogue. "Hurry up; all the doughnuts are going to be taken already!"

Rogue paled and gave Betsy a dark look before she left. Betsy chuckled lightly as Rogue shut the door behind her and started following Tabitha. By the time Rogue got to the kitchen, Tabitha was already snacking away from the donut box. Jubilee sat opposite her, sipping out of a half filled cup of orange juice.

"Hey Rogue." Jubilee greeted lightly, glancing back at Rogue as she walked into the room. Thank God I'm not alone with Miss Bombs-A-Lot. Jubilee shook her head. "How's life treating you?"

"Okay." Rogue replied quietly. She went over to the fridge and opened it up, looking inside for something to snack on.

I love those shorts all the girls around this mansion keep wearing. So skanky! Jubes is looking mighty fine today!

Rogue self-consciously made a subtle effort to pull her shorts down from behind the cover of the refrigerator door. "Ya got anything planned ta do today, Jubes?" Rogue asked conversationally.

"Surprisingly enough, no." Jubilee replied "I wasn't much expecting the week off, you know? Why? You got something you want to do?"

I've got an idea that we could pass time with. We can even go three-way with it, Roguey.

Rogue was really getting uncomfortable, knowing the thoughts that were going through Tabitha's grabbed the carton of orange juice out of the refrigerator and shut the door before sitting down at the table. "Not really. Ah was jus' wondering."

"Bonjour, filles!" A familiar French accent broke the last of Rogue's speech away as a charming, speculatively carved face came into view. Rogue is lookin' stunnin', as usual. "Y' look beautiful, ma Cherie." Remy easily seated himself next to the stubborn southerner.

"Remy." Rogue acknowledged, casting a sideways glance at him. "Always nice ta see you too."

Remy grinned broadly, ignoring her sarcasm. After all, dere's a bit o' truth in every sarcastic t'ing we say! Without invitation, he swung an arm around her shoulders and dragged her chair close to his, keeping his arm in place. "I t'inkin' dis gunna be a interestin' day, don' y', fille?"

Rogue squirmed out of the chair and out of his grasp. "Ah don' think so, Cajun. Jus' keep your hands ta yaself now, ya hear?"

Remy loves how t'ick dat accent of hers gets when she's flustered. Remy thought with a winning smile. Outwardly, he gave her a devious grin. "Y' can't resist me forever, Roguey."

Wow. Rogue marveled softly to herself. He even THINKS in third person. I wonder if he ever annoys himself with that.

Rrreawrrr. Tabitha made an odd cat noise in her own thoughts. He's so sexy—and he's not even afraid of her skin! Why does she always push him off like that? Too bad I can't talk Remy into anything right now, he's got sole eyes for Rogue recently….maybe I should offer a threesome with her?

Rogue struggled not to choke on the orange juice she was drinking.

Jubilee was looking at Tabitha's expression. Why's Tabitha always look like she's thinking of something nasty?

"I'm back." Betsy announced, slamming open the door and parading inside like she owned the place. Indeed, the speculation wasn't farfetched. Betsy was beautiful enough to be royalty.

Why, thank you Rogue. You've got some southern spunk going on for you too.

Rogue blushed.

"So what are we all doing today?" Betsy asked bluntly, picking up the carton of orange juice off the table and going to the cupboards to get a glass.

"We've got no plans." Tabitha gave a flighty sigh as her eyes dashed over to Betsy. That purple hair looks so delicious. I'd like to go to bed with that!

Does she think of nothing else? Rogue wondered mildly, frowning at Tabitha.

Betsy chuckled in her mind. You'd be surprised how many guys have exactly the same thought-train as her.

Ah'm 'surprised' that Ah haven't been mentally assaulted bah Remy yet, but Ah suppose that should be comin' soon. Betsy gave another short mental laugh.

"We could play some pranks on the kids." Jubilee suggested, pointlessly playing with her empty juice cup.

"Oh!" Tabitha blurted. Yes, yes, yes, yes, I nearly forgot! "I've got some vodka and beer for later tonight guys! Everyone can come back to my dorm room for the party."

Rogue rolled her eyes. Great.

"Rogue, truth or dare?"

Rogue groaned softly. "Not this again, Tabby." Especially now that Ah know what exactly ya want ta dare meh ta do. The thought made her shiver.

I love it when she says my name like that. Tabby thought with a grin. Like her own little nickname for me. Very cute. "Come on!" Tabitha whined. "Please?"

"It is tradition t' play de game preliminary before de drinking ensues." Remy chimed in. Knowin' Tabby, she's gunna dare Rogue t' do somethin' delicious!

"Twelve hours beforehand?" Rogue pointed out. "Ah don't think so."

"You know, it could be fun." Betsy cut in. Rogue gave her an exasperated look that she completely ignored. "We haven't played in a long time."

Jubilee raised her eyebrows above her drinking glass. Fun if you think Tabitha's perverted gestures and subtle hints are amusing. Outwardly, she remained quiet.

Does everyone know what a closet pervert Tabitha is? Rogue spurted out through her mind link with Betsy.

Pretty much.Betsy smiled. She's hit on everybody in this room, 'cept you. The…natural barrier you have has dissuaded her from trying.

Lucky meh. Rogue retorted sarcastically.

She thinks about you a lot more than anyone else, if that's any consolation.

Rogue cringed at the revelation.

"So come on, Rogue." Tabitha urged. Rogue wondered how she'd ever seen the girl so innocently. "Truth or dare?"

Dare, dare, dare—Remy silently urged.

Rogue resisted another eyeroll. "Fahne. Truth."

Remy and Tabitha both mentally groaned simultaneously. "Well, okay…have you ever had sex with Remy?"

Rogue's eyes widened at Tabitha's audacity. "Have Ah—have Ah had sex with Remy?"

"It's a simple enough question." Tabitha said, as if that had any value.

Rogue gaped at her, mouthing words for half a moment before she found her voice again. She was so aghast at Tabitha's question that she failed to notice Remy's smile or the fact that Jubilee and Betsy were hiding grins of their own, listening intently. "Tab-why the fuck do ya think Ah've had sex with Remy? Ah can't even have sex, for heaven's sake! And—with Remy?!"

It's totally obvious that you've done something naughty with him. Tabitha shrugged nonchalantly. "You can't deny that you two have chemistry."

"Wh-what?!" Rogue protested. "That's outrageous!"

She sure is gettin' defensive over this. Tabitha mused. I wish I knew what she was hiding.

"You're both cute together." Betsy added her bit.

Rogue turned her horrified glare on her. "You're on her shade?!"

Betsy was chuckling. Rogue, calm down. Everyone thinks you and Remy are adorable together.

Rogue's jaw dropped. Ah can't believe this, Betsy!

This high-and-mighty front's gotta stop. Jubilee scoffed. "Oh, give it a rest, Rogue. Everyone knows you two are hiding a relationship." Jubilee smiled at her reaction. Hehe, look how stunned she looks. I mean, I know there's no relationship between 'em, no matter how much Remy wishes it were so, but God, that girl is fun to tease. She looks horrified.

Rogue blinked several times at Jubilee's accusations and the thoughts that followed as she realized Jubilee was playing with her. Rogue spared Remy a quick glance. Everyone t'inks we make de best couple! I can' wait t' convince Roguey o' de same. She's such a stubborn fille.

Rogue's eyebrows took a downward turn. Ah am not!

You're pretty stubborn, Rogue. Betsy stated matter-of-factly.

What the hell is this? Everyone accuse and target Rogue day? "Ah don' know what ya'll thinkin' or think ya heard, but Remy an' Ah have never an' will never sleep together."

"Doesn't mean ya won't have sex." Jubilee pointed out. She makes teasing her so easy.

Rogue turned on Jubilee. "Jubes—truth or dare?"

Oh, now she wants to get back at me, does she? Jubilee smirked. I don't think so. "Truth."

"How many times have you kissed Kitty on the Recreation Room's couch?"

Jubilee went scarlet in less than half a second. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, how does she know about that? "It was only twice!" Jubilee confessed, desperately glancing around at the faces around her. "I was drunk!"

"Only the first time." Rogue revealed with a satisfied grin.

Betsy was hiding her chuckles while Remy laughed outright. Remy knew it! "Remy knew dere was somethin' between y' both! Remy saw y' ticklin' her in y' bedroom last Tuesday an' I've been suspectin' somethin's up!"

So she is into it! "Ya know, Jubes—" Tabitha started, but Jubilee quickly cut her off.

"Not a chance, Tabs." Jubilee gave Rogue a dark look. "I'll get you back for that."

Rogue smiled sinisterly. "Ah'm never gunna say dare, especially not when you ask."

Oh yeah? Well try this one! "You don't need to." Jubilee's flush was slowly fading. Now she wore a smug expression. The girl might not like Remy, but Remy likes the girl! "Remy, truth or dare?" Jubilee asked, whipping her head around to stare down at Remy.

"Dare!" Remy loves a good cat fight! 'Specially when Remy gets t' participate in dere silly pay-back ploys!

"No!" Rogue blurted. "That's cheatin'!"

Payback's a bitch, bitch. Jubilee gave her a winning grin. "I dare you to passionately make out with Rogue; make sure to use tongue and feel free to give her assets a good squeeze."

"Whoa—hey—no!" Rogue backed up until her back hit the wall. "That's not cool, Jubes! Ya know he can't—"

Remy was already out of his seat and in front of Rogue. "Remy be gentle, chere." Remy promised, giving her that cocksure grin he always held so confidently.

"Remy—no!" Rogue shoved at him with her arms and tried to push him away, but Remy grabbed her arms and pinned them against the wall behind her before he ducked his head down to hers and pressed his lips against hers. Rogue struggled—she didn't want this, she'd only hurt him by being in contact with him—but Remy was persistent. He captured her lips in his as he passionately pressed up against her still-stiff body and tried to elicit a different response from her.

Halfway through the kiss, Remy parted her lips with his tongue and started exploring the insides of her mouth. A warmth started spreading through Rogue from her stomach outward and Rogue pressed further up against the wall in alarm as she felt her mutation take effect and start to drain him. She didn't know if this warm feeling came from the influx of energy or what, but it wasn't long before Rogue's thoughts were overrun with his own. She tastes so good. My god, what a goddess. Pictures, memories, screenshots, all flew by Rogue's mind's eye as Remy's mouth stayed on hers and she was engulfed in a personality that washed over her own.

Suddenly, Rogue didn't know why she was pushing this off or holding against him. Her own reasons for keeping away seemed to dissolve. Rogue's hands, which had been held down only moments before, were free once Remy's chose to roam the expanse of her hair. Rogue's own hands travelled up the back of his head to entangle in his soft, fluffy hair. Against her will, Remy's movements in her mouth elicited a groan. She held his head in place and kissed him back fiercely.

That lasted for another few seconds before Rogue's mind registered what she was doing and who she was with. With a soft moan, she pulled her hands down and pushed back against Remy's chest, effectively shoving him back and away from her. Rogue breathed in heavily as her wide eyes trained solely on Remy.

Remy stumbled back and fell on his butt, weak and unsteady, bust grinning deliriously and looking at Rogue in a daze.

"Jubilee." Rogue breathed in heavily. "You're a bitch."

Haha. "Takes one to know one, sister." Jubilee's grin took off the bite from her words. "Besides, you can't tell me that you didn't enjoy that." She's so dazed with happiness right now, it's so obvious.

God, this is glorious. I feel like I'm watching Midnight Cowboy! Whew, whip her good, boy! "You guys ever think about making a movie?" Tabitha asked suggestively.

She was ignored.

Betsy was smiling. You're taken with him, Rogue.

Ah am not! Rogue protested. She snapped out of her temporary daze and shook her head, rubbing at her eyes with her palms. "Enough of this!" Rogue demanded, coming to herself as she fought to separate her personality from Remy's. "Remy—are ya okay?"

Is Remy okay? "Chere, dis Cajun 'as not seen a brighter day since comin' t' dis mansion, me." Roguey be de only fille who can affect Remy so much with jus' a single kiss.

"Hey, uh, I didn't see any groping." Tabitha announced. "Why don't you two go at it again?" Mmm. Yes, just get on her and bang that baby so hard she'll—

Rogue winced and held up a hand to her head, looking away from Tabitha. "Tabb-itha, just…ugh. Don't think of those things."

Tabitha grinned. "Can ya blame me?" Wish I tell her what I'd really like to do with her. "You two have got it hotter than a sizzling meats—"

Jubilee shot some 'fireworks' at Tabitha under the table to shut her up. Tabitha squeaked and nearly fell out of her chair as she backed up and struggled to escape the miniature plasma blasts. Rogue clutched a hand to her head as she fought to suppress Remy's promiscuous nature.

On the floor, Remy shook his head like a dog before grinning and looking Rogue up and down speculatively. Damn, Roguey looks pretty with my eyes, me. Rogue's a vision. "Roguey, truth o' dare?"

Rogue moaned softly. "No more of this. Ah qui—"

"I hope you're not about to say quit." Betsy interrupted, glancing around at everyone in the room.

Oui, y' don' wanna be a quitter o' dis game, Roguey, 'specially not de first one. "'Member what happens t' de first quitter o' Truth o' Dare?" Remy reminded her. "Y' want t' quit, be my guest, Cherie."

Rogue shut her eyes and shook her head. "Guys! Ah—"

Oh no you don't, you sneak! You're not getting out of this one. We haven't even started drinking yet. "You know the rules, Rogue." Jubilee chimed in. "And I know you're not gunna be the first one to quit because of them."

This is a nightmare. Rogue thought in despair.

Just then, the door behind Betsy pushed in and Wanda Maximoff appeared in the kitchen, followed closely by her roommate, Emma Frost. "G'morning." Betsy greeted them both cheerily.

Is it? Wanda's eyes flashed around the room, taking everyone in before settling on Rogue and narrowing. "Are we interrupting something?" Her eyes made a quick dash to Remy before again landing on Rogue suspiciously.

Emma completely ignored everyone around her and went straight for the cupboards. She stepped on Remy's hand on the way and neglected giving any attention to him when he yelped in pain and protest. "Dat's my hand y' stepped on, fille!"

"Go kiss your skunk." Emma replied ungraciously, snagging out her box of Wheaties from the cupboard. She paused momentarily. This feels lighter than I thought. Let's see… Emma's eyes swept around the room before landing on Jubilee. "It was you!" Emma accused, eyes narrowed to slits.

No! Jubilee's eyes widened. "Oh, shit!" was all she got out before Emma zapped her mind with a telepathic bolt. Jubilee slumped in the chair, unconscious.

"Was that entirely necessary, Emma?" Betsy asked dryly, arching an eyebrow at Jubilee's slumped form.

"Let that be a lesson to the rest of you brats." Emma snapped, grabbing a bowl and spoon from the cupboard as well. "Nobody touches my Wheaties." With that, the Ice Queen turned and strolled out, head held high in haughty indignation. Remy quickly drew up his hand to avoid a repeat injury.

Emma's so sexy. Tabitha thought in a daze.

Frikin' Princess of the Mansion. Wanda shook her head as she watched Emma disappear from the doorway. "So, you kissed Remy, Rogue?" Wanda asked in mild disinterest, going to the cupboards herself for her own bowl and cereal.

"What?!" Rogue cried in frustration. "Ah did not! It was a dare! An' it wasn't even mahne!"

Defensive much? Wanda shook her head dismissively. She didn't really care.

Shit! I forgot the milk. The thought came from the hallway outside of the kitchen and Rogue had to fight back a chuckle as she realized it was Emma. I can't go back in there like that—I just made a great exit! …but I can't eat my Wheaties without milk, either! What to do…what to do…oh, good! Here comes Bobby.

There was a muffled yelp from the hallway only seconds before Bobby came into the kitchen. He ignored everybody in his wake, went straight for the refrigerator, and took out the gallon of milk before turning on his heel and walking back out. Rogue could see Betsy struggling to hold back a laugh as everyone else quirked a curious eyebrow.

"That was odd." But not unenjoyable. Bobby's got a nice jawline. Tabitha commented, watching the doorway where Bobby disappeared, as if expecting someone else to pop out and display odd behavior.

"Who cares?" Wanda tossed off, reaching for the refrigerator door handle before the thought struck her. Goddamnit, Bobby just stole the milk! Now what? "I…'ll see you guys in the Danger Room."

"Someone steal y' milk, petit?" Remy asked with a knowing grin, having observed her reach for the fridge.

Wanda's a real beauty. Look at that ass! That's top class, grade A meat right there! "I'll catch up with you guys later too." Tabitha said absently. I've got me a new target to go for! With that, Tabitha up and disappeared too, leaving Betsy, Rogue, and Remy alone with an unconscious Jubilee.

'wonder if everyone's jus' gunna leave Jubes dere. I know I got me a permanent marker somewhere…

Bets, ya know this mahnd readin' crap? It's disturbing.

Betsy chuckled lightly through their mind link. Welcome to the world of telepaths, Rogue. You'll find there's a lot of interesting things that people just don't say, but they're constantly thinking of them.

Heavy footsteps pounded against the ground and Rogue glanced up in time to see Logan slam open the door, sniffing the room suspiciously as his eyes caught on Jubilee's still form. What'd the kid do this time? "Why is Jubilee unconscious?" Logan asked, finally taking his gaze off of the girl and gazing at the room's inhabitants. His chocolate eyes halted on Rogue and hardened. Her eyes…replicas of Remy's? His jaw clicked once before his eyes ticked back to Remy, who was still sprawled out across the kitchen floor from when Rogue pushed him. THAT GODDAMN CAJUN! Logan's claws snicked out in his anger and Remy seemed to realize he was in mortal danger.

Ut oh. Daddy's home.

With a growl that didn't sound remotely human, Logan leapt at Remy, who was already fast-skiddadling his way out the second kitchen door. Rogue watched Logan hound after the guilty mutant with a raised eyebrow, casting a knowing look at Betsy. "Definitely a very disturbing ability."