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The alarm clock buzzed loudly and jolted Bobby awake as he squeaked in fright. I'm never gunna get used to that scary dinging. Bobby thought with a shiver, shaking his fear off. That thing is darn scary! At least it proves to wake me every morning…

Shaking off his covers, Bobby glanced at the alarm clock. 4 A.M. Nobody should be awake at this time. Bobby scuttled out the door without a backward glance, only one thing on his mind. It's Twinkie time!

After navigating through the empty morning hallways, Bobby arrived in the kitchen and did his normal preparations for getting a Twinkie. Only when all the doors had been locked did Bobby push the chair up against the counter and go after his Twinkies. There they were, shining in all their glory. Two beautiful boxes of Twinkie deliciousness. If man could marry inanimate objects, I would wed this Twinkie box right here and now. The beautifully puffy heaven cloud melted in his mouth just so deliciously! These should be illegal, they're so good!

After enjoying another four Twinkie snacks, Bobby realized that he should probably put the box down. He hesitated only a moment before grabbing one last one and shoving the box away before silently closing the cupboard again and pushing the chair back into place. I wonder how Wanda's doing in the woods? Bobby wondered idly. Should I go check and see?

He decided that it would be a good idea to do so and headed out the back door of the mansion to the woods behind. It was still pretty dark out, but the first morning stretches of light had already begun to touch down, so Bobby didn't have a problem navigating. He walked through the damp grass as he traced a direct trail back to the woods, glancing around for any sign of Wanda.

She wasn't hard to spot. Not more than twelve feet into the woods, Wanda had set up camp next to a big oak trunk. Bobby didn't realize that she was still awake until he drew closer. His eyebrows creased. "Wanda?" Bobby asked curiously, surprised by the sight that greeted him.

Wanda was a mess. There were several twigs and leaves that were stuck in her hair at odd angles and she was huddled up tightly in the blanket, eyes wide, staring fearfully over her pillow. She started at the sound of Bobby's voice and nearly jumped out of her skin before her bloodshot eyes fell on him. "Bobby!"

"Wanda, what's going on? Are you okay?"

"Am I okay?" Wanda's eyes hardened as more focus came to them and she watched Bobby. "No, I am not okay! Where the fuck were you?!"

"Where was I?" Bobby blinked. "I was inside, of course."

"What, does the prospect of sleeping in the woods turn guys off to sex?" Wanda demanded harshly. "I've been waiting for you all night!"

"I-I didn't know." Bobby stuttered. "I thought…"

"You thought what? That I would enjoy shivering out here by myself in the dark all night? That I wouldn't want you to come? That I would like to be alone while I listen to this creepy-as-shit moaning and wonder what the fuck it's from? Come here, you idiot!"

Bobby stepped closer, still wide eyed. "Look Wanda, I'm sorry—"

Wanda grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him down to her level. "We're having sex."

Bobby blanched. "What? Right now?"

"No, next weekend. Yes, right now." Wanda started unbuttoning his pajamas.

"But—but we're outside, Wanda!" Bobby protested. "In the woods! We can't have sex in the woods!"

"Why not?" Wanda demanded, still continuing to unbutton his top.

"Well, I don't know—what if a stick pokes me?"

Wanda paused long enough to give him a dark look.

"What?" Bobby asked. "Sticks hurt!"

"Yeah well, yours is gunna hurt in a minute if you don't shut up." Wanda growled. "You didn't show up all night." She reminded him.

Bobby tossed up his hands. "Fine! Whatever! You don't always have to be so mean about it, though."

Wanda undid the last button and threw his shirt off to the side. She frowned. "You're getting fatter."

"I am not!" Bobby protested.

Wanda poked his stomach, which went in slightly before pudging back out. "Yes you are. You've been eating Twinkies again, haven't you?"

"So what if I have?" Bobby challenged. "I don't see how that's your concern."

"I don't want to have sex with a slob." Wanda's frown deepened. "You're going to start a diet today until you get skinny again."

Bobby pouted. "You know, it's like you don't even like me."

"I don't like you." Wanda verified, placing her hands on his chest and pushing him back before straddling him.

"Why choose me to have sex with then?" Bobby asked. "There's lots of other guys in the mansion. Why not them?"

"Are you complaining about having sex with me?" Wanda questioned darkly, digging her nails into his chest and dragging them down.

Bobby groaned as she raked her fingernails down his chest. "Noooo. I'm just asking. Why not, like, Remy?"

"Remy's with Rogue." Wanda responded curtly.

"He wasn't for a long time before today." Bobby argued logically. "If I'm so fat, why not choose him?"

Wanda rolled her eyes. "Please. Remy's been trying to be good for months now for Rogue. I wouldn't jeopardize that."

"That's surprising."

"I have morals." Wanda said defensively. "Just because I'll sleep with you doesn't mean I'll sleep with anybody."

"Well thanks." Bobby retorted sarcastically. "I don't like you either, just for the record."

"Good thing we're on the same page." Wanda started unbuttoning her own shirt.

There was a loud moaning from beyond them and Bobby stiffened, lifting his hand and gripping Wanda's in his own, effectively stopping her movements. "What was that?"

This is just insulting. "Is there anything else you could do to stop us from having sex right now?"

"I'm being serious!" Bobby snapped. "You heard that groaning, didn't you?"

"Bobby, that's been going on all night. Could we please just get back to the task at hand?" She gave a pointed look at his jeans.

"What do you mean, it's been going on all night?" Bobby asked. "It sounds like a person, Wanda! You've just been ignoring it?"

"What part did you miss about me being alone here all night in the dark?" Wanda gritted her teeth. "I've had the most awful night here in the cold and when you finally show up, all you can focus on is the other noises around us?!" She reached to slap him, but Bobby caught her hand. I'm honestly offended right now. "You have an incredibly hot woman on top of you who's trying to remove her clothes to have sex with you, Bobby! Now stop getting distracted!"

Bobby blinked before turning his gaze back to Wanda. "I'm sorry. Okay…whoa, Wanda, you're not…offended, are you?"

Wanda gave him a haughty look. "Offended? Because you can't keep your attention focused? Please!"

Bobby grinned widely. "You are offended!"

Wanda glared at him and started to stand. "You know what? Forget this. I'm going back to the mans—"

Bobby grabbed her by the shoulders before she could rise all the way and he brought her down again, wincing slightly. "And you say I need a diet?"

Wanda slapped him and started to rise again.

"Whoa, whoa!" Bobby shoved her down once more. "I'm just kidding, Wanda! Learn to take a joke!" Wanda turned away from him, her jaw clenched in anger. "Hey." Bobby restarted. "I'm sorry, okay? You're beautiful, Wanda, you are. I was just being stupid—I'm sorry for not paying attention to you. I'm ready now, see? Just for you, no distractions." Bobby held up his hands in the surrender motion, gesturing down at himself where Wanda had saddled herself before.

"What is that?" Wanda asked, squinting.

Bobby frowned. "Now who's not paying attention?"

Both of them started at the loud growl behind them and their heads flicked in the direction that it had come from. Wanda's eyes widened as she struggled to extract herself from Bobby as Bobby tried to push away from the direction of the growl. "A bear?!"

"Bears live in this forest?" Bobby asked in shock, scooting back with Wanda next to him.

Not twenty feet away, a huge Black Bear stood on all fours, looking right at them. "Was it doing all the moaning?" Wanda questioned, still backing up with Bobby slowly. "How come it didn't come earlier?"

"Bears are drawn to sex." Bobby said.

Wanda looked over at him incredulously.

"What?!" Bobby defended himself. "They are! I saw it on Discovery Channel last week. They're drawn to the scent of the 'sweet nectar' from sex."

"Well, I don't know about you, but that little chat we had back there as you ignored my advances? It didn't turn me on at all. And unless your abilities in bed have severely diminished, I don't think you started producing any 'nectar' either."

"Well something drew it."

Suddenly, the bear turned his head away from them and started galloping away. Wanda breathed out deeply, watching it gallivant off in the distance.

Bobby turned back to Wanda. "So, sex?"

"You gunna pay attention to me this time?" Wanda asked stubbornly.

Bobby grinned. "I'm all yours, baby!"

"Don't call me that."

Wanda and Bobby returned to the blanket. This time, Bobby pushed Wanda down to the ground first. "Hey!" Wanda protested as Bobby straddled her hips, reaching for her shirt buttons. "I like the top!"

"Feeling a certain loss of control?" Bobby smirked. Before Bobby could even get the second button fully undone, a muffled scream ripped through the air around them.

Wanda sat bolt upright, Bobby spilling off her lap. "That was definitely human." The two clambered to their feet and took off in the direction of the scream. Another one shortly followed, so it wasn't hard to pinpoint the location. By the time Wanda and Bobby reached the sight of the attack, the bear was already nearly upon the helpless bystander who was strapped to a chair with half a piece of duck tape swinging loose from his chin and—

"Mr. Summers?!" Bobby asked in astonishment, his jaw slack.

The sound of Bobby's voice made the bear turn to look at him, but only briefly before dismissing him as a threat and looking back over at Scott. Bobby smelled something suspicious in the air…

"Is that…honey?" Wanda asked incredulously.

The answer both occurred to them at the same time. "Logan."

Wanda snapped her fingers and fired a hex bolt at the bear. A heavy, rotted tree branch from directly above him was struck down from an unlikely gust of wind and it landed right on top of the bear's head, instantly rendering him unconscious. Bobby blinked twice. "Have I ever told you how incredibly cool that is?"

"Don't be a nerd." Wanda started over to Scott's side and Bobby followed, eyeing his duck tape job speculatively.

"Mr. Summers—I am so sorry!" Bobby exclaimed. "I didn't think—I didn't know this would happen when I tied you up!"

"You tied him up?" Wanda asked incredulously.

"Can you get him out?" Bobby asked, ignoring her question. "He looks pretty beat up."

"No kidding." Wanda muttered. She shut her eyes for a moment before muttering some indistinguishable words that meant nothing to Bobby before her hands started to glow. The red light surrounding her fingers and palms grew in intensity until it was painfully bright before it jumped off of Wanda's hands and Scott's duck tape began unraveling. Wanda opened her eyes again to watch as, layer by layer, the duck tape flew off of Scott and landed limply on the floor.

Bobby watched with wide eyes. "What exactly are your abilities?"

Wanda rolled her eyes. "Just make him some ice for his face already, Bobby."

Bobby quickly generated some ice in his hand and held it up against his professor's face where there was severe bruising. Once all the duck tape had been ripped off Scott, including the piece around Scott's mouth, Scott tenderly lifted a hand to his face and took the ice block from Bobby.

"Bobby?" Scott croaked, throat dry and husky.

"What is it, Professor?" Bobby asked importantly, ready to serve his teacher. "Do you need more ice, or—" he was cut off as a high intensity laser hit him in the gut and sent him flying backwards, moaning and groaning. By the time he landed, fifteen feet away, Bobby felt as bruised and beat up as Scott. He keeled over on all fours and held a hand against his stomach.

Wanda lifted an eyebrow, following Bobby's flight trail. "Well, that's one way to hide the weight." She surmised. Scott turned his head towards her and Wanda held up her hands. "I had nothing to do with it. The girl you're really looking for is Emma—she orchestrated the whole thing."

Scott groaned. Wanda went in to help him get up, but he held up his hand before she bent over to touch him. "Don't…touch…my pants."

Wanda glanced down automatically and reeled back. Ughh! This guy really is disgusting.

"No offense…sir…I'm just…gunna go see if Bobby's okay." Without waiting for a reply, Wanda took off to the side of the second injured mutant. She winced as she came upon him and knelt next to him.

"Hey." Wanda started, reaching for his shoulder gently. "Are you okay?"

"Am I okay?" Bobby coughed loudly into his fist before turning his face back up to her. "I just got shot fifteen feet across a forest by a high intensity laser beam for something that was entirely not my fault!" Bobby swallowed thickly, rising to his knees as Wanda hesitated with her hand, obviously detecting his anger. Bobby's face suddenly softened then. "And yet I find myself sitting across a gorgeous girl who came to my side immediately after when I needed a friendly face." Bobby shrugged. "It could be worse." He held out his hands wide, bare chest exposed as a bruise already started to form over his stomach.

Wanda wrapped her arms around him and squeezed him gently. "This doesn't mean I like you." She warned.

Bobby hugged her back, smiling. "I still don't like you, either."

Maybe Jubilee's right. Wanda thought ironically. Maybe some of the nice stuff is good.


Emma was comfortable. Snuggled up in the covers tightly, lying in the comfortable arms of Tabitha, she smiled softly to herself. Yes, this felt wonderful.

The feeling lasted for less than a second.

Emma's eyes shot open.

Tabitha's arm was lazily draped over her chest as her other free hand twiddles with her hair. One leg was shoved in-between Emma's and uncomfortably close to her sex while Tabitha played footsie with her with the other one. Emma could feel Tabitha pressed up against her back, spooning with her. Emma's own hand was cuffed to the bedpost above her head. Emma froze as she tried to remember the events of the night before and came up with a blank. Oh my GOD!

Tabitha noticed her stiffening and smiled from behind her. "Hey, lover."

Emma screamed. It was the first time ever that she lost composure in front of someone else.

Tabitha was shushing her softly, turning her over to face her and lovingly stroking Emma's face. "Shhh." She hushed. "It's okay. It's okay." She smiled seductively once Emma had lost her voice and her mouth clamped shut. "I'm here for you, baby." Tabitha cooed, trailing a finger down the middle of Emma's chest.

Her scantily-bra-clad chest.

Emma leapt up in horror, the handcuff being the only thing that stopped her from flying straight through the ceiling as she backed up as far as she could into the corner of her bed, staring at Tabitha in wide eyed terror as she brought up a blanket in front of her to hide behind. "What-what happened?" What have I done?!

She already knew. She had no memories and the proof was right there in bed with her, but she wouldn't believe. She couldn't believe. I had sex with Tabitha?! Tabitha?! "Don't you remember?" Tabitha purred, grinning slyly as she crawled up to Emma in a stripper's outfit that Emma remembered all-too-clearly. Tabitha was dangerously close now, only inches away from Emma's face. "Or should I jog your memory?"

Without warning, Tabitha closed the distance between them and pulled Emma into her as she grabbed her by the back of the head and kissed her passionately. No! With all her strength, Emma pushed Tabitha back away from her and started breathing heavily. How—How could I?

"Oh, so you want to play hard to get?" Tabitha mewled. "We can do that."

"No!" Emma yanked on her hand fruitlessly. "Tabitha—get me out of here, now!"

"Oh, now, where's the fun in that?" Before Tabitha could follow up by disturbing her any further, Emma shoved her way into Tabitha's mind and made the girl create an explosive that popped the handcuff mechanism.

Releasing her hold on Tabitha, Emma jumped out of the bed—and slipped on ice as her feet went out from under her, slamming her down on her back.

Tabitha's head appeared over the side of the bed and she reached down a hand to touch Emma's hair again. "I just love this color on you, Emma." She murmured. "It's so befitting of the Ice Queen."

Emma froze again. Horrified, she slowly lifted her hand to her hair and brought a stand out in front of her face.

Emma lost composure in front of another person for the second time in her life.

Sliding frantically and trying to find her footing, Emma slid her way to the bathroom and braced herself against the counter before lifting herself up to stare at her reflection in the mirror.

A terrified expression framed by bright, almost neon blue hair greeted her. My beautiful goldilocks! I've turned into a cotton candy stick! Emma stared, jaw slack for over three minutes before she turned around and glanced over her shoulder to get a good look at the back of it. Her eyes caught on a mark on her shoulder. It was a tattoo.

A tattoo?! I've been stamped! It was a cute little heart with an arrow through it and Tabitha's name scrawled through the middle of it. This can't be happening!

And there was Tabitha again, standing in the doorway of the bathroom, eyeing her up like she was dessert. "Something wrong, love?" Tabitha asked curiously, positively grinning at Emma's expression. "You look pale."

"I—I--" This isn't real. It's not real. Wake up, wake up! Please!

This doesn't make any sense; I would never sleep with Tabitha! What happened to me? Someone set me up! I know it! This has to be a set up!

She's suspecting a set up Tabitha, careful!

Before Tabitha could slip back into the other room, Emma whirled around to face her. "You drugged me!" She accused. "You put something in my drink, you tramp!"

Tabitha gave Emma a short smile. "Emma, honey—" she stepped forward, closer to Emma with her hands outstretched. Emma squeaked and hopped away.

"Don't touch me, you vixen!"

Tabitha didn't quit. "I love it when you give me dirty little nicknames." She stepped forward again and Emma found herself cornered against her full length mirror. Tabitha's hands went to Emma's shoulders and she started thrusting her hips into Emma's, leaning into her enticingly and licking Emma's throat. "Ugh!" She groaned convincingly. "Come on, lover! Make me hot!"

"No!" Emma protested, bringing up her arms to push Tabitha away again. "Get back!" She pushed Tabitha back, but Tabitha kept her grip and brought Emma down with her. They landed on the ice together with Emma on top, but Tabitha quickly rolled with her and reversed their positions.

"Oh baby!" Tabitha's eyes were dilated again. "You're making me so hot right now!"

Emma shrieked again and quickly delved into Tabitha's mind again, forcing the girl off her and on her back. Slipping and falling on the ice, Emma made it to her feet again before backing to the door. She slid outside and slammed the bathroom door behind her, holding a hand over her heart and breathing heavily. I will find the one responsible for this atrocity! I am The White Queen! How dare she deign to share my bed! My bed! Emma suppressed a groan; afraid that might turn on her little mistress and set her off again. I have to get out of here!

At that exact moment, Kitty strolled through the door, looking down at something in her hands. "Emma, could I barrow your hair drye—" Kitty glanced up mid sentence and did a fantastic job at feigning surprise. "Thought you'd try a new look?" She asked, staring at Emma's hair.

"Kitty!" Emma shouted, grabbing up her blanket from her bed. "How many times do I have to tell you to kno—"

"Prin-cess!" Tabitha sang. "Ready or not, here I come!"

Kitty blinked. "Is that Tabitha?"

The door opened and Tabitha appeared in all her glory in a police woman's stripper outfit. She had a small baton in her hand and tapped it against her palm as she looked Emma up and down. "Is Kitty joining us?!" Tabitha asked excitedly. "Oh Emma, you've been a bad, bad girl!"

Kitty lifted an eyebrow and glanced between Emma and Tabitha. "Oh, the rest of the mansion is gunna love this!"

"No!" Emma yelped, dropping the blanket and reaching for Kitty desperately as Kitty disappeared out through the door. "You!" Emma turned to Tabitha murderously.

"Me!" Tabitha waggled her eyebrows suggestively.

Emma struck her down unconscious with a mental bolt. Tabitha collapsed onto the ice limply. Oh—oh—but—what do I do with her body now? Bad Emma! Too hasty! I…I have to get rid of her. I have to stop Kitty! God, she's going to tell everyone that I-that we… Emma felt faint. Where to put her? The closet? No! She can't touch my clothes, she's skankify them. And I don't want a nasty pervert Tabitha coming out of my closet. There's just too much irony in that. Oh god, how did this happen?! I need to get rid of her! Emma thought it ironic that an unconscious Tabitha was posing more problems than a lively one.

Emma glanced down at herself. First things first, I need to burn these undergarments and get changed. And I so loved my red lace…she lamented before grabbing some layers and going into the bathroom. I'll burn them in the shower. She decided, opening the shower door.

When she looked up, she froze. What the…? There was an ice statue of Jubilee in her shower as Jubilee posed like a runway diva. Scratched into Jubilee's chest was a heart. Is…is this Tabitha's?

The bedroom door handle rattled as the door was pushed in and opened. "Emm—Tabitha?" A familiar voice floated across the room. "Emma?"

"No!" Emma yelped, slamming the shower door shut and rushing to the bedroom. "It's not what it looks like!"

Wanda glanced up at Emma and took a double take. "Emma? What did you do to your hair?" Was that a part of the plan? Wanda wondered. "And…uh huh. I'm just gunna leave you two…"

"No!" Emma protested. "Wanda, you have to help me!" Emma raced over to the door and pressed herself up against it, slamming it shut. "I have to get rid of her!"

"No offense Em, I'm not into the kinky stuff." She nodded towards Tabitha's outfit, then towards Emma. "I would burn those clothes if I were you. Do you know where she's been?"

"I don't know what to do with her!" Emma cried out desperately. Then she got a look in her eyes, a look that Wanda was all too familiar with.

"Oh no you don't." Wanda snapped, clicking her fingers. Emma tripped on the ice and fell down as Wanda maneuvered behind her and slipped out the door.

"No! Wait!" Emma called, but it was too late, Wanda had already disappeared.

Emma held her hands up to her head in exasperation. Now I have to remove three people's memory!


Emma glanced down the hallway both ways before fully opening her door and dragging Tabitha out. Quick, quick, quick! She mentally urged herself, heaving with effort as she dragged Tabitha from under her arms. Just gotta get to the hallway closet! It's not far! You can do it! Nothing fazes you, you're Emma Frost! And Tabitha was feeling heavy as hell. Am I just this weak, or is Tabitha a heifer? …Who am I joking? Tabitha's the heifer.

"What're you doing, Queenie?" A gruff voice demanded.

I've been discovered! Emma turned around—to come face to face with Pyro. "I—" she watched Logan glance between Emma then Tabitha and lift an eyebrow.

"Late night?" John asked, amused.

Emma gave a weak, unconvincing chuckle. "Ehehe…" Screw this! You are Emma Frost! Emma quickly shocked John with a mental bolt. John's eyes rolled up and he collapsed in the hallway. Oh! I should have just made him take Tabitha! Emma realized, glancing at both unconscious bodies. I can't pull her the rest of the way. I'm too visible. Grunting, she pulled Tabitha's body back the short distance to her room before throwing the door open and shoving her in. She'll wake up later and leave…she hoped. Emma turned back did the same with John, taking slightly longer to accomplish the task, but getting it done nonetheless.

Emma began making her way down to the kitchen. She needed something to eat while Tabitha and Pyro both woke up and got out of her room.

Jubilee was already in the kitchen by the time Emma got there. She glanced up from her bowl and smiled softly. "Hey lesbatron. I heard you had a thing going with Tabitha. Ironic, isn't it?" Emma turned on her, eyes flaring.

"Why, you—"

"Brrrr. It sure is cold in here."

"Dat's 'cause Emma's in da room." Remy squeezed Rogue's hand as they both entered the kitchen.

"Ah don' know, Rems, with that florescent blue haira' hers, she looks jus' lihke a popsicle."

"Guess we gunna need t' break de news t' Bobby, heh? Emma stole his nick."

Emma turned to the newcomers with fire in her eyes. Rogue has reason to be angry with me—and she doesn't seem surprised at my hair, did she?

Rogue smiled. "Cahn Ah take a look at ya new tattoo, Em?"

"It was you!" Emma raged, stepping forward. "I'll kill you, Rogue!" Her fist was already raised.

"Emma!" A sharp, distinct voice cut through Emma's tirade. It was unmistakable who it belonged to. Emma froze at the sound.

Scott Summers walked in from the back kitchen door looking livid. He had showered and changed since Wanda found him in the woods that morning, but it had done nothing to cool his temper over Emma's orchestrated 'incident'. Scott grabbed the back of her shirt and yanked her back, away from Rogue.

Rogue's eyes widened at the sight of Scott and she ducked down behind Remy.

But Scott wasn't looking at anyone but Emma. "You and I are going to be spending some quality time together." Scott hissed, his bruised jaw clenched, his expression murderous. Emma was glad she couldn't see his eyes for once. Without saying any more, Scott dragged Emma out of the kitchen as she gazed back at the occupants in horror. No one stepped in to help her.


"You know, Bobby looks exhausted."

Wanda glanced over her shoulder on the sofa where Bobby was slouched next to her. "Betsy." She turned back to Bobby.

"I—uh, just finished a jog." Bobby stuttered.

Wanda rolled her eyes. "She's a telepath, Bobby. She knows we had sex."

"Well, now I do." Betsy smiled. "That's cute, you two, very cute."

"Oh for heaven's sakes, are you gunna give me grief about sex too? It's just sex!"

Bobby glanced between Wanda and Betsy. "Wait a minute. You don't…you know, care? That Betsy knows, I mean."

"Stop trying to make my actions look generous." Wanda snapped. "I won't sleep with you tonight."

Bobby held up his hands. "I just thought-I mean…" He was smiling again now. "You don't mind that people know that we have sex!"

"Bobby." Wanda warned.

Bobby jumped up from his position and threw himself at Wanda, hugging her tightly. "You must like me just a little bit then! You always just come back to me when you could sleep with anyone else in the mansion!" Bobby beamed. "You do have a heart!"

Wanda groaned. "Don't go telling people that."

"Don't be so stubborn." Bobby sat back down and grabbed up her hand in his.

Wanda quickly snatched her hand back. "One step at a time!"

Betsy's eyes twinkled.


Pyro woke to find himself in a heap atop of cold, melting ice. He blinked a few times to orient himself before glancing up and seeing Tabitha hovering over him, watching him. Pyro rubbed his eyes. "Tabitha?"

"Emma knocked us out." Tabitha explained. "You alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." I never really mind waking up next to a beautiful stripper. He studied her outfit, looking her up and down. "Nice outfit."

"You like it?" Tabitha grinned slyly. "Interested in what's under it?"

Is she serious?! Hell yeah! "That depends. You like big packages?"

"Ooh, I do like a man who's witty with his words." Tabitha glanced over to Emma's bed and back.

Pyro grinned. "Race you there."


8 Hours Later

Remy stood over Scott with his arms cross against his chest as the young man scribbled on a piece of paper on his desk. "Y' are not permitted t' speak t' her o' ever touch her again. For dat sake, y' not even allowed t' look at her! Avoid bein' in de same room as her! Y' not even allowed t' t'ink o' her! She will never get in trouble from y', no matter what she does. She is t' get an automatic A in all de classes y' teach her—an' write dat down fo' me too, while y' at it."

Scott opened his mouth, perhaps to protest or speak his mind, but Remy silenced him with a wave of his hand. "Remy did not give y' permission to speak." Remy snapped. "Dese rules are law-y' break any o' dem an' Remy will personally see t' it dat Logan dices y' ass—an' homme, y' won' live t'rough it a second time, Remy promise y' dat. Now, get back t' writing." Remy ordered.

Scott was pale as Remy continued the list. "Now, y' will get 'er anyt'ing she wants, anytime she wants it. Y' will be makin' de tampon runs fo' de rest o' Rogue's duration wit' de X-men. Y' will do whatever, whenever she requires anyt'ing. Dese rules are viable t' change at any time too, so y' will behave y'self. Y' got me, homme? Y' are slave t' dis list."


Rogue glanced at Logan warily. "Where did ya say Remy went?"

Logan grinned wolfishly. "Don't worry 'bout it kid, it's all being taken care of."

Ut oh. Rogue knew that look. "Logan, what did you do?"

Logan's smile grew. "Come on, kid. Let's watch the fireworks."


Jean stormed through the front door just as Logan appeared with Rogue in the lobby. "Where is he?!"

Logan pointed. Jean took off and Logan tugged on Rogue's hand.

Rogue looked at him incredulously. "You son of a bitch, Logan." Logan laughed and tugged on her hand, happy to see that, once more, Rogue was smiling. Ah, home sweet home. You just never can get enough of this place.