A little TLU dribble. This couple makes me squee, so I did this. It's cute.

The Last Unicorn (c) to Peter S. Beagle

Molly woke up one morning on the ground, like always. She was sore, like always. She was tired, like always. And she was cold, like always. The only thing different was the fact she wasn't in her own bedroll, she was in Schmendrick's with him. It took her a minute to realize why she was in his bedroll instead of hers, but once she did remember, she smiled. Molly hadn't done that in a while, and she was glad it was with someone like Schmendrick, instead of Captian Cully. She snuggled up to him and kissed him on his forehead, "I love you, you bumbling magician." And she fell back to sleep.