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Blue smiled. Her espionage was working well- she knew that Hairstreak was a shady Fairy of the Dark, since she first saw him, if you pardon the pun. And, now they were relatives.

Crazy old bat.

Either way, she parted her racing thoughts with, she needed a bath.

"Anna?" She called to the girl as she strode past.

Anna stopped and whirled, her black hair spinning "Yes, Serenity?"

"Can you draw me a bath?" She asked, her weary smile brightening at the thought of a soothing, relaxing, warm bath. Blue all but melted.

"In the usual place?" She paused for Blue to nod, then nodded herself, "Yes Serenity."


Ugh. That was all Pyrgus had to say. Ugh. He comes to visit his dear sister- the only relative he's fond of- and all he gets is "Her Serenity is busy. Do you wish to see her quarters?"


He would visit his sister if he damn well liked. Well, she had a say . . . But still! No one but Blue would say he couldn't see Blue!

So, he was led to her room and sneaked out. So what? He was Emperor-to-be, he should be able to move around his own bloody castle!

As you can see, Pyrgus both missed Blue, and didn't really like "no". Except from Blue. From Blue, most things were alright.

So, while sneaking around the castle like a spying ragamuffin, dressed like a spying ragamuffin, Pyrgus happened to notice that there weren't many people. It wasn't a popular wing of the castle, but there should still be people walking about. Then he realized.

Then he walked into a pillar.


THUD. Thud.

Thud? Blue thought, rose in her bath, until it was waist deep (or she was standing- she was very short for 13).

"Who is there?" She called out, her mean streak showing.

"Me," said a voice from behind a column.

It was male. It was familiar. She knew the voice, it made her feel safe and her toes tingle, but who was it?

"Show yourself." She commanded, her eyes challenging the pillar. Commanding it, should he be a coward, to move itself.

Pyrgus stepped from behind the pillar, and his eyes widened. "M-Me, Blue."

Blue was to shocked to cover herself up, or to sink.

"Hello. What brings you here?" She asked, finding her voice.

"To the castle, or where you're bathing, and giving me quite the show?" Pyrgus, ever the wise ass, asked.

Blue looked down, surprised to find herself shirtless, then sunk down, splashing the water around her. "The castle, Pyrgus." She glared.

Pyrgus laughed. "To see you. Mission accomplished; ten fold."

She splashed him, and managed to get his boots speckled a shade darker.

"Ooh, I'm afraid!" He quipped.

"You should be. Don't forget it," She said, sending him a glare of death.

"I won't. I'll leave you to dress, now, Blue," he said, walking out.

Yet, Pyrgus never said what, exactly, he wouldn't be forgetting.

Blue noticed, and was wondering. What did he mean? Why was she blushing?

"Come out now, Serenity. We must get you ready for that boy," A girl who's name Blue never bothered learning giggled.

"You mean my brother?" She asked, appalled, but actually wanted to look nice for him.

"Oh," muttered a few girls, disappointed.


A few months later, Holly Blue couldn't help wondering how she fell for all boys who walked in on her in while she was bathing.