Burst Angels

Summary: All those who have crossed her path knows her as the Wings of The Devil, her name Jo, her mission, well depends on whose paying. Jo is the Underworld Legend, fearless, sharp and completely devoted to her mission, even if that mission ends up placing her in hell with none other than miss preppy Meg. JoXMeg&SeiXAmy

Warning: Lesbian fanfic...

Chapter 1: Last Order

The day was none in anyway different, the city was over-runned by crooks of all, the sky blurred out by smoke and murk, and the only noise for miles around was death.

The scent of blood filled the air like an elixir and I drank that sweet tender scent in like a drunk.

This is my world. My life. And I loved every bit of it.

The death, the rundown buildings, crappy motel rooms, the crime filled streets...the criminal neighbors. I loved it all.

And it was just perfect.

So why the hell was I here in some backwards suburb, sitting in some billion dollar's worth living room, across from some corporate CEO, with a mug of tea at hand.


Money-for one.

Power-for seconds.

and Money for third and fourth.

and last but not least money.

I had enough power, but one can never have enough money.

"So miss...Wings of the Devil...um do you perhaps have another name I can use?" I grinned, leaning backwards on the sofa and sending my feet up on the table to make myself more comfortable.

"Wings of the Devil, that's all you need to know." He nodded, taking a long hard look at my feet on his coffee table-which I can assume worths more than his soul or mines.

"Okay, as you already know I am a very powerful man and as such I have many...many enemies. Many of whom would not find it beneath them to kill a young innocent woman...I dearly..." I held up a hand, went into my pockets and took out a cigaret, he lid it up and I took a huge swoop, let it go through my soul, and slowly released it again.

"Cut to the chase old man. All I need to know is the target and the assignment. Nothing more nothing less." He let out a slow chuckle before nodding his head again. The man took stood up, his expensive suite giving him a rather elegant and classical look.

"I want you to protect my daughter, Megumi, from all and any threats. Corporate rivals, assassins, kidnappers, thieves, poisoning; I need you to be her body guard, plain and simple." I took another wig and let it out as he finished speaking. I took the cigaret out of my mouth and turned it off on the soles of my feet.

"Protect a little prissy drama queen from the subs, easy enough. Your enemies are nerds with too much power drinks in their systems. Just remember that I am not a maid, nor am I a friend or a nanny. I keep death away, I don't bring smiles."

"That's fine, I don't expect you to do anything but keep my daughter alive. Any harm comes to her, and its more than money you will be loosing little girl." I glared at him, angry at his meager threat.

My 9mm Beretta M2F, and pointed it straight at his skull. I released the lock, watched his face.

"Do not threaten me old man. I don't do well to being threatened, besides, I do not fail when the price is this good." I got up and took his hand, shacked it, before turning away to head for their expensive oak door.

I knew the money would be waiting for me when I get back to my rundown apartment in the Bronx.

I got on my yamaha street bike and speed out of their huge lawn.

The ride out of the subs was unusual for me.

Seeing those nice, huge homes...no mansions, with their huge flat lawns-that just happened to come with a swimming pool, golf court, tent houses, barn, and whatever else they could think of-just made me miss the closer, humane confines of my hood.

The scene slowly but eventually began to change back into my old recognizable home towns.

The practically tipped over brick houses, the hookers on the street corners, and the crime bosses off in their black sedans doing their businesses.

I parked my baby in front of our extremely small apartment building, and went in.

I took the stairs up to the fifth floor, paying no mind to the familiar sound of arguments, breaking class, and sex.

I barely got to the door, when Amy opened it, nearly rushing me down.

"Move Jo, Electric Bod, just got their newest shipment of old age tech...I'll see you...whenever." She sprang back to her feet and rushed away from me, nearly springing down the stairs.

She hopped on the raIling and slid her way down.

I will not be seeing Amy for the next week, once she leaves off on her little hight tech trips, she's gone for a while.

I never know what Amy does on her little gatherings.

All I do know is that she comes back excited, with so much technical junk, and of course more loans that she cares to admit.

But all was good, because I have the place all to myself.

Which would of course make this job so much easier. I will not have to deal with Amy's drama and some preppy school girl all in one.

I went to the kitchen, trying to crap around for some descent meals-Meg and her sweets and cakes, would clog my innards in no time- I found some left-over pizza and a beer.

I sat on the sofa ate, and laid back for some shut eye.

The day did not matter much to me. I had my job laid down, now life would revolve around that job; I would have to live, eat and breath my job, my assignment. Megumi.

I almost wondered what type of woman she was.

Was she sophisticated, like her father.

Preppy like all the women of her class.

Smart, cunning, business oriented.

Dumb, foolish, and ignorant.

What was she. And how will I prevent myself from doing the very thing I was asked to prevent? How can I keep myself from killing my charge.

I woke up to the sound of rapping...on my front door.

I lived in the worst parts of the Bronx, with more enemies than The Godfather, so checking my gun to see if it had any heat packed, and that it was unlocked, seemed like the wise thing to do.

Pointing a loaded gun straight at the cranium of my charge however was not.

A woman in business casual stood outside of my door. Her high heeled foot impatiently rapping on the ground as she folded her arms and frowned at me.

"I thought you were suppose to protect me, and do whatever you need to make sure that I am safe. Is that not what my father paid you millions for?" A woman with long red hair in a pair of shorts and really short stripped sleeveless dress that fell over the shorts. She also had really hight merrie pumps.


My first ever non Sailor Moon or Card Captor Sakura related story...