Burst Angels

Summary: All those who have crossed her path knows her as the Wings of The Devil, her name Jo, her mission, well depends on whose paying. Jo is the Underworld Legend, fearless, sharp and completely devoted to her mission, even if that mission ends up placing her in hell with none other than miss preppy Meg. JoXMeg&SeiXAmy

Chapter 3: Plane Conversation

"Why didn't you tell me?" She asked her voice a mere whisper as the limo drove down the partially empty street.

"You didn't ask. So I didn't tell. Is that a problem?" She shook her head rapidly.

"No. No problem at all. Just might have booked different bedrooms for us." I chuckled unable to restrain myself at her foolishness.

"What makes you think I am attracted to you?" That stopped her for a moment. She turned to stare at me before returning her fixed gaze to the streets outside.

"I was just being funny."

"So was I. You are very attractive." I saw her face turn a light shade of pink. The smile on my face vanished.

"Don't do that."

"Do what?" She asked turning to look at me.

"Don't go blushing like that. I am not in the mood to be someone's experimental game, especially not a rich pampered uptown girl's experiment. I'm here to work for you, not to give you a tour of the Lesbian scene." She turned her gaze at me, furry turning her blue eyes into a turmoiled sea of rage.

She did not say anything. Not that she had to with her eyes boring wholes into me. I did not mind. The last thing I wanted was to get involved with a fragile princess whose just in it for the wild trill.

Besides I was already in a relationship. Though it was a shaky one at the moment. Actually its been shaky since its beginning. And that just how I like my relationships. Easy to slide in when I want to and easy to slip out when I need to.

"Yes well I wasn't asking you to. I can do fine on my own thank you. But now that you mentioned it how does it work with you, being in a relationship and having this job." I stared at her, and sighed. Here we go again, trying to have what resembles a normal conversation.

"Not bad considering most of my partners are either into the same line of work or something far worst." Before I could restrain myself I began telling her everything about my past relationships including my relationship with Maria, she was someone I never discussed with another and here I was spelling my guts to this girl.

"Really well that's nothing like my past relationship. My boyfriend slash fiance broke up with me right after our engagement to be with my ex-girlfriend. They both decided to go straight without telling me. Can you imagine." She pulled the champagne glasses out and poured some for us, I refused my glass but toasted anyways when she asked that we toast to crappy relationships.

By the time the plane landed, Meg could barely walk.

I would completely leave her to die if she was drunk. It was not in my job description to babysit anyone I was here to protect a fully operational human being, not a half dead one.

The driver came to pick us up as soon as the plane landed, so I was grateful for that. At least someone was doing their job right.

As soon as I slid into the car my phone went off, I picked it up.


"Jo. God am I glad I got you in time. I intercepted a call from the Organization, they are sending a driver over to intercept you guys at the airport. Your driver is suppose to be a short balding man, and from what I deduce he is dead by now or on his way." I stared at the rear view mirror. Our current driver had a head full of hair and was young looking. Far too young, in his late twenties and built like a war machine.

Just great.

I was stuck in a limo with a possible assassin and a drunk charge at hand.

Perfect, just the way to get myself killed. And if I killed the driver now, we might get in an accident and all of us will die.

But if I didn't and he manages to get us to the location, then we might die anyways.

"Do you mind stopping at a local restaurant, I need to get her something to eat before we arrive at her home." He stared back at us through the rearview window and our eyes met.

Killers knew each other.

He recognized the look and intend in my eyes as soon as I did the one in his.

The game was on, it was kill or be killed.

Whichever of us could get to the other first.

The car came to a stop at a red light and my bullet hit him straight through the eye. He would not recover from that.

But now I didn't have a driver. I opened the backseat and dragged Meg out with me.

We made it to the sidewalk before the car went up in flames and its pieces scattered all around the road.

"Just who the hell did your family piss off." She was unconscious so she would not answer, but still, to have someone go to such extremes on a first try.

I managed to haul us a taxi. I did not know the location, but we needed a place to rest and regain our self control, a motel would do for the day.

"A room for the night." The old man at the front desk took the money I handed him and handed me some keys. I dragged Meg up with me as I trailed behind him.

Our room was a dingy little shit hole that was barely kept together at all. The wallpaper was falling off and the bed looked as if it had been in use during World war I. Definitely not going to be safe to place her there, I pulled the window drapes off, they weren't clean either, but I was willing to bet on them than I was on the bed covers. I laid her down on the window draping.

Then got on the phone. I needed some information.

"Amy, yeah, can you find out where she was headed and who placed the hit on her." I heard the clicking of Amy's computer and another background noise. It sounded like someone laughing.

"Yeah, okay you are headed to her condo right in Delvix Road, its one of those uptown places, good quite neighborhood by day, party joint by night. I'll get back to you on the whose trying to kill her part in a while." I thanked her and listened as she shooed someone away.

"Is that Sei?" Meg sighed into the phone.


"she's back soon, wasn't she needed at Bai Lan for some clan meeting." Meg began to toss around in bed, probably missing her soft feathered bed right now.

Ow well, if she hadn't gotten herself drunk in the plate then none of this would have happened. She would have recognized the driver as the wrong one from the get-go I would have taken care of the situation at the airport and gotten us a taxi that would have driven us directly to her house.

But no, instead she chooses to get waisted.

I took the only chair in the room and dragged it to the window, leaned back and tried think of what to do while I wait for my charge to get up.

I could head to her place with her, scope out the area to make sure that there was no treat there waiting for us.

But Amy would have alerted me if there was anything amiss. Even if she was currently distracted by Sei.

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