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That I dug my key into the side of his pretty little souped up 4 wheel drive
carved my name into his leather seats...
I took a Louisville slugger to both headlights,
slashed a hole in all 4 tires...

Sweet lord make it stop.

I moved my hand along my nightstand, desperately trying to find my cell phone and make the music stop. Rosalie had programmed the ringtone a few days ago and ever since I had been having trouble figuring out how to change it. New fucking phone; well new to me. It's not like I could currently afford some fancy piece of shit iPhone or anything like that. "I'm up," I mumbled into the small hand me down phone as I heard knocking on my front door.

"Chief Daddy just left, so come unlock the door and then get into the damned shower," she yelled at me clear as day. I could hear her outside my window, even without the cell phone in my hand. I stood up reluctantly and looked out the window to see her and Alice pacing along my porch in their pajamas with bags of stuff, which I assumed was clothes and makeup.

"The spare key is inside the damned mailbox Rosalie. Let yourself in and I'm going to get in the shower," I replied in frustration as I closed the cell phone and tossed it onto my bed. I dragged my ass into the bathroom and glanced at myself in the mirror. God I looked like shit. Rosalie and Alice are going to yell at me for not getting enough sleep, but I could handle that. What I didn't think I would be able to handle the first day of senior year at Forks High.

As I stepped into the shower, I couldn't help but recall the past few years with Alice and Rosalie. We had been best friends since pre-school and had weathered some pretty bad storms together, usually because of me. However, during the summer, we found ourselves finally growing into our gawky looks and realized that we were growing up. Alice got the braces off, Rosalie grew boobs (well, bigger boobs) and I got curvy, or as Alice would remind me, I now had an hourglass figure. We had made a pact during the summer to go back to school in the fall, shedding our former images and oozing confidence and sex appeal, and this is why they were outside my house at six o'clock in the morning. Our parents would no doubt murder each of us if they saw what we had planned to wear to school.

"Get out of the shower Bella," called Alice as she pounded on the door and I reluctantly stepped into my bedroom dressed in my bra, panties and an oversized sweatshirt of Charlie's. Charlie is my dad and I love him with all my heart, even if he does tend to get a little overprotective of me.

Ever since Renee deserted us more than eight years ago, it's been just the two of us. Charlie and Bella…. Bella and Charlie. I could say I missed my mother, but I would be lying. In my opinion, the way she left us was simply heinous and she rarely came into my thoughts these days, I had more important things to worry about than a woman who couldn't handle a little rough patch in our lives. We had gone through our fair share of ups and downs in our years together, but Charlie was my rock. Of course Charlie still treated me like an eight year old, which was why I was glad he worked the early shift for the Forks Police Department and was never home in the morning.

Alice and Rosalie were excited to reap the benefits of his early mornings by sneaking over and getting ready to blow away the male population at Forks High, and possible some of the females. The verdict was still out about the sexual preference of Tanya Denali and most of the school liked to speculate and gossip about her. Although, I think it was Rosalie who spread the initial rumor that she was a 'carpet muncher' after her and Rose got into a spat during gym one day about knee high socks. It was in that instance that I was glad Rosalie was my best friend and not my worst enemy.

"I'm here beauty nazi, do your worst," I mumbled to Alice as she grabbed the blow dryer and immediately set to work on my hair. I glanced over at Rosalie, who was putting her makeup on using the small mirror on my dresser, as carefully as possible. We couldn't afford any mistakes today; this had been Alice's mantra all week.

"So, did you see Jasper Whitlock got a new truck?" asked Alice curiously as Rosalie and I both laughed. Alice had been crushing on Jasper ever since the fourth grade when he moved to town from Dallas, Texas. He used to be the tall lanky kid with the southern accent that everyone got along with until he hit high school. Puberty had been excellent to Jasper and he soon found he had quite a way with the girls. He was charming and personable, however, joining the football team as their kicker didn't hurt either. "Well, it's new to him. I think it's an old Chevy Silverado or something, but he looks so cute driving it."

"Stop dreaming of his damned truck. Remember the plan Alice, by the end of the day, you need to have talked to him or Bella here gets to dress you for the rest of the week," giggled Rosalie as I heard Alice groan behind me. Alice was our fashionista in our threesome and the mere thought of me dressing her for the week was clearly a threat in her eyes. Rosalie was the makeup artist and the brawn; she could not only put on mascara perfectly but also complete an oil change at the same time. I however, was the brains of the operation. I was the one who forced good taste in books and music on them. I also reminded them to do their homework and was probably responsible for the fact that we all had near perfect 4.0 grade averages.

"I know… talk to Jasper or wear sweat pants. I remember Rosalie," Alice replied angrily as I simply grinned and let her continue to curl my hair. I already knew what clothes I would force Alice to wear, a holey flannel shirt of Charlie's with a pair of oversized sweatpants that she would be forced to roll up at the waist because they were two sizes too big. "You do remember your task, right Rosie?"

"Like I could forget… make Emmett McCarty drool. I doubt that will be an issue with these babies," she said with a loud boisterous laugh as she turned around and pointed to her breasts which were now at least a 36D. Emmett, the captain of the football team, was always known to be a breast man, which Rosalie was now planning to use to her advantage. I knew Emmett lusted after Rosalie, because on many occasions last year he had cornered me to ask about her, specifically some of her likes and dislikes. However, he never once made a move on her, which still baffled me to this day, especially since he was such a confident and outgoing guy who everyone either looked up to or envied.

I, however, had the distinct displeasure of lusting after one of the most unattainable guys in all of Forks High School, Edward Cullen. He was a jock, a brainiac and a player, which was the worst possible combination. A smart, athletic guy who could have and always did get any girl he wanted. There was no way he would even consider dating me even with all the changes over the summer. "You don't need to remind me of my goal… talk to Edward before the end of the week," I said with a reluctant sigh.

When it came to the opposite sex, I lacked any and all confidence. I could quote Chaucer with the best of them or sing all the lyrics to every CCR song known to man (a side effect of living with Charlie Swan), but I couldn't talk to boys. Last year when I was asked out on a date by Sam Vernon, I giggled incessantly and then ran to the bathroom to throw up. I never said yes and he never asked again, not that I blamed him. It was small things like this that reinforced why we were doing this plan in the first place.

"Don't sound so fucking emo Bella. You guys are both in advanced classes, I am sure you will run into each other at some point. Just drop your pencil and squeeze your tits together or flash him the top of your thong," explained Rosalie as Alice and I both laughed easily at her.

"That's easy for you Rosalie, you have tits to flaunt," I added as she groaned at me in frustration. I smacked myself mentally, reminding myself quickly that I was supposed to be confident, and I was confident … confident this plan would fail.

"Shut up Bella. You have decent breasts. Much better than Jessica fucking Stanley. I heard her dad bought her a boob job for her eighteenth birthday but the Doctor was a bit shifty and now they look lopsided. I have so many potential nicknames for the little hussy, I can barely wait for her to piss me off this year," stated Rosalie firmly as she started sorting through the bags of clothing that Alice had brought with her.

Rosalie pulled out a red and black halter top and adjusted the fit until it showed more of her cleavage before finally settling on a pair of jean shorts that were so tight and short they looked like they were painted on. "If Forks High institutes a dress code it will be because of that outfit Rosalie," laughed Alice as Rosalie did a quick turn in front of my full length mirror and checked out her ass for a moment.

Alice then proceeded to grab a black and white striped sleeveless shirt which she threw towards me. "Put this on," she muttered without even looking in my direction. I slipped it over my head as Rosalie came up behind me and tied the excess fabric in a knot on the lower part of my back. The shirt was now so tight on me; I figured everyone would be able to see my rib cage. "Here's part two."

I caught the small jean skirt that Alice tossed at me and slipped it on before walking towards my closet to fetch my comfortable old black lace-up Vans that I planned to wear. "No way Bella. New girl, new shoes," chided Rosalie as I sat on the floor and acted like a protester for PETA, complete with a childish pout.

"The shoes stay. If I even consider trying a pair of heels like you girls, you do realize I will break my leg or something. How confident will I be with a fucking cast? Anyways, why do I have to be trendy… why can't I be quirky and sexy?" I countered as they both stopped and stared at each other for a moment, finally relenting as I jumped up and cheered excitedly.

"We agree on one condition," said Alice as I turned back to her ominously. "No Vans with a dress."

"Fine, I think I can manage that one," I said as I glanced over at Alice with envy as she pulled on a pair of jeans. She rolled the hem up to her calf and then tossed on a white vest, with nothing underneath. We were all going to the principal's office today, I could feel it.

Less than thirty minutes later, we all managed to be completely ready for school and even ate some breakfast. Sure it consisted of a Red Bull each and a handful of granola, but it was better than nothing. We stepped out onto the porch with our backpacks in our hands and I locked up, turning around and staring slightly slack jawed at Rosalie's new truck. "Sweet Baby Jesus… where did you get that beast?"

"It's fucking gorgeous isn't it? Grandpa Hale came back from his extended vacation *cough cough* sleeping with his mistress in Boca, and bought it for me as a gift for my eighteenth birthday last month," said Rosalie proudly as she slid her hand along the side of her new cherry red Ford 450 Super Duty Pickup Truck. The thing was huge and probably wouldn't fit into one of the parking spaces at Forks High, but she would definitely stand out.

"Shotgun," I called out as we all piled in to the truck, Alice getting the backseat for not being quick enough on the draw. She moped the entire time we rode to school, only perking up when she saw Jasper's Chevy in the parking lot. Rosalie turned up her anthem, 'I like it, I love it' by Tim McGraw as we pulled in to a parking spot, the windows down and her hair blowing slightly in the wind. Thank god it was sunny today; otherwise we would all be freezing our girly bits off.

"You girls ready?" she asked as she turned to face both Alice and I.

"Yup," declared Alice confidently as I simply nodded my head, reached for my backpack and Rosalie shut off the truck and whipped open the door. None of us were surprised to see the random assortment of Forks losers that had gathered around the truck and were practically drooling. Alice and I wandered over beside Rosalie and we all started to walk into the school, trying to ignore the stares and glares from the other students. The boys were staring and the girls were obviously glaring and wondering what the fuck had happened to us over the summer as Alice giggled beside me, apparently pleased with our transformation.

"Rosalie…"called out Emmett just as we reached the front door. We all turned around slowly and saw Jasper and Edward standing beside him, which was nothing unusual. I smiled casually, trying to play it cool and aloof and most likely failing miserably since my insides were screaming for Edward. Emmett left his friends and walked up to Rosalie, taking a piece of her hair in his hand before laying it back down on her shoulder, his hand oh so casually brushing against her breast. "You look really hot."

"I know. Now if you are done stating the obvious I have to get to math," she stated bitchily as he stared at her chest a little dumbfounded. "Emmett… my fucking face is up here."

"Oh, shit… sorry Rosalie. Do you have Math with O'Brien?" he asked nervously. Rosalie's mission was working brilliantly. She was playing it cool and Emmett was already drooling at her tits. Rosalie simply nodded her head and Emmett suddenly took her bag from her and offered to walk her to class.

"Shit, that was fast," laughed Alice as we watched them disappear from view into the building and down the hallway. "Let's get to Spanish before Senorita Marquez has our ass."

"Lead the way sugar."


Untouchable. That's what I call her. Well in my head I called her that, to anyone else I barely acknowledged her existence. To everyone else, she could just be like any other student at the school whose name I didn't know and face I didn't recognize, except she wasn't… she was perfect. Isabella Swan was the stunning only daughter of the Chief of Police and that fact alone is one of the many that has made her unattainable to me. She is the small town girl with the classic features like deep chocolate brown eyes and long dark hair, who would end up marrying a guy just like her father and having a bunch of kids, all the while staying in Forks. I was not that guy.

I, Edward Cullen, was the guy who enjoyed quick fucks from random girls and never once had a serious girlfriend in eighteen years. I never had girls in my bedroom, I never took anyone out on a date and on the rare occasion I needed to be seen somewhere, I was usually alone, looking for the next piece of ass. It's not that I was opposed to the entire concept of relationships, I was just opposed them for me. For now anyways. I had bigger fish to fry and that involved getting my ass out of this fucking hick town. The last thing I needed was to fall for some girl, stay behind in Forks to be with her and toss all my fucking dreams out the window.

Bella, however, was the long term romance kind of girl which was why, no matter how much I wanted her, I never even once talked to her. Sure, we had conversations through grade school, most likely about Jasper's penchant for eating paste, but the moment high school came along and I started to think very impure thoughts about her, she became untouchable to me.

My initial feelings for her started in grade four. Bella started the school year and I decided I was going to try to talk to her during recess one day. The day I got up the courage, she wasn't at school. In fact, she was gone for the rest of the school year and most likely left with her mom when her parents got divorced, at least that was the rumor going around school. She came back for the fifth grade, but my courage was gone and she didn't even talk to me anymore. She never left the side of her best friends, Rosalie and Alice.

I had done an admirable job of ignoring her virtually all summer. Our friends hung out in different circles, so that was one of the things that made the few months away from school slightly bearable. The worst moment by far of my summer was also the best, when I happened to see her sunbathing down at Lake Olympia with Rosalie and Alice. I was running late to meet Jasper, Emmett and some of the other guys from the football team to play a game of beach volleyball and when I pulled into the parking lot, I ended up with the worst possible parking spot. Thankfully for me though, I was also graced with the beautiful image of Bella wearing a very sad excuse for a bikini and turning over on her long lounger chair that she had brought with her. When she moved and adjusted herself, her top slipped and revealed more of her breast to me that I had ever considering seeing. Of course, then my eyes immediately fell between her legs and I noticed wetness, which was probably from swimming in the lake, but I didn't care. I ran back to my car, peeled out of the parking lot and found the most deserted spot I could and beat off like a madman, eventually arriving over an hour late to play volleyball. These images kept me very busy for the next few weeks and also kept my house out of water.

Now today, sitting here in my dilapidated old hand me down Volvo from my parents, I was dreading going into school and seeing her again. Perhaps we wouldn't have any classes together. Then again, with my luck we would have every fucking class together. I rested my head against the back of my seat and closed my eyes, trying to relax before the bell rang and I was forced to head to class.

"What the fuck?" I shouted loudly within the confines of my car as I heard hard knocking on my window and turned around to see Emmett outside with the gayest look on his face. The Volvo wasn't anything special, an ugly grey thing that barely passed emissions testing, but it was mine, it worked and the back seat was spacious, so I was happy. I turned off the car and stepped out slowly as I noticed Jasper on his way over to join us.

"Don't look so shocked Cullen. It's not like I caught you beating off or something," laughed Emmett as I groaned at him while accepting the standard good morning pat on the back from Jazz. Little did he know that if I had kept my thoughts on virginal Bella any longer, I'd probably be harder than a rock and envisioning myself banging her like a screen door in a hurricane.

"Fuck off Em," I replied angrily as I grabbed my backpack from the passenger seat of the car and locked it before walking towards the building with them. We were about to go inside when we were suddenly overwhelmed with Tim McGraw's voice singing loudly.

But I like it, I love it, I want some more of it,
I try so hard, I can't rise above it.
Don't know what it is bout that little gals lovin,
But I like it, I love it, I want some more of it.

"Sweet Jesus," Emmett commented as Jasper quickly followed up with "I like to think of Jesus as wearin' a tuxedo T-shirt, 'cause it says, like, 'I want to be formal, but I'm here to party too.' I like to party, so I like my Jesus to party."

"Shut up Jasper," I retorted as I looked over at Emmett who had completely ignored Jasper's Talladega Nights rant and was now staring stupidly at the big red truck that just pulled into the parking lot blaring Tim McGraw. I was about to let my jaw drop to the ground when I saw Bella jump down from the huge truck along with Alice and Rosalie, but I couldn't do that.

Untouchable, remember dickhead.

"Holy fuck… look at Rosalie Hale," said Emmett as he punched me in the shoulder and I looked towards the girls. Unfortunately for me I couldn't take my eyes off of Bella in her way too tight black and white striped shirt and jean skirt. "Okay boys, watch me work my magic."

"Rosalie… " yelled Emmett as the three girls were about to open the main door to the school. They all turned around slowly, moving perfectly in sync with one another as though they had practiced their seduction moves over the summer. While Emmett couldn't take his eyes off of Rosalie, I noticed Jasper's seemed to be glued to Alice's chest. It would be just my luck if these two dickheads would end up dating Bella's best friends and we'd be awkwardly put together in every fucking possible scenario. Bella was smiling easily and part of me really wanted to walk up to her and kiss her; that part was not my brain.

Emmett walked away from us and up towards Rosalie, and I couldn't help but notice the sly way he touched her hair and then felt up her tit. He wasn't as slick as he thought he was. I think everyone within a ten mile radius caught that freshmen move. "You look really hot."

"I know. Now if you are done stating the obvious I have to get to math," Rosalie said bitchily as Emmett blatantly stared at her tits. Everyone in the western hemisphere knew Emmett McCarty loved breasts. Some even speculated that this was the reason Jessica Stanley got a botched boob job over the summer, but none of it was proven, yet. "Emmett… my fucking face is up here."

"Oh, shit… sorry Rosalie. Do you have math with O'Brien?" Emmett asked nervously as he fidgeted with his fingers and she nodded her head. He grabbed her backpack from her and led her into the building and down the hallway.

"Holy fuck, one look at Rose and he's already fucking whipped. This is going to be a long year," groaned Jasper as we walked into the school, directly behind Alice and Bella who we could hear discussing going to their Spanish class. "What's your first class?"

I reached into my pocket and pulled out the small crumpled up ball of paper that held my schedule. I smoothed it out against a locker and stared at it for a moment. "I have Government with Francis. What about you?"

"Spanish with Marquez," he said with a wide shit eating grin. I watched with envy as he continued to walk down the hallway, his eyes glued to Alice's tiny ass as I turned on my heel and headed off to Government.

The day passed by pretty fucking slowly. By the time lunch came around, I had yet to have a single class with Bella, which I was very thankful for. I sat at my usual table, munching on some Sunchips with Jasper, Emmett and a few other guys from the football team when Rosalie, Alice and Bella all walked in, causing quiet a commotion. I felt a pang of jealousy as some of the guys who usually sat with the school sluts Lauren and Jessica suddenly got up from their seats and sat down with the girls. I couldn't help but think they were suddenly popular because of their new look, but they didn't seem to care. In fact, they all seemed to relish in it, even Bella.

"Earth to Edward," snapped Emmett as he waved his hand in front of his face and I looked at him, a little pissed for being caught staring.


"Coach Clapp has delayed our first practice until next Tuesday. Apparently he's just as pissed as we are that they started school a week early. I mean, what's the fucking point of starting school at the end of August only to give us next Monday off," he asked as I looked at him with a raised eye brow.

"Next Tuesday, that's fine.

"You boys are coming on Saturday right?" asked Tyler as all three of us looked at him oddly, unsure of what he was talking about.

"All day and night on Saturday, Lauren and Jessica are apparently hosting a beach party down at Lake Olympia. Rumor has it that Lauren's older brother is buying a ton of booze for the party and there will even be some beach volleyball. You will show up on time, right Cullen?" he asked with a laugh as I nodded my head and went back to staring at the girls.

"I should convince Rosalie to bring Alice and Bella," stated Emmett, no doubt envisioning her squeezing her now D sized tits into a bikini.

"Good idea, man," said Jasper as he slapped Emmett on the back and I simply laughed, knowing damn well he suddenly had the hots for tiny Alice Brandon. "What? Who wouldn't like to see those girls lying on towels in some skimpy ass bikinis."

"I know I would love to see Bella in something fucking hot. She certainly had an excellent summer," laughed Mike Newton, one of the offensive linemen on the team. The moment he spoke about Bella though, I had visions of ripping of his head, handing it to Jasper and letting him kick a fucking field goal. Dipshit.

I sat for the rest of the lunch hour with my eyes burning holes into the back of Bella's shirt while trying half-heartedly listen to my friends discuss both their plans for the party on Saturday and the upcoming football season. Lauren came up to me at one point to try and strike up conversation, asking if I was going to her party on Saturday but I ignored her and left the table early. I headed off to the first of my last two classes, Biology, which was an easy A in my opinion. I ended up sitting next to Jessica Stanley for the entire period as she blathered on about her party and how she hoped I would be able to come, preferably as her date. I briefly wondered if the best friends realized they were both trying to get me? Probably not.

"I don't do dates Jessica," I reminded her coolly as she nodded her head and started to pet my arm like I was a fucking terrier. "I had to tell Lauren the exact same thing earlier today."I pushed her hand from me and tried to focus on the class, reminding myself to try to make changes to my schedule at the end of the day, desperate to get out of her talons. When the bell rang, I was out of my chair like a flash and practically running to my last class of the day, health.

Emmett had suggested I sign up for it as one of my electives, stating it was an easy grade and a lot of naked pictures in the textbooks. My father of course was excited about me taking it because he hoped I would follow in his footsteps and become a doctor, and this was a college credit course. I didn't care though since I had no idea what I wanted to do when I graduated. I just needed a class to fill up my timetable and it was either this or home economics. I took my seat in the back corner and waited patiently for the class to start. When Mrs. Jameson walked in she started to hand out the textbooks, but only had enough for half of the class.

"It turns out some students have been opting to keep these textbooks at the end of the school year, so until we receive the new ones we have ordered, you are to share with the person directly to your right," she said sternly, clearly unimpressed that people like Emmett were swiping the books for their own personal pleasure. I smiled brightly though when I noticed I had an empty seat next to me, so I started to scan through the book she handed me until I heard the voice that would ruin my fucking day.

"Sorry I'm late Mrs. Jameson," said Bella gently as I lifted my head up and noticed the only empty seat was beside me.

"It's fine Bella. Go sit beside Edward and share his textbook," she said as she pointed beside me and Bella walked down the small aisle taking her seat. She nodded her head at me and I just thrust the book in her direction. I wasn't exactly feeling up to reading it anyways. "Today we will be discussing the sociocultural aspects of human sexuality, so turn to page twelve and starting reading." Shoot me.

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