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"You're mother called again," Bella advised as I walked in the door of our apartment after a particularly long day at school. She was standing in the kitchen putting some chicken into the oven with a small frilly pink apron around her waist that looked like it had come straight from a Good Housekeeping article in the 1940's. It had been a gift from Alice shortly after Bella and I had moved in together, as they joked that Bella was now the happy little house maker. Sadly, that was almost a year ago and Bella didn't seem overly happy on this particular night.

"The same shit?" I asked with a groan as I tossed my laptop bag gently on top of our kitchen table and Bella scowled at me.

"Can you take it off the table? We're going to have dinner soon."

"You just put it in the oven. Can you give me a few minutes to have a drink and then I'll do it?" I asked, slightly frustrated at her tone with me. I knew she had worked a long shift since she rolled out of bed before the crack of dawn, but it wasn't like I was sitting around twiddling my thumbs all damned day. I had been busting my ass at medical school all day long. I let out a deep breath and tried to calm down before both of us, mainly me, did or said something we would inevitably regret. I slowly made my way back to the dining room table and lifted my laptop bag off of it, bringing it into the living room to sit on the chair where I usually spent my evenings typing away on my research papers.

"Thanks babe," she said with a small smile as she then pulled some vegetables from the fridge and began to make a salad.

"So, what did my mother have to say?" I decided it was probably best if I didn't make a mountain out of a mole hill regarding the whole bag thing, so I chose to pretend it never happened to begin with.

"Yeah, the usual. She was all over me about a wedding date. I let her know we were waiting until Charlie and Sue finally got married before we did anything," Bella stated as she ripped apart some lettuce and tossed it into the salad spinner, yet another gift from Alice since she got three of them for her wedding. "She kept telling me that your Great Aunt Tessie would probably kick the bucket before we ever got married, and it was her dream to see us get married."

"Ah, Esme and her good ol' guilt trip," I said with a sigh as I got a bottle of water from the fridge and downed it rather quickly. "Last week she said it was my Uncle Thomas who was on his deathbed and begging for us to finally wed. I swear sometimes she thinks we don't talk to each other."

Bella and I had started to make wedding plans after my mother had put the announcement in the local Forks paper. However, shortly after Jasper and Alice's wedding a year ago, Sue had become ill. Charlie, being the outstanding man he was, stood by her through everything and when they discovered she had breast cancer, he was surprisingly eager to keep their wedding date the same. However, Sue was determined to beat the disease and wanted to walk down the aisle with Charlie cancer-free. They rescheduled everything and their new Christmas wedding was now seven months away as Sue was on the final leg of her chemotherapy treatments. She was extremely optimistic about everything and through the love and support of virtually everyone we knew, she was doing well. "However, since Charlie and Sue have set their date, don't you think it's about time we did ours?"

"I don't have time to stress about a wedding right now, Edward," Bella snapped at me as she stormed off towards the bedroom and I felt more confused than ever. What the hell had gotten into her? I quickly followed and found her curled up on her side on our bed, looking as though she was about to burst into tears.

"What's wrong?" I questioned as I climbed in behind her and wrapped my arms tightly around her torso. "If you don't want a big wedding or anything like that, you know we can just run off to Vegas and elope."

"It's not the wedding, Edward," she said stoically as she turned in my arms to face me and buried her face in the crook of my neck. "It's just… I've… I've hardly seen you this week." I heard Bella let out a small sob and I tightened my hold on her, keeping as close to her as possible. "I knew our schedules would be hard, between work and school, but I never knew it would be this difficult."

"Awww… come here," I said gently as I stroked her hair slowly and felt her breathing even out somewhat. "Listen, it won't always be this hard, but yeah… we will have our days. I know once I start interning at a hospital things will get even more hectic, but I love you and I will always love you. Nothing worth having ever comes easy baby."

I could feel Bella's head nodding slowly as I kissed the top of it and let out a small sigh. "I'm sorry I'm frustrated."

"I'm sorry I've had exams to prepare for and papers to finish. We need to schedule some you and me time," I replied seriously. "I don't care what the hell we do, even if we just lock ourselves in here for two whole days, we need to be together."

"That sounds like a good idea," she said simply as I felt her legs entwining with mine. "I didn't mean to snap at you. It was just a rough day at work and then you came home late and I just…"

"You just what baby?"

"I just miss the days where you were home already reading or napping, when I got off my shift, and we made love until we fell asleep, barely finding the time to eat. I feel like we are losing a part of us thanks to this career and school stuff."

"Bella…" I was about to reassure her when I felt her hands thread through my hair as she pulled my face down towards her eager lips. Not wanting to pass up such an opportunity, I reached my hands down and grabbed her ass, pulling her closer to my straining cock.

"I want you," she said bluntly as she captured my lower lip beneath her teeth and tugged gently. "Make me feel connected to you again, baby," she urged as I rolled her onto her back and we began frantically peeling our clothes off. We spent the next hour in our bedroom making love, until the timer went off for dinner.

Deciding to be impulsive, Bella implemented 'naked nights', which meant that we ate dinner buck naked and then enjoyed round two on the couch shortly thereafter, Bella riding me until she came screaming my name. It was perfect and she no longer felt like she was separated from me, which was important to both of us. I was looking forward to more naked nights.

It wasn't unusual for couples to feel the stress related to their busy lives, but I never wanted Bella to feel distant from me. I made it my goal to do something from her list once my semester was finished to make her feel happy and wanted again. As we lay in bed later that night, the rain falling hard against the window, I decided to broach the topic again, now that we were in a happier place than a few hours before.

"So… have you even thought about a potential wedding date?" I asked curiously as Bella curled into my side. "Just so you know, if we pick a date, I bet my mother will lay off of us for a few weeks." Bella was silent, but I knew she was thinking things through in her head, so I waited as I felt her fingers dancing slowly across my bare chest.

"When do you finish med school babe?"

"In three more years."

"Well shit, there goes that idea?"

"What idea?" I asked as I ran my fingers through her hair and let in a deep breath, smelling her scent which always seemed to surround her.

"I was thinking we would get married right after you graduated."

"Yeah, I don't think I can wait that long sweetheart," I admitted genuinely as Bella kissed just above my heart and wrapped her legs around mine.

"Me either."

"Next summer? What about June… like mid June once my semester is over? I think I start my clinical schedule in early July, so we could easily get married, honeymoon and then be back in time for me to start. What do you say future Mrs. Cullen?"

"I say… where's your blackberry so we can check out a calendar." I reached over to my nightstand and grabbed the phone, pulling up the calendar for the next year and deciding on June 12th for our wedding date. We called my mother, who was over the moon and promised to leave us alone about the topic for a few weeks since we had over a year until the wedding. Personally, I couldn't wait to get off the phone so I could make love to my soon to be wife, over and over again.


I never thought that on Christmas Eve I would be standing inside a small church on the outskirts of Forks wearing a red silk dress that matched Leah's exactly. I was holding a bouquet of snow white peonies with red ilex berry branches wrapped in green foliage and some thick twine that Charlie had at home for the longest time. I wasn't nervous, but my body was excited and happy.

As I looked around the church, I was shocked at how much Sue and Charlie managed to get done in such a short time. She finished her chemotherapy in late July and with the help of Leah, Esme and me, had managed to make all the arrangements for the wedding. Charlie came up behind me as I looked down the beautifully decorated aisle, a huge smile covering his face.

"Hey kiddo, you okay?" he asked as I leaned my head on his shoulder and let out a small breath. "I can't believe this will be you in six months." I felt my dad's arm wrap around my waist and squeeze me to his side. I had to admit, my dad certainly looked dapper in a suit and tie. It was rare to see him out of his uniform, so this was a major change for me.

"I can't believe it really. I mean… my dad is getting married today and in June I'll be getting married to Edward. A few years ago if you had told me I was going to marry Edward, I would have had you checked for an aneurysm. Then again, if you had told me you would marry Sue, I would have had the same reaction." I let out a small laugh as Edward came up beside us and hugged me from the other side. Even more of a shock to the system was that he was acting as the co-best man in the wedding, along with Seth. Sue & Charlie couldn't decide between Leah and me for the maid of honor position, so we both got it. Surprisingly, it was Charlie's bright idea to have Seth and Edward both stand up with him.

"What am I missing out on?"

"My daughter's disbelief that she is marrying you," said Charlie as I rolled my eyes and I punched him gently in his stomach.

"Again?" Edward asked as he looked down on me before kissing my temple. "I thought we went over this in the car on the way to Forks. You were made for me and I was made for you."

"Technically, that was just Jewel singing a song on the radio and you nodding your head in agreement. We didn't actually discuss anything. You just motioned with your hand to the radio."

"Technicality," Edward said with a huge grin and a shrug of his shoulders. "So when does this shindig begin anyways? Seth and I are hungry as hell. The entire menu isn't fish is it?" I looked around the small church and noticed several guests coming in, including Jacob and his new fiancée, Gianna. Sue had warned me in advance that he was coming because she was still close friends with Billy, who had managed to somewhat repair the strained relationship with my father. They certainly weren't the best of friends that they used to be, but as Charlie often said, something was better than nothing.

As I looked them up and down, I shuddered involuntarily. Even though I thought I was prepared to see him, the whole situation was exacerbated by the fact that his fiancée was pregnant, and looked like she was due any second now.

"Good Afternoon Charlie, Bella… Edward," Jacob said, emphasizing Edward's name with disdain. We both let out a small laugh and I couldn't help but notice Edward tighten his grip around my waist. I was actually surprised Jacob decided to come at all. "It's a beautiful day for a wedding."

"Yes it is, Jacob. It's exactly what Sue wants, so I'm happy." Charlie was still very well mannered around Jacob, although I knew for a fact he wouldn't mind the chance to go and rip his head off if he could.

"You look well Bella," Jake said as he eyed me up, focusing a little too long on my breasts, which Edward noticed.

"I'm fine," I replied stoically as I tried to avoid his gaze complete.

"We're both doing excellent Jake, thanks for asking," Edward chimed in, his teeth grinding together in frustration which I figured everyone could hear. We hadn't seen Jacob in almost two and a half years and it was a case of 'out of sight, out of mind.' However, now that Jacob was here with us for such a special occasion, I knew Edward was brimming with frustration. "You must be excited to become a father soon?"

"Well, it was a little bit of a surprise, but a welcome one," lied Jacob deftly as he draped his arm over Gianna's shoulder, not unlike he used to do to me once upon a time. I cringed because he was such a possessive asshole that I was certain if he hadn't knocked up Gianna, she wouldn't be with him. Especially considering all the details Seth had shared with us over the past few weeks about Jake's infidelity issues.

Gianna was a college freshman when Jacob met her the summer we broke up. She was young, impressionable and thought Jake hung the moon because he paid her so much attention. Of course, I found out from Seth a while later that Jake had cheated on her with flower shop girl again, and that they had broken up. Gianna was apparently glutton for punishment though because she ran into Jake at a party in April and now here they were, pregnant and clearly not in love with each other. I couldn't help but feel sorry for the child they were due to have.

"Well, good luck and all that stuff," Edward said casually as I heard him whisper 'you'll need it' under his breath. Thankfully, we were pulled from the awkward situation when Jacob, Charlie and Gianna started talking about some events that had happened in town recently, while Edward pulled me off to the side.

"I knew he was coming, but I really hoped he would have changed his mind," he explained as he pulled me against him and kissed my temple. Leah came out of the bridal suite and began walking over to me with a grin on her face.

"Yeah, I kind of may have wished that he would have moved out of the area by now, but I could care less really. I'm going to ignore his existence and revel in being with the love of my life," I said as I leaned up and kissed Edward again. His lips felt electric against mine and it reminded me how perfect we really were for each other. Just as I was about to kiss him again, Leah grabbed my forearm.

"Come on woman, Mom is almost ready. Edward, go get everyone seated, we're going to get this show on the road."

Thirty minutes later, Charlie and Sue said their heartfelt vows and enthusiastic 'I do's' to a church filled with their closest friends and family. Leah and I both broke out into tears along with Esme, who was sitting in the front row along with Carlisle and a few other close friends of Charlie's.

The reception was held back at my parents', wow that felt a little weird but awesome to say, house. Sue, Esme, Leah and I had decorated the entire main floor for Christmas, and they treated it more like an open house than a wedding reception. People came in, gave their well wishes and had some food. Charlie and Sue danced to their first song, 'The Good Stuff' by Kenny Chesney, and then after that the rest of the music was Christmas.

By the time the last wedding guest left, Edward and I wandered out onto the front porch for some fresh air before cleaning up and turning in for the night. His arms wrapped tightly around my chest, holding me close against him. "It's starting to snow," he whispered gently in my ear as I watched the tail lights of Esme & Carlisle's car fade into the distance.

"Is it a Christmas miracle?" I asked with a small laugh as I felt Edward's lips against my neck and the clanging of pots in the house, no doubt from Leah and Seth reminding us that we had agreed to clean up.

"You're my Christmas miracle," Edward said genuinely as I pushed away from him and couldn't help the laughter that burst forth.

"Could you be anymore cheesy?"

The next summer, on June 12th, Edward and I prepared to exchange vows in Charlie's backyard and I was nervous as hell. I had no doubts about my love for Edward, but now I was anxious about tripping up the aisle and landing face first in my flowers, or saying something stupid to Leah's new boyfriend Daniel, who was several years older than her.

I stood in Charlie & Sue's bedroom, pacing back and forth in front of the window where I could see my friends and family as they gathered in the backyard. Some of them were milling about chatting happily, and some had already taken seats on the white chairs we rented for the event. Everything was done in a blue and green theme and we were getting married beside the rather ostentatious waterfall and flower garden that Esme and Sue had designed together and created for our day. Sue insisted she was going to have it done anyways, but I felt like it was a bit too much. However, it did turn out beautiful and everything was shaping up to fall into place. Not that Alice, my pseudo wedding planner and matron of honor, would tell me if there was a problem.

"Bella, you need to step away from the window," she stated as she walked in the room clutching my bouquet and hers. They really were beautiful with their robust hydrangeas, muscari and sweet peas. I grabbed it from her and took in a deep breath as she let out a small groan. "Edward could see you and its bad luck."

"He's not even outside yet Alice, so calm down," I advised her as she began running through the list of things she confirmed for me while she was downstairs. The food was ready for the reception, the beer was chilling, the waiters were all hot and the cake still looked delicious. Of course, the food was the foremost thing in her mind now that she was five months pregnant and due in October with her first child with Jasper. It was an unplanned surprise, but an exciting one, and they had already asked Edward and I to be godparents, so we were excited, but the entire thing was a little daunting.

Alice walked behind me and double checked the tightness of the bow tied at the back of my neck which held my halter in place and then gripped my shoulders and turned me around. Alice and I had poured through bridal magazines for weeks looking for bridal gowns, with no luck. We planned a day where would we visit as many shops as we could for her dress and mine, but at the very first bridal shop we entered in Seattle, I saw it from across the room and ended up buying it on the spot after trying it on. Alice loved it just as much as I did and thought it was perfect for a garden wedding in June with its flowing chiffon fabric and sweetheart neckline. My hair was down in long curls, with a small white flower holding one side of my hair up for dramatic effect, as Alice liked to say.

"Now, I realize that Esme and Sue already gave you the whole 'married woman' advice thing last weekend at your bachelorette party, but speaking as someone who has only been married for almost two years, I have some advice of my own."

I rolled my eyes but Alice simply snapped her fingers and made me focus again. "You do realize Edward and I have been living together for two years, so I don't think I need any advice." Suddenly I let out a groan as I remembered the conversation I had with Sue the Saturday before. "And you do know I'm not a virgin right? You don't have to talk to me about saving myself for someone special."

"Oh, I know that too girl," Alice replied with a chuckle as she gave me a quick hug. "My great-grandma gave me this advice 'never go to bed mad' and Jazz and I swear by it. We used to swear by 'a fuck a day keeps the grumpies away' but then I got pregnant and spent three months puking into the toilet, so that one went to shit."

"Alice, watch your mouth," my father said as he walked in a moment later looking dapper as hell in his dark blue suit. Being married to Sue had suited my father more than he knew, as these days he was practically glowing like a pregnant woman. Edward told me it was because they were probably humping like crazy, but I chose to not think about that at all, for fear of scarring myself permanently.

"Sorry Chief Daddy," Alice apologized as she kissed me gently on the cheek and handed me a white monogrammed handkerchief with the initials IMC. "Keep that nearby, you'll need it." Alice then skipped out of the room, which was amazingly graceful considering her slightly protruding baby belly, leaving me alone with my father.

"Sue told me it was time to fetch you. The band is ready, your groom is standing at the end of the aisle and Reverend Webber is ready to go," said my dad with a slightly sad expression on his face. "I'm so proud of you Bella." I clutched the handkerchief tightly in my hand and reached up to quickly brush aside a falling tear. "I know it was always just you and me against the world, but I think we've done good this time. Sue, Seth, Leah, Edward, Carlisle and Esme really do make the perfect family for us huh?"

"Yeah, they are pretty good," I said as I sucked in a deep breath and tried to calm myself. "I love you dad. You have been my rock and I'm blessed to have had you by my side."

"Well, now you have a new rock," he said with a wide grin on his face as we stepped out into the hallway and headed, arm in arm, towards the stairs. "I couldn't be happier for you guys, ya know. It's been a long road, but a worthwhile one." I nodded my head, trying to fight back the tears again as we walked slowly down the stairs, my eyes on my feet as I feared tripping and doing a header into the small table Charlie & Sue kept at the bottom.

"I know Daddy and I'm so happy you have Sue."

"He loves you." I nodded my head slowly. "And I trust you love him?" I nodded again as we reached the last step and headed towards the back door, passing the waiters and staff Esme insisted on hiring for the event. "If he ever doesn't treat you right, I'll always have my gun," he finished, emphasizing it with a laugh as I pulled back slightly and looked at him incredulously. "Oh hell Bells, if I didn't shoot him years ago when I found him basically humping you in my living room before I even knew his name, I'm certainly not gonna shoot him now."

"Thanks Daddy, you are the best."

"Yeah, I know. Now let's go do this." I gripped his arm tighter as the French doors opened to the back yard and we starting walking down the aisle towards my future. My Edward.

The ceremony went by at record speed as Edward and I held hands, when I wasn't blotting away my tears, and reciting our vows. We promised to love, cherish, help, encourage, always respect and be honest with each other. The moment Reverend Webber said Edward could kiss the bride, his hand threaded through my hair and he kissed me with more passion than I knew possible.

We walked back down the aisle, both of us smiling like idiots at our family and friends who had gathered to help us celebrate. Edward's hands grasped mine firmly as he planted another kiss, this time on my cheek and his mouth then touched my ear gently. "I never got a chance to say this earlier, but you look absolutely beautiful, Mrs. Cullen."

"Well, you aren't so bad yourself Mr. Cullen."


The day Bella told me the news, which was our fourth wedding anniversary incidentally; I was literally over the moon with excitement. However, at this moment, I was a little bit unsure of the whole thing.

Bella was lying in a room at Harborview Medical Center, where I was now employed in pediatrics, practicing the deep breathing exercises we had learned in our Lamaze classes. I, however, was down the hall getting her yet another cup of ice chips and wondering what the hell we hadn't done to prepare ourselves for this big change.

Bella and I were both happy in our careers, though we worked at different hospitals. We had moved into a small craftsman style three bedroom home north of the downtown core shortly after our wedding and had spent a great deal of time and effort making it perfect for us. As soon as Bella and I were able to find out the sex of the baby, we did, and it took me several weeks to get over the shock of us having a girl. What was formerly a guest room was now a nursery that my mother had converted for us while we were away in Vancouver for an extended weekend. It was a surprise to both of us, but a welcome one. She painted it light green, with a white crib, bright pink accents and even had framed pictures of Bella and I as babies around the room to top it all off.

Alice had thrown Bella a huge baby shower, a month ago, incorporating the women she and I both worked with, and all of our friends and family from back in Forks. We had gotten so many gifts but the best was the news that Alice and Jasper were expecting their second child, son Henry was already three and a half and rather rambunctious.

Rosalie had flown in for the event and advised us that she and Emmett were moving back to Seattle to settle down. They had been engaged for several years, but their careers prevented them from moving forward. Rather than become slaves to their jobs and claiming that they needed a major change of pace, they decided that leaving Los Angeles was in their best interest, and we were expecting them back in early summer, with their wedding to follow in late August. I knew it would be wonderful to have our group of friends back together because as much as I had missed Emmett, I had missed bantering with Rosalie just as much.

I headed back into the room as Sue sat beside Bella, clutching her hand tightly and encouraging her as best as she could. Bella was going to be giving Sue & Charlie their first grandchild, though Leah and her now husband Daniel, were due in just a few months themselves. "How's it going?" I asked stupidly as I moved towards the window and glanced out quickly. Seattle was dealing with a freak snowstorm in February and my parents had yet to arrive, though my mother assured me she wouldn't miss the birth of her first grandchild.

"As good as can be expected," Sue muttered as Bella simply rolled her eyes at me.

"It's perfect, wonderful. In fact, I feel no pain whatsoever," she said sarcastically as she reached out for my hand and clutched it tightly. I swore she broke a finger. "Although I'm sure it would be better if I could get a god damn epidural," Bella screamed out down the hallway towards the nurses' station as Sue let out a small laugh.

"I used to think you had your father's patience," Sue said as her smile grew wider and she looked up at me with a hint of sympathy.

"Yeah, I did… when I wasn't giving birth to a forty pound baby."

"Oh she's not forty pounds for heaven's sake. She'll be lucky to be forty pounds when she's like five years old, so calm down. Damn, you definitely get your over dramatics from your father."

"What does she get from me?" Charlie asked as he walked in the room a minute later clutching a huge pink teddy bear and a balloon bouquet that could probably be seen from the space station. "I'm sure it's her stellar fishing skills and indomitable investigative abilities."

"Uh yeah… that's what it is, Gramps," I replied back sarcastically as Charlie scowled at me briefly before we were all pulled from our playful banter by Bella's groans as she suffered through another contraction. "By the way, did you leave anything down in the gift shop?"

"This is my first grandchild, let me spoil her a little bit," Charlie said with a small smile as Bella literally growled at my side. "Did you guys decide on a name yet?"

"She's not even born yet Dad, and at the rate they are going, I doubt I'm going to have her at all," Bella forced out angrily as I let her squeeze the life out of my hand. When her contraction passed, I think everyone was relieved when the anesthesiologist arrived to prep her for her epidural.

Just over two hours later, Dr. Brown and his nurse Allison, were prepping Bella for delivery when my mother and father ran into the room breathlessly. "We didn't miss it did we?" Esme shouted excitedly as she ran over to Bella's bed side and was relieved to see her pregnancy belly was still in place. "Oh thank god."

"I told you we didn't have to run that red light, Esme," my father chastised, as my mother groaned in response. They both looked flustered and tired, no doubt wishing they had to good sense to come into Seattle when they heard the weather was turning bad, as Charlie and Sue had.

"Carlisle, she's about to give birth to our first grandchild, so shut it. The red light was just a suggestion at that moment and had we been pulled over, I would have sweet talked us out of that ticket."

"I'll just pretend I never heard that discussion," said Charlie as he walked over to Bella and gave her a quick peck on the forehead. "I think Sue and I are going to go sit in the waiting room. I'd rather not see this."

"I need a coffee," Carlisle added as Charlie patted him on the back and quickly agreed to go with him, advising Sue and my mother that they would meet them in the waiting room in a few minutes. My mother proceeded to gush over Bella and questioned her about everything that happened during her time in the hospital thus far. She was probably get on the nerves of Bella's nurse, but I just laughed it off because I knew my mother's nursing history and Allison, our nurse, just figured she was being a nosy bitch.

When Dr. Brown let us know that it was time for Bella to start pushing because she was fully dilated, she began to cry and I immediately freaked out. The moms were about to leave, but Bella quickly latched on to my mother's hand and wouldn't let her go.

"Please stay," she begged as tears poured down her cheeks and I didn't move fast enough to help her. "I never had a real mom till you guys came along. Please stay," she asked again as my mother and Sue literally lit up with excitement at the fact that they would be in the room when their first grandchild was born.

"Whatever you want Bella," my mother assured her as her tears subsided, only to be replaced by the ones now clouding my mothers' eyes. She had always thought of Bella as a daughter and this, as well as our wedding, only solidified everything.

Bella looked up at me again and squeezed my hand tightly as I brushed some hair from her face, kissing her temple softly as I whispered my love and encouragement to her. She then glanced over at the doctor, who had begun advising us of what was going on. He urged Bella to push as Allison and I counted to ten with her, helping her through each arduous push and contraction.

It was just after nine thirty in the evening on February 8th, that our daughter Amelia Faith Cullen, or Mia, came screaming into the world, proving she had very healthy lungs. She had a small smattering of reddish brown hair and huge eyes that I knew would turn a beautiful shade of dark brown, just like her mother. Charlie and Carlisle claimed they could hear her screams from the waiting room down the hall, which wouldn't have surprised me.

"She's beautiful," my father said when he walked into the room just before ten, while I was holding Mia tightly in my arms. She was so small and delicate; I couldn't even believe she was finally here. "Reminds me a lot of you when you were born."

I turned to my dad and gently handed him Mia so that he could hold her. Of course, he was a natural thanks to his years of being a doctor and delivering countless babies back in Forks. "It suits you Grandpa," I said with a grin as he smiled back at me and he offered Mia his finger, which she wrapped her tiny digits around. "I knew she would have you wrapped around her finger from the get go."

We spent the next twenty minutes getting to know little Mia, with all the grandparents taking turns holding her, before they finally decided that they would brave the weather and try to head to the hotel that Sue & Charlie were staying at. When everyone was gone, Allison came back and helped Bella learn to breastfeed, with Mia latching on like a natural.

"You did so amazing Bella," I said as I sat beside her on the edge of the bed, watching with wonder as she fed our daughter. I still couldn't believe it. We had a daughter, were married and were building our life together. After everything we went through as teenagers, I was always astounded by Bella's generous nature. She really was the love of my life.

"Thanks for letting me crush your hand," she said sweetly as I watched her hand stroke Mia's soft hair, both of them looking so content.

"I would let you do it over and over again of it meant it got us this little miracle," I said genuinely as she smiled up at me and then back at our daughter. "I don't deserve the happiness you both give me."

"Edward, I was over our childish antics years ago. We resolved them together and are stronger for it, so don't ever feel like you don't deserve us. We were always meant to be together, fate just wanted to throw a little bump in the way, is all." I couldn't help myself as I grasped the back of Bella's head and leaned in, kissing her hard on the lips. She really was the perfect woman for me and had given me the best gift I could ever possibly receive.

"So are you ready to have another one?" I said with a laugh as Bella rolled her eyes at me and groaned.

"How about we get a few months worth of diaper changes in with this one first, and then we'll talk," Bella replied as she lifted Mia from her breast to burp her and I nodded in response. "We're not in a hurry anymore Edward. We're not going anywhere anymore, unless it's together."

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