Hello again, everyone! First off, to the people reading my Seth story, I would like to send out the biggest sorry in the world. Life completely got in the way and a lot happened, but I've decided I want to put a heap of that behind me and concentrate on myself and what better way to do that then go back to my writing? Twilight writing!

So I've decided I want to re-write and re-post both my Quil and Seth stories, and make them bigger and better and more enjoyable overall. My goal at the moment is to have one major timeline revolving around the wolves, but write them each their own story to go with it, sharing the same events, but also focusing on personal dramas as well. I am going to spend most of my hours while I'm not working on this, and I'm very excited.

I do work all weekend, but when I get home at night my laptop is the first thing I will be reaching for and I hope to have the first chapters of each story re-written and re-posted on Monday.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to read my stories again, and apologise a million times for my absense. I'm really excited to be getting back to it.