Not Normal People, Chapter 16 (Part 2): A Serious Talk

Daphne and Hunter left shortly after giving us our wedding present. We were shocked to discover that they had not only strung little white lights all over our bedroom but also strewn white rose petals in a trail into the bedroom leading to the bed and had even placed a couple of bouquets of white roses on the end tables. I frowned when I saw the beginning of the rose petal trail. And when we entered the bedroom, I exclaimed, "Oh God!"

I was so embarrassed. I felt hot all over. I didn't even want to imagine what Brian was thinking. "I'm sorry. I guess Daphne got carried away."

Brian picked a couple petals off the floor, pulled me to him by a belt loop, and drew the petals lightly along the curve of my neck. I shivered. Brian smiled. "They're not so bad." Then he started removing his clothes. In very short order, he was naked and lying on the bed, on top of about half of the rose petals. "You just gonna stand there all night?"

"Oh…no." I stripped quickly, kneeled on the bed, and crawled toward Brian. The petals were soft and tickled my palms. When I reached Brian, he slid his hand from my shoulder down my back all the way to my ass. Then he pulled me onto my side and into his arms. He laid open-mouthed kisses down my neck (eliciting a trilly mmmm from me) and then kissed my lips before declaring evenly, "I want us to have a kid."


"I want us to have a kid." After a pause, he added, "Soon."

I blinked, swallowed, and licked my lips. Then I leaned closer to Brian, at first just brushing my lips against his. His eyelashes whispered against my skin, tickling me. I laughed and Brian smiled. I moved back a little and held Brian's eyes with mine. They looked sea green. I gazed into them until I felt dizzy, like I was tumbling. Brian wasn't smiling anymore. I moved closer. I traced his lower lip with my tongue. I nibbled on it. I sucked on it. I placed tender pecks all over his face: on his forehead, down his nose, on his cheeks, and all around his mouth. A long lingering one on his lips. And another. Then I dove in. The moment my tongue entered Brian's mouth, his breath caught in his throat. I let my eyes flutter closed, slid my hands to the back of his neck, and pulled him closer, kissing him deeper and deeper and deeper. He growled. I moaned. I played with the hairs at the back of his neck. He kneaded my ass. Then his hand was on my cock, caressing, squeezing, and stroking. I moved my hand to his, but he pushed it away. Brian swallowed my groan of complaint, and, soon, I was rising and falling, rising and falling, thrusting into Brian's hand, burning, burning, burning, and exploding.

I buried my head in Brian's chest. He pushed the hair off my forehead and then kissed it gently. As I caught my breath and tried to slow my heart, which was beating so hard and fast in my chest that I thought it might explode, too, Brian said, "I appreciate your efforts to distract me, but I still want to have a kid with you."

"I…I wasn't. I just…"

Brian quirked an eyebrow and waited.

"I just figured that that was another reaction to facing your mortality."


"You aren't…" I bit back a sob. God, I was a fucking mess. I was always a second away from tears these days. "You're going to get through the chemo with flying colors. You don't…we don't need to rush. We have all the time in the world."

Brian nodded slowly. He said, "I know," but his eyes were glistening. I fucking hated this lie we had silently agreed to tell each other. The lie we needed to tell each other. That there was no chance Brian would die. That the chemo would be 100% successful. That the cancer wouldn't spread to his lymph nodes. "I still want to have a kid. Soon."

"Okay. Let's procreate."

"You make it sound so romantic." Brian was smiling again, but his eyes had stopped glistening.

I laughed, a real laugh. "Well, it's not like the fertilization process is going to be romantic. We won't even be involved once we give the doctor the sperm."

"I don't want to use Lindsay."


Brian shook his head.


Brian sighed. "Lindsay would want to be super involved in the kid's life and change hers accordingly. I can't let her do that. Plus, I want Mel as far away from this as possible. Lindsay, too, I guess."

I kissed Brian's cheek and got up to get a wash cloth. When I returned, I washed my cum off his chest and mine and hung it on the edge of the hamper to dry. Then I laid back down. "I actually understand."

"You do?"

"Yeah. Time to take the training wheels off, right?"


"Okay, so tomorrow we start looking for another surrogate."


I rolled over so that I was facing Brian and smiled. "This is crazy."

Brian quirked an eyebrow.

I laughed and shook my head. "I can't believe we're doing this."

"I told you I wanted more kids someday."

"I guess I just didn't think we'd be doing it this soon."

Brian shrugged. "Why shouldn't we? We have a house. We're married." Brian paused. "Is it too soon for you?"


"You're only 22. Is it too soon for you?"

"No! No! No. It'll take a few months to find a surrogate and impregnate her. Then it'll be nine months before the baby is born. My show in New York will be long over by then. And after, I'll be going to school here. That'll work out perfect. I can take late afternoon and evening classes, so you can work most of the day before having to do daddy duty. And I can study at home to spend more time with you and the baby. Holy shit…this is so crazy. I fucking love it!"



"Why don't we both use our sperm?"

"What and let fate decide?"

"I wouldn't have put it like that, but yeah."

"Now it is romantic…"

Brian pulled me close then, wrapping his arms around me and nuzzling my neck.