KP: Green Lantern's Light

By LJ58

Part 1: Ring-bearer.

Kim smirked as she stood atop the plateau as Ron stood beside her. She was watching Drew Lipski, AKA Dr. Drakken running for his life into the heart of the desert. Behind her, the green-skinned felon that usually aided him as laying stretched out unconscious.

"Shall we give him a little time to figure out he's going the wrong way, or shall we just go get him now," Kim asked her fiancé, unable to help chortling at the panicked scientist who had recently flouted a conditional pardon offered by a grateful world when he helped thwart a genuine alien invasion of their world.

Distressed beyond normal over being hailed as a hero, Lipski skulked home with his medal, and wasted no time trying to come up with new schemes to top his world-saving maneuver, and to prove he was just as good at evil as he was at good.

So far, he remained a dismal failure.

"You do realize we'd have to save him from himself if he got too far. There's not any water out there for miles," Ron told her practically.

Kim's smile faded, and she sighed. "Go get him. I'll tie up Shego before she wakes up, and we'll use their hovercraft to deliver them to the nearest GJ holding facility."

"With enough time to still make the opening of Space Zombies From the Wolf Nebula! Boo-yah," her still often silly fiancé grinned hugely in spite of having come into his own as the world's only true mystical monkey master, and a hero in his own right.

Kim stifled her groan at his plans, but shoved him toward the path downward before turning to use the plasma-resistant cuffs Wade assured her would actually work this time. She cuffed her longtime nemesis, and using the strength-enhancing feature of her battle suit, she carried her over to put her into the back of the hovercraft she had been trying for when Kim caught up to her, and managed a clear knockout for a change. Not far away, a smoky column rose from a vent in the higher peak, indicative of yet another damaged lair after their most recent contest with the less than effective, and loopy Drakken/Lipski.

Deactivating her battle suit, letting the nannite's fade back into their holder in the newly designed Kimmunicator on her wrist, she turned to study the hovercraft's controls even as a loud sonic boom echoed over her head.

Frowning, she looked up even as a green flash exploded over her head, and she gaped at the large fireball that landed not far over the horizon.

"Ron, did you see that," she asked via her Kimmunicator.

"Sure did, KP," Ron called back on the Ron-Com. "I take it one of us needs to check that out," he asked.

"I'm heading over now. I'll pick you up as soon as……."

Her Kimmunicator signal faded even as the world turned green for a moment.

"Ron? Ron?"

She turned, thinking Shego had somehow come to without her noticing, and might be trying something. The older woman still lay slumped in her bonds, utterly senseless as Kim realized there was a large, green bubble around her, and the entire hovercraft. A bubble that was somehow carrying the entire airship up through the sky even without power. It was also taking her in the direction of that strange fireball that had just lit up the sky.

"Ron? Ron, can you hear me," she asked as the hovercraft flew faster than expected inside that green sphere, and she soon found herself descending into what looked like a small crater at the end of a long, deep furrow gouged into the rocky landscape.

"Okay, this is getting weird," she murmured as the hovercraft sat down as gently as a feather before the bubble faded even as she realized she was surrounded by debris.

Metallic debris.

"Human," a weary voice called out feebly to her.

She spun around, and gaped as she saw the slumped, bloodied body of a red-skinned humanoid alien that was looking right at her. He wore a green and black uniform, but one that was unlike Shego's. He also had a bright green glow around one hand. The glow seemed to be coming from a ring on the middle of three long fingers.

"You're hurt," she realized, seeing the dark purple blood that stood out as easily as the alien's reddish skin. "Hang on, and I'll call….."

"Human," the alien rasped, holding up his hand with the ring to stop her. "It is too late for this one. My time is done. But this sector requires a Green Lantern now more than ever. My ring has brought you to me to take up that critical charge."

"Green…..lantern," she frowned in confusion as the ring began to glow.

"There is much strength and courage in you, human. Do not concern yourself. The Guardians…..will explain….."

The alien's hand fell, but the ring remained floating in midair before her eyes as he sagged even lower, and she knew he was dead in spite of the fact his peculiar eyes, and his physiology in general made it hard for her to see more than the fact he had been badly injured.

"Okay, definitely off the weird scale," she murmured, and cautiously started to poke at the ring hovering in the air before her with her right index finger. Even as she touched it, the glow brightened, and suddenly she felt a very real presence form around her ring finger just before she felt her clothes actually somehow shift and flow as they became a copy of the green and black uniform the alien was wearing. Right down to the weird hourglass on the chest.

For a moment, she felt herself actually hovering in the air, and then she was back on the ground, and the glow around her faded as she kept staring at the ring on her hand.

"Whoa," a faint, incredulous sound reached her ears, and she turned to see Shego, still bound, looking over the side of the hovercraft.

She looked back to the alien, and knelt beside him.

"Uh, Princess, not that I am not genuinely curious myself, but…..that doesn't look too good to me just now."

That, she realized as she followed Shego's gesture made with her still coupled hands, was a glowing square of alien metal that seemed to be white-hot, and getting hotter as a faint whine filled her ears that was reminiscent of a dog whistle. She instinctively raised her hands, going for her battle suit controls when the ring seemed to act on its own accord.

She and the hovercraft containing Shego were suddenly encased in another green sphere even as the glowing box exploded with incredible fury, and blinded them both to the world around them for a moment. Kim belatedly realized the ring was somehow reacting to her conscious desire for a barrier, and when the destructive detonation faded, she willed the light shield to fade, and it did.

It left her standing beside the hovercraft in the middle of a much larger crater, not one sign of the alien, or his down spacecraft visible remaining.

"Whoa," Shego exclaimed yet again as she gaped at the crater, realizing what had just happened herself.

"Dr. Director is never going to believe this one," Kim remarked as she turned, then heard Ron shouting from her Kimmunicator.

"Kim! Kim! What was that? Are you okay? Kim!"

"I'm here, Ron," she told him, her Kimmunicator untouched by her wardrobe change. "Uh, I'm fine. I'll be there in a few minutes, and I'll tell you everything. Uhm, did you get Dr. Drakken?"

"Like you say, no big," his cheerful voice returned, freed of worry over her safety. "But you have to tell me what was up with the light show. It was so bright it lit up the whole desert even with the sun already out."

"You'll never believe me. See you in a few," she said, and shut off the Kimmunicator as she looked down at her 'costume.'

"I knew my colors would look good on you, Princess," Shego was sniggering as she followed her downward gaze. "But even I think that thing is tacky."

"Maybe it just needs some…..altering," she murmured, and even as she thought it, the ring shimmered, surrounding her body with a faint aura once again as her costume again changed, the one-piece uniform changing into a two-piece as she was left with a stylish crop top of the same color with the Lantern's colors more symmetrically aligned to her wiry frame as her gloved hands rose to clench and unclench as she looked down at her skintight pants that seemed to have attached boots melded right into the costume.

"Nice," Shego grinned. "I definitely like. Don't suppose I could get one of those sparkly little gadgets."

"Something tells me there is more to this ring than a wardrobe manager, Shego," she scowled, and envisioned her own mission gear once again as the green and black faded to her more familiar mauve top and cargos.

"Ahhhhhh, Kimmie. Why'd you lose the cute outfit. I was starting to get….."

"Shego," she growled, and jumped into the hovercraft to take the controls. "Just zip it. Today's debriefing just became a lot more complicated. Or did it not occur to you that this is the second time aliens have come to our planet. It's pretty obvious that there is more going on out there than we have ever imagined."

"Very astute, Kimberly Anne Possible," a voice murmured as she spun around to see who had spoken.

Shego sat behind her, shrugged, and looked around herself.

"Raise your ring, Green Lantern of Sector 2814."

Kim frowned, but did as the voice said.

Almost instantly, the small holographic image of a dwarfish man in a dark scarlet cloak with a large head and very blue skin appeared to her.

"I am Sakar-Rui, current head of the Guardian Council who oversee the Green Lanterns in this galaxy," the balding dwarf told her. "With the death of Abin Sur, the former Lantern of your sector, the ring had downloaded recent events to our systems, and alerted us to a danger to your sector. Ordinarily, you would be required to visit Oa, the home of the Green Lantern Corps to be properly trained before you would take up your duties. The nature of this threat, however, precludes such a course as we do not have another Lantern in your vicinity to handle the problem."

"What's the sitch," she frowned, eyeing the little, blue man with a grim demeanor.

Bushy white brows rose at her query, and thin lips quirked. "The….sitch, young Lantern, is a massive construct called Juggernaut which is headed for your solar system. Look into the ring's depths, and focus on that appellation. It will instruct you."

She looked back at the weird hologram, and did as he said. Instantly, a flash of images and data filled her mind as she saw a monstrous creation the size of a small moon that was inhabited by aliens who worshipped it as a god of death. With genuine cause, since it tended to destroy all sentient life before it as it harvested viable planets for the raw materials it needed to feed its massive internal fusion to keep it alive, and moving.

She 'saw' Abin Sur trying to approach it, intending to either bargain with those that had learned to help guide the artificial creature, or to forcibly turn its path back toward the depths of interstellar space. He was attacked before he could even get close, and even with his power ring, had been overwhelmed by the fanatical followers who had fully intended to feed him to the living planetoid.

"Not good," Kim swallowed hard as she refocused on the blue man.

"No, young Lantern. It is not. We have dispatched other Green Lanterns to back you up, but they will not reach you in time. You must either delay, or stop the Juggernaut before it reaches the planet your people call Jupiter."

"Don't you mean Earth," Shego huffed.

The tiny dwarf-man seemed to glance her way, as if seeing and hearing Shego, too, and looked back to Kim. "Jupiter," he stressed. "As part of your charge, you are to protect all life in your sector, young Lantern. Jupiter's moons host a variety of life that may yet soon evolve to full sentience. I leave you now, knowing you will do what must be done. We shall speak again, young novice, if you survive."

The small man faded, and Kim continued to stare at the very incredible ring.

"I take it back," Shego murmured as Kim slowly sat down in the pilot's seat, just staring. "I don't want one of those things. The perks aren't worth the risks."

Kim said nothing as she started up the hovercraft, and raised the airship into the sky to turn toward Ron and Drakken. Her Kimmunicator let her find him easily enough, homing in on not only his Ron-Com, but his life signs. She also felt a peculiar sensation from the ring that seemed to tell her where to find her friend even without the device.


She glanced over at Shego without saying anything.

"So, you're not really going to go try to stop something that already killed one of these Lanterns, are you? Because that's……"

"You heard the…..the Guardian, Shego," she told her somberly, the ground passing rapidly beneath them as she closed on Ron's position. "It's my duty. I'm sure this probably should have gone to someone more qualified, but right now, I'm it. Besides, it's what I do. And more than just Earth is riding on me. Think about it Shego. There's actually life out there in our solar system. Doesn't that make you…..?"

"Nervous as hell," Shego suggested.

Kim sighed. "Look, between you and me, let's just keep this whole sitch quiet for now."

"Who would believe me," Shego snickered.

Kim eyed her.

"Okay, okay. But what about your Cyclops friend?"

"I…..don't know. Yet. Still, I have to do something. I can't let that…..thing out there destroy our solar system. Right now, that's the main thing."

"I kind of like the idea of saving us first," Shego pointed out caustically as she deftly worked at trying to pick the restraints' locks that she couldn't seem to melt just then.

"Shego. Behave. You've seen some of what this ring can do. You don't want me to have to use it on you just now."

Shego froze. "Wow, Kimmie. You're really getting hardcore lately."

"Right now, I've got something on my mind beyond you and Drakken playing your silly games."

Shego sobered at that. "Fair enough. But, honestly, do you really think you can take on something like this alone? Even the blue pygmy figured you needed backup since he said he was sending help."

"That might not be a bad idea," she said thoughtfully as she landed just a few feet from Ron and a very disgusted Lipski who had just blossomed anew. Despite his best efforts, he could not seem to rid himself of the foliage that grew out of his exposure to the mutagen that he had once accidentally exposed himself to just before the Lorwardians had invaded a little over a year ago.

"Shego? How did she catch you this time?"

"You had to be there, Dr. D," Shego said, and cast a glance a Kim as she looked down at her right hand, then gave her a faint nod. "You just had to be there."


Betty Director sat in her office with Kim Possible sitting on the other side of her desk. Ron was in the cafeteria, driving her cooks crazy about now most likely, and Shego and Lipski sat in their cells, likely already planning their latest escapes knowing them. She had just finished hearing the most bizarre story in her years as the head of Global Justice. Which was saying something considering her life.

"You're joking," the one-eyed head of the planet's defenses that had taken on a whole new perspective of late finally demanded. "Please, tell me you're joking."

Kim shook her head.

"And we're supposed to just believe this….Guardian of yours? For that matter, why haven't we detected anything…..?"

"It's still too far away. But it travels fast, and it'll be within our solar system within three days. I have to stop it, Dr. Director. For that, I need a special team. One that can work together, and one that has a chance of doing what needs done."

"You're still asking a lot. How can I even be sure…..?"

"Is this proof enough," she asked, and stood up as she lifted her right hand clenched in a fist, and suddenly changed her clothes into that stylish costume Shego had last seen back in the desert.

Betty's good eye rounded, but she didn't otherwise react as she studied Kim. Kim, who was now standing five feet off the ground encased in a green aura as she looked down on her. "Does this look like a joke, Dr. Director," Kim asked.

Betty looked up at her, her expression grim, and for a moment she didn't say a word.

Then she gestured, and Kim sat down, her costume fading back to her normal mission gear as the head of Global Justice asked, "What do you need?"

Kim didn't even bother to smile as she began speaking again.


"Why me," Shego asked her pointedly. "I mean, you, I understand. You're all about saving the world, and crazy missions. But….me?"

"Look at it this way, Shego. You might earn another pardon. Either way, you'll be saving the world. Otherwise, you're dead anyway."

Shego glowered as Kim flew the GJ jet toward their new destination, even Ron was being uncharacteristically sober as he sat behind Shego in the cockpit of the borrowed VTOL after having heard the rest of her briefing.

"She has a point," Ron told her, his manner far more sober of late, but especially now after hearing what had really happened out in that desert, and what they faced out there. "Your help might just tip the balance out there. Again."

"Gah! I hate being the hero. I'm supposed to be evil!"

"Get over it," Kim smirked, now wearing a regular GJ uniform after Dr. Director gave her provisional status with full authority from her office. Meanwhile, Betty was coordinating with the world's militaries, and certain superpowers to discretely brief them on the threat. Word of Kimberly's new 'gear,' however, remained a highly classified, NTK secret. Betty had already suggested she keep it that way, and told Shego exposing that secret would make her regret surviving the mission if she made it back.

Bets, the green-skinned woman knew, had a way of taking the fun out of everything. Besides, knowing Kimmie, keeping her new power a secret was going to last about as long as the first time she really had to cut loose.

"Say we get this crazy idea of yours off the ground? How do we get off the ground, if you know what I mean?"

"My dad's space plane," Kim told her. "It's been classified, and stored by the government, but right now, it's being refitted, and prepped for launch even as we speak with his newest upgrades courtesy of the Lorwardian/cybertronic fusion tech he's been working on lately with Wade and the tweebs."

"We're doomed," Ron joked grimly.

"Ron, they're not that bad."

Ron shot her a cynical glance.

"Besides, Wade and my dad are going over everything they do."

"Holy…..! What was that, Princess," she asked as something flew across their nose, and began falling back to Earth.

"Take the stick," Kim shouted to her without preamble as she flashed green, and was instantly in her new costume. "I'll meet you below."

"I don't care about the strings. That is sooooo cool," Shego grinned as she grabbed the controls, and banked the jet even as a green streak flew around them, tracking the falling body.

Ron said nothing as he looked out the cockpit as Kim apparently caught someone, and was now somehow flying back to rejoin them even as Shego began to aim the jet at Go Island, their destination all along.

"Someone forgot to invite us to the party," Shego said as she stepped out of the jet a moment later with Ron as Kim and Hego rejoined them. Hego was out cold as he lay on the ground without moving after Kim's green bubble that had carried him faded and the trio turned to the Go Tower that was visibly damaged, and smoldering from more than one location.

"Ron, Shego," she said as she started toward the tower. "Let's….."

"Let's go kick someone's butt," Shego said as she followed her, cracking her knuckles.

"Let's be careful. Anyone that can take out Hego like that," Ron pointed out.

"He has a point Shego," Kim nodded. "Let's not get cocky. We need Team Go, and we need all of us on our feet if we're going to…….."

A man in a black bodysuit flew out of the warped, and drunkenly hanging door to land at their feet just then. He seemed to have feathers along his arms, and wore a birdlike mask.

"And you are," Shego asked, eyeing him coldly.

"Kondor," the masked man hissed in pain as he slowly regained his feet. "But the threat is in there," he pointed. "One of Electronique's robots is tearing the place apart, and I'm afraid it probably just tossed Hego into the ocean!"

"We caught him," Kim told him as he turned to see her only then.

"Wow, Red," he openly leered. "What's your name, and what are you doing later?"

Shego sniggered as Ron simmered while Kim met his leer, and drawled, "Call me Kim, and I'm unavailable. Is the rest of Team Go still inside?"

"Yes," the man openly pouted. "The Wegos are trying to slow the bot down, but I don't know where Mego got to, though. The problem is, E is in there doing her laser thing, and it's more than a little hard to get close when….."

"We're wasting time," Shego huffed, and loped for the door.

"For once, we're agreed," Kim added, and ran after her. She was still getting used to the whole flying thing, and didn't care for it unless absolutely necessary. A few hours meditating with the ring after she figured out what it did taught her more about its uses, and its limitations, but she was still, as the Guardian had called her, a novice. Even she suspected there was a great deal only the Guardians could tell her.

If she chose to keep the ring.

Something she suspected wasn't really up to her anyway. Apparently, she didn't officially become a genuine Lantern until she passed the whole Guardian training thingy from what she had absorbed from the alien power ring. That had to wait, though, as meanwhile, she had a world or two to save.

"Ron, Shego. Robot," she barked as she stepped into the Go Tower, and saw a nine foot warbot of obvious Lorwardian design that the Wegos were trying to swarm to bring down as a few more ducked and whirled, trying to reach the cackling techno-wizard calling herself Electronique.

"Man, what happened to the good Electronique," Ron sighed as he spared a single glance for the woman firing a potentially lethal laser from her gauntlet at anyone foolish enough to get close to her.

"Turns out it does wear off," Shego grinned, and let her hands surge with comet power as she sprinted for the nearest leg of the four-legged machine trying to bring down Go Tower from the inside.

"Duh," Kondor told her as he raced alongside her, proving he was pretty strong himself as he grabbed an overturned table she knew weighed a few hundred pounds, and used it to fling at the rotating laser canon on one metal shoulder of their prey to distract it. "Henchco wants repeat business. Not happy clients who only need one shot of their nefarious devices."

"So, what do you do, Blackie," she demanded as she hammered one leg, finding it reinforced, of course, and yelped as a powerful steel hand backhanded her across the room.

"I fly, Greenie," Kondor grinned, catching her in midair twenty feet off the ground.

"Let's focus, people," Ron shouted, leaping about in seemingly random fashion as he deftly avoided the six metal hands as the robot tried to simultaneously hammer or laser him in vain.

"Whoa! What's up with the monkey-man?"

"Exactly," Shego grinned smugly. "Just drop me on top," she told him, seeing an advantage to flight. "I'll finish those laser but good," she growled, her hands blazing again.

"Hey! Watch the feathers! They're attached!"

"Just get me up there!"

Across the room, a green shield suddenly appeared and spared one Wego a searing injury as Electronique turned to gape at the newcomer gradually walking toward her.

"You," she hissed in heavily accented English. "Kim Pozzible! What are you doing here? And in such….ridiculous……?"

A huge, green fist suddenly flashed out of nowhere to smash into the side of her head, and the now glassy-eyed villainess shook her head briefly before declaring, "That…..waz cheat…..!"

Then she fell flat on her back.

"Quick," a Wego shouted. "Her left gauntlet controls the robot," another shouted as the young hero raced toward the fallen woman.

Kim was already pulling off both gauntlets, and dropped them to the floor to crush under her heel. The sparking devices surged briefly, then only smoked faintly as across the room the sounds of chaos faded, and a low creaking announced the slow leaning of the robot who had lost one leg, and half of a second, and was starting to fall over.

"Get out of the way," a Wego shouted as their copies began to vanish, and the robot slowly fell to shake the very foundation of the tower, if not the island.

Shego somersaulted clear as Ron simply stood and watched as Kondor circled overhead, out of danger as the two Wegos stood by Kim who was cuffing the technically-based felon with steel cuffs she wouldn't be breaking anytime soon. They were some designed to hold Shego. She knew that the woman wouldn't be getting out of them.

"Miss…..Possible," a confused voice asked as she rose to face a still unsteady Hego who had rejoined them. "What happened? And what is with the new costume?"

"Yeah, and what's with your birdman, Hego? Looking for new and lamer teammates?"

"Shego," Kim snapped.

"Since you left the team, Shego, you don't have any say in our membership. Sister, or not."

"Hold up," Kondor exclaimed. "She's your sister," he asked as Ron looked around and asked, "Anyone seen Mego?"

They all looked at him as if Kondor might just be as dumb as another birdbrain they knew.

"We'll find him," Wego said, ignoring Kondor to focus on Ron's question, and multiplied to spread out through the devastated tower.

"Find him, and call the police. We need to talk," Kim told them. "All of us."


Hego sat at the righted table surrounded by the team, and Team Possible. Kondor, he had introduced, was a new applicant who had shown up after they announced tryouts for a new member of Team Go to finally fill in the vacant spot.

He had been hesitant considering the whole bird motif, but Kondor had enhanced strength, very keen senses, and could fly under his own power as his wings he generated from his feathered arms were real, and a part of him. He had been mutated by a lab accident while attending Go University, but felt his mishap a kind one.

It had not taken long for him to decide to play hero.

"Boys, and their toys," Shego muttered as she groaned at the explanations.

Kim didn't even bother to ask her to behave.

"Guys? Ready to listen," she asked quietly. She spoke so grimly, and so quietly that even Mego, found unconscious earlier behind a fallen wall shut up, and looked her way.

"This is serious, and it's important. I need you to help me save a few worlds."

"When you say worlds," Hego asked.

"I mean, literally, worlds," she told him. "Including our own."

Hego nodded, and told her, "If it is that serious, Miss Possible, go ahead. We're listening."

"I just have to wonder why Shego is with you," the still glum Mego drawled, upset that he had completely missed out on the entire fight, and his chance to prove his power was more than a party favor after that wall fell on him.

"It started a day ago," she told him. "When I went after Shego again."

The group listened to the story that she told only from the point of when she spotted the falling fireball. Hego's grim expression turned absolutely severe as he looked from her to Shego, and back again. Then looked back to Kim to ask her, "I'd be the first to hope Shego might be redeemed this time, but…. I have to ask. Do you really think it's smart to trust her with this kind of thing, Miss Possible. She doesn't exactly have a stellar track record here, and this sounds like a very serious….."

"Exactly. Very serious," Kim told him. "Serious enough that Shego's self interest is involved since if we lose, we all lose. This….entity isn't coming to invade, or play games. It's coming to completely, and utterly destroy the planet. We cannot let that happen. Not to Earth. And not to those unsuspecting creatures out there that may not even realize what is coming."

"So, you're really in," one Wego asked his sister.

"Do I look like I'd sit this one out," Shego growled. "I sure don't trust anyone else with my hide. So, doy. Yes, I am really in," she told him.

Hego, with surprising reserve, merely said, "I hope you really mean that this time, sis."

"Uh, guys. As the potential junior member, maybe I should just sit this one out," Kondor asked. "Somehow, space doesn't sound like the place for me to be……"

"Actually, the more bodies we have, the better our chances."

"Do you already have a plan," Mego asked after glancing at Hego who looked ready to offer his own ideas just then.

"Yes," Kim told them. "And it's going to be close, no matter what we do, so we have to work together to ensure it works."

"All right. Let's hear……"

The cracked monitor suddenly chirped, and a grim looking Betty Director appeared on the fuzzy monitor. "Is this on? Are we getting through," she asked someone off the monitor.

"Dr. Director," Kim asked, still in costume as she turned to face the monitor as Team Go frowned at the intrusion. "What's wrong?"

"You'd better see this one yourself," Betty told her as the cracked monitor fuzzed, and an obviously alien ship appeared on the grounds outside the nation's capital.

Standing outside it were three massive aliens. One of them Lorwardian. Two others were sickly yellow, and holding long spears. Kim recognized them instantly from the ring. Zarqu. The insectoids that had mortally wounded Abin Sur.

"Kim," Betty's voice returned. "It looks like we need you again. Whatever that force field is, we can't get through it, and it's pretty obvious they aren't here to make friends."

Which was when the Lorwardian stepped forward to speak to the media daring to approach the aliens.

"I give you one standard hour to hand over the Green Lantern that fled to your world. Then we destroy everything," the Lorwardian growled, his broad chest devoid of any kind of marking as Warhok's had possessed.

"Like they weren't going to do it anyway," Shego muttered.

All eyes went to her, but Kim only rose from her own seat, and nodded to Betty. "We're on our way, Dr. Director. Tell everyone to hold back, and don't antagonize them."

"Well? You in," the Wegos asked as they looked back at Kondor when the others raced for their jets.

The black-clad avian looked around, and sighed. "I must have been crazy to start doing this," he said, and followed the two teen toward the exit.

"That's just how we felt," one Wego began.

"The first time Shego went nuts," the other concluded.

Kondor was not inspired as he trailed after them to find the redhead and her people climbing into a compact VTOL as Team GO raced to the exterior entrance to their hangar since the interior one had been blocked by rubble. Ten minutes later, and two sleek aircraft, one black as night, one as colorful as its occupants, roared east toward the coast, and the first of the aliens they would soon be facing.

To Be Continued………