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KP: Green Lantern's Light

By LJ58

Part 10: Green Lantern's Light

"Green Lantern of Sector 2814, hear me."

"Sakar-Rui, what is it," she asked, ignoring the blinking computers around her as focused on the Guardian's emerald projection, knowing he would only contact her in a genuine emergency.

"We have ascertained that your entire species is in danger, Kimberly," the grim sentient informed her without preamble.

"Another invader," she asked just as somberly, wondering if now was the time to call in the real Capes.

"No, Lantern. From your own people's folly. Listen, and heed me well," she was told as a sphere appeared, and a GPS marker flashed from a location she already knew. "If you do not stop these people, there will not be a single human left alive within a week's span."

Kim clenched both fists, considered the battle still before her, and made her decision.

"Where is she going," a masked henchman spat at another as Kim exploded straight through the roof in a shower of emerald energy, the men falling back as rubble rained down around them.

"I don't know. Call Colonel Black. She's definitely not following the plan."


"Stoppable," the cool, dark gaze settled on the darkly clad young man who stepped out of the shadows. "I did wonder if even our security could keep you out."

"Now you know," Ron nodded as he approached the man's desk, then stopped.

Colonel Black knew there was no way the lean, young man should have known he had just stopped one step shy of the booby-trap that would have shocked him senseless with over ten thousand volts through a hidden floor-mounted taser, but he had the uncanny sense that he did.

"So, what brings you to my office this late," he asked blandly, his hand remaining close to the hidden switch under the edge of his desk that would activate his personal defenses if the ninja just took one more step within his 'discomfort zone.' Just one.

"Questions. And answers."

"Cryptic," the man drawled impassively.

"I've got a few of both. I'd like more of the answers, though. Feel like talking?"

"No," the man said blandly.

Ron sighed.

"You already know a lot about us."

"That's right."

"So you know what I can do."

It wasn't a question.

"Probably better than you," the agent smiled grimly.

"Maybe. Why try to split us up? Why set up these goofy tests? What's really going on? Because I'm pretty sure your flunkies and henches don't have the whole story."


"Your kind never tell the hired help the whole story."

"Is this where you think I'll rant over my brilliance, and tell you all?"

"It's traditional," Ron shrugged.

"While I consider myself a very traditional man, I think I'll pass," he said, and before Ron could blink, he reached and pressed another button. Not one that activated the defenses, since it seemed the ninja wasn't falling for them, but one that set off an interior alarm.

"Intruder alert," Ian Black shouted into his intercom. "Seal the floor, and terminate all unauthorized personnel immediately!"


Ian smirked, and slapped the button that activated his office defenses. It simultaneously opened a panel behind his desk, and he bolted inside just before the three inch thick steel slab hissed closed. Even as Ron considered how to reach it, or open it, without getting barbecued by the defenses his mystical senses had detected, nine armed soldiers burst into the office.

"Oh, maaaaaaaan," he sighed as he took a defensive stance as every one of those rifles took aim on him. "I hate when this happens!"


The seemingly near-sentient ring led her right to the camouflaged missile base in a South American jungle somewhere in Peru. She didn't hesitate, but simply aimed herself at the largest building, guessing that was where the controls, and the brains were located.

She had already alerted Wade, and after hearing his belated warning that she and Ron had definitely been sent in opposite directions on matching wild goose chases, she realized that Black had obviously been trying to distract them from something else.

Like the end of the world.

She wasted no time with formalities, and simply smashed a super-sized green fist through the wall to gain entrance even as she flew toward the bunker. A moment later she was face-to-face with four men in garish uniforms. A fifth, she noted, wore American insignias on combat fatigues.

"I don't suppose you gentlemen want to do this the easy way," she demanded as she stepped inside the bunker where one of the men was frantically doing something at a console that looked suspiciously like one of the computers in a typical villain's lair.

Bullets began to fly almost at once as guards came running in with machine pistols they aimed on her without hesitation. Her ring's energy formed a shield that easily deflected the high velocity rounds even as she stalked toward the man she now saw was deleting whatever was on the mainframe.

Smiling, she pulled out a thin wire from her Kimmunicator, and plugged it into a USB port that had the system freezing up, and downloading everything on it into the small, but powerful device that was a genuine all-purpose tool for a crime fighter in her field.

The man stared at her in horror as he pulled a sidearm, and tried to simply shoot the console in an attempt to short it out.

The round ricocheted as Kim extended her shield around the machine until her Kimmunicator chirped, letting her know the download was complete.

"Now, does anyone want to tell me what this is all about now," she asked. "Or should I just find my own answers?"

On cue, she turned to see a clock start counting down after one of the uniformed men slammed a heavy palm down on a switch, and bolted. The American.

She frowned, not sure what was being done here, but guessing it would do no one any good it if succeeded.

"Wade, I've got a sitch," she called her friend as she noted the count was down to ninety seconds as men fled the bunker, and the immediate vicinity.

"What is it…..? Oh. I see," he said, starting to type fast as he exploited the link that still existed between the Kimmunicator and the computer. "Just give me a few secs, and…. Done. But, KP, according to the computer, something just launched not far from your location, and I'm betting whatever it's carrying isn't good."

"I'm on it, Wade. Thanks," she told him, and disconnected the Kimmunicator before exiting through her own hole in the wall, and flying up after the missile whose vapor trail could not be seen not far away.

Behind her, a lone American watched her fly off from cover, and lifted a radio.

"Code Sigma. Repeat, Code Sigma."

He then flung the radio against a nearby tree hard enough to shatter it, and bolted into the forest.


Ron prowled the dimly lit halls, looking for the rogue colonel, but found only cowering secretaries, and fearful aides after fighting his way though half a battalion of armed soldiers, and burly agents that would have looked right at home in Henchco costumes. The only difference was that these guys had to be knocked out. They weren't the kind that ran away even when they realized they were losing.

Even as he walked past an open door, he saw a man standing over a radio as a voice broadcast, "Code Sigma! Repeat, Code Sigma!"

The man turned as Ron pushed the door a little farther open, and then turned and slammed a fist on the console that began sparking, and exploding before Ron could take three steps.

"What did that mean," Ron asked him as he intercepted the soldier that bolted toward the door.

Ron grabbed him, swung him around and back into the room.

"What," he asked, and the man pulled a pistol.

Ron jumped, slapping the weapon from his hand, and capturing his free hand so he couldn't try anything else.

"Just tell me," he demanded.

The man turned, and smashed his own head into a sharp corner of a nearby console. He was out cold before the blood began to flow from his cracked skull.

"Lunatics," Ron grumbled, dropping the man. "Why do we always run into the lunatics?"

Walking over to a table, he found a phone, and hearing a dial tone, he punched 911. "Hello, police? I think I found some terrorists," he told them guilelessly as he gave the address.

Hanging up, he went in search of Colonel Black. That slimy jerk had to be somewhere around here.


Kim flew fast, but the missile was just a little faster.

"No, no, no, no, no," she hissed, knowing that thing was starting to reach an apogee, and knowing from her dad, and the long ago rocket boosters, that it could explode at any moment if she didn't stop it before it arched downward once again.

She had already seen enough on the computer while downloading to know it wasn't aimed at a target. It was set to explode high in the atmosphere, allowing it to disperse whatever biological agents it housed so that they would spread worldwide with the air currents at this altitude.

She was just shy of the missile as it began to turn into its apex. She felt her heart knot in fear when a violet smear flashed past her, and a literal powerhouse caught the missile in midair. Despite the fact he seemed to strain only briefly, it was still almost inhuman to see him holding the device in his arms as if holding back a toy.

"We've got to get it out of the atmosphere before it explodes," she shouted while flying up to join him even as she saw the cone starting to smolder, and instinctively sealed it off with a bubble of green energy aimed to contain the housing of the warhead.

"Your tech-savy friend already informed us what was going on," the powerful hero smiled grimly, and turned to surge upward again. "You with me, Green Lantern?"

"All the way," she assured him, and flew up after him, focusing her will on holding that smoldering nosecone as he lifted the missile higher and higher, angling it so its own propulsion helped carry it up and well out of the exosphere.

Even then, she noted he had taken a deep breath at the last second, and kept going as they entered true space, and with a powerful overhand, flung the now faltering missile toward the distant sun. They both stopped to watch as Kim finally released her containment bubble, eyeing the trailing vapor as the missile sped away while they watched it fly toward its own destruction.

Looking back toward the caped hero, he gave her a nod, a thumb's up, and dove back toward the atmosphere.

She followed him down, and he waited for her just inside the stratosphere as if he had not even been bothered by flying out into space with nothing but a single gulp of air.

"Thanks. You saved a lot of people today," she began as he only shook his head.

"From what your friend told our…. Oracle… you did, Green Lantern. I will ask if you can relay the information you took from that site to our team. We've been tracking Black's true plans for weeks, but we weren't quite as close as you were in uncovering his intentions."

"All I know just now is that the Guardians warned me to stop whatever was going on down there, or Mankind was history. Literally," she admitted.

"Well," he nodded, "We do know Cadmus has been doing meta-gene research for years. There are a lot of alarmists that feel that they should put down anyone with such mutation. They don't realize that represents an increasingly large percentage of the population. I suspect, Miss Possible, that also includes you."

"Metagene," she frowned. "I've heard of that. But I don't think…. Anyway," she shook her head. "I'll have Wade send you whatever we found. I'm not sure we can completely trust Global Justice on this one, since they do seem to have been…..connected to the colonel."

"I have a friend that can help decipher whatever you found. Good work again, Green Lantern," he nodded, and turned and seemed to vanish as he fly off so fast even Kim knew she couldn't match that speed. Not inside the atmosphere anyway, since her 'hyper-space' jaunt via her ring seemed to work differently from simply flying through the air.

Then she turned toward the north, and considered Colonel Black himself.

"Wade, we stopped it."

"We? Then they made it?"

"Let's just say, we made a friend. Thanks for thinking of them. Oh, and send them everything we got off that last download. Just in case."

"Sure, but Kim, you're not going to believe it. I already deciphered enough of the code to know what they were trying to do," he told them as she rose and angled her own flight back toward the States even as he explained.

He was right. She couldn't believe it.


Kim saw GJ trucks and cars outside Black's office even as she descended to the ground near one of the local police cruisers.

Off to one side, a dark blue VTOL set with a familiar one-eyed woman standing next to…

"Ron," she shouted, and ran over to join them. "What happened? How did you get here? Did Wade…..?"

"Actually," he told her, "I followed my own trail here. It seems the colonel was playing us both…."

"I figured that out after the Guardians warned me that he and his people were about to decimate the entire planet," she said, turning an accusing glare on Dr. Director who stood unmoved by her words.

"I'm assuming you stopped the threat," she asked placidly as she showed no outward reaction to the police and GJ agents streaming into the office building now.

"We did," Kim stated cryptically. "Did you know what he was up to, Dr. Director? Were you a part of it," she asked curtly.

"I can honestly say I suspected he was up to something, but I had no idea what his true agenda might have been. I just hoped tossing you two at him might…..shake him up enough for one of us to find out what it might be."

"I can tell you that part," Wade said when Kim held up her Kimmunicator on cue.

"Please, do," Betty nodded at him, knowing the boy was likely one of the smartest people on the planet in spite of his age.

"They were going to release a viral agent that they hoped would suppress, or even destroy the metagene," he told them. "Only I was able to find the flaws in their serum when Kim downloaded the research data after she….infiltrated their base. The biological agents they employed would have killed every living person on the planet rather than just dampen certain genes."

"My….God," Ron gasped. "Didn't they know….?"

"Madmen don't care," Kim spat. "Just tell me you got him."

Ron glanced away, looking embarrassed as he admitted. "Forgot the first rule of super villains," he admitted.

"They always have a getaway," Kim asked knowingly.

"Yep," he admitted sheepishly.

"Well, at least you stopped him from causing the extinction of the entire human race," Dr. Director told her. "Do you have the data from their computers?"

"We have it," Wade nodded on the small screen. "And it will be presented to the proper authorities."

"I see."

"The thing is," Kim frowned. "Why was Black, and his people so fixed on neutralizing me? I mean, I am still just one person."

"Don't you get it, Kim," Wade told him. "Even without the ring, you're still one of a kind. You likely have an active metagene! Ron probably does, too. I've theorized that for years."

"But you never said anything," Kim frowned at her friend.

"Didn't think it needed to be said," he shrugged.

Kim said nothing as she glanced from Ron to Betty. Then back at Wade who nodded, and then closed the channel, fading away as she turned to Dr. Director.

"And what about Colonel Black?"

"By now he's probably gone so far under the radar I doubt anyone will be finding him unless he wants them to find him," Betty admitted.

Kim looked back at Betty. "All the same…. You all but betrayed us, too," she finally told her.

"I did what I felt was right," Betty told her. "You were….are getting too powerful. Too willful. You had to be….."

"Leashed," Ron asked suggestively. "Isn't that how you screwed up with Shego?"

Dr. Director's lips thinned as the one-eyed agent glared at him.

"I have an entire world to think about," she told him.

"So do we. In fact, Ron, we need to talk. We have another invitation we might want to consider, and I think it's a bit more…..sincere."

"Yeah," he asked, sounding interested.

"Before you do anything rash," Betty began.

"Rash," Kim glowered. "You almost helped that lunatic kill off our entire species."

"I admit that I had…..suspicions. Which was why I pulled you in on the case earlier than Black anticipated. I knew you had a reputation for….. Shall we say, upsetting the plans of the cleverest schemers around. Of course, it didn't hurt that your Guardians popped in to tip you off, too."

"You could have been honest with us from the start," Ron suggested.

"Honest with provisional agents who didn't have full clearance, or the ability to assess the political necessities of the greater world without blindly charging in somewhere based on an emotional reaction to whatever you might hear?"

"We're not that naïve, Dr. Director," Kim said quietly.

"Sit where I do for a few years, and then you can tell me that," she shot back. "Besides, did you ever consider that I wanted precisely your reaction. And that knowing you as I did, I allowed you learn what you did fully anticipating just how your legendary obstinacy would guide you."

Kim glowered. "I'm not that…..!"

Ron gently cleared his throat.

"Yes," she asked him.

"She might have a point, KP. A roundabout one, and backhanded as it was, I think that was a compliment."

Kim scowled. "So, what about Colonel Black?"

"He might be gone for now, but men like him always show back up."

"The government is going to protect him, aren't they," Kim asked.

"What do you think," Betty asked frankly.

"So, the fact he almost slaughtered the entire human race means nothing?"

"I'm sure they'll take steps to rein in his…..exuberance."

"So will we," Ron said.

Betty said nothing to that as the doors to the building opened behind them, and Global Justice agents began herding the battered agents from the secret floor out into waiting ground transport. Ron and Kim both unknowingly shared the same doubt they would ever see the inside of a prison.

They were still eyeing the prisoners being loaded into vans when an agent from Betty's VTOL ran out of the aircraft, and rushed to her side.

"Dr. Director. We just heard from the Delta squad transporting Shego to prison."

Kim groaned.

"She broke out," Kim and the agent both said as one.

"Of course she did," Ron threw up his hands. "This is starting to get monotonous," he complained to Kim.

"Well, she might break out," Kim smiled at her fiancé, "But she'll never beat us."

"Got that right," he grinned, and took her hand.

Even as Kim's Kimmunicator chirped, and an alarmed Wade exclaimed, "Kim, Ron! Shego just broke out of the….."

He frowned as both of them started laughing even as Kim powered up her ring, and cried Ron aloft with her as Betty and her agents were left staring after them.

"Orders, ma'am," the man asked as he tore his eyes from the departing duo.

"SOP, Agent Rogers. I want to know how she broke loose this time. Those new cuffs were supposed to be plasma proof."

"They were, ma'am. Someone forgot to search her, and she…..apparently just picked the locks."

Betty's scowl was beyond eloquent as she spat, "Now I know how Will feels about working with amateurs," she complained.

Then remembered it was a pair of amateurs who had literally just saved the world. Again.


Light years away, a grim circle of small, blue men stared at the images of the final resolution on Earth that prevented a needless genocide.

"Is it possible," one of the Guardians asked, not looking at the redheaded Lantern, but at the lean, blonde male that stood beside her.

"His power is uncharted, and beyond belief. It is not inconceivable it could be….."

"The Blue Element," one of them asked in a stunned, reverent tone.

"If so? What should we do?"

"For now, we do nothing. We shall simply observe this human."

"Both of them," the Guardian that watched over that particular sector nodded his accord.

"Agreed," they chorused.