The air was cold.

That was the first thing that slid into Toris' muddled train of thought as he slid out of the bed, careful not to wake his companion. He winced a little at the pain in his lower back, before rooting around for his clothes.

He couldn't find them.

Vaguely, he wondered exactly where he and Matthew had been when the blond had stripped him, before slamming him against the wall, sliding one hand along his thigh and pulling his leg up to rest on Matthew's hips-

Toris flushed bright red at the memory. Ah. A bundle of red caught his eye, and he realized it was the Canadian's sweatshirt. Walking over to the corner of the room, he picked it up and, after making sure it wasn't stained from any of their activities, slid it on. It may have barely covered enough, and the sleeves were a bit too long, but at least Matthew was a bit bigger than him, otherwise it wouldn't have covered anything at all.

Speaking of Matthew.

A soft groan came from the bed, and the brunette turned to look. The Canadian was sitting up now, with one hand pressed against his forehead, the other braced against the mattress to help him remain upright.

Toris walked over to Matthew and held his shoulder to balance the hangover-ridden man out.

"Are you alright?" Toris asked.

"Yeah, just a littleā€¦" The Canadian looked at the Lithuanian man. "Why are you here? And wearing my sweatshirt?" The blond looked at himself and stared in shock. "Where are my clothes?"

Toris blinked, before blushing heavily. "Ah. We met in a bar a bit down the street. I sat down with you, and we talked for a while. We both had a bit too much to drink, and..." He let his sentence trail off, shifting his weight a little bit to help alleviate a bit of the pain. (Although it was really more of an ache; Matthew must have been very gentle. He blushed harder at the thought.)

Matthew stared at him like a deer -did they have deer in Canada?- caught in headlights, before all the blood left his face. "Oh. Oh god, Toris, I'm so sorry!" He leaped out of the bed, embracing Toris, apparently forgetting he was naked. "Oh god, I'm sorry! You must hate me now!" The Canadian buried his head in the Lithuanian's neck, and he could feel the tears forming.

Toris froze for a moment, before wrapping his arms around Matthew in return. "It's alright, Matthew... I don't mind, and I'm certainly not angry, not in the slightest." He whispered softly.

The blond pulled back, although he didn't release the brunette fully. "But I took advantage of you! I did a horrible thi-"

Toris decided to silence Matthew. Apparently, kissing him was a good way to do that.

It wasn't anything heavy, just a soft press of lips against lips. But it was enough, and when Toris pulled back they were both blushing, staring at each other in silence.

"...Maybe you should put some clothes on?" Toris suggested.

Matthew jerked, startled, before blushing even heavier. "Ah! Um, right.." He looked around the room.

"I'll be downstairs, in the living room, alright?" Toris said.

The blond nodded. "Okay! I'll be down in a minute."

The Lithuanian slipped out the door, moving downstairs towards the living room. However, he paused at the entry, peering down towards the front door.

Ah. So that's where his clothes were.