A/N: [Written for Livejournal user, morte206, for LJ's femslash_today's 1000th post kink meme.] This is my first WoWP fic. I like the idea of kinky!top!Alex. XD

Pairing: Alex/Harper

Prompt: Manipulation is all about control

Warnings: Femslash, magical bondage, sexual content, sexual tension, teasing, nudity, underage

Word count: 604


Wand Control

Harper was tense as the dark haired girl's wand traced against her naked skin. She tried to remember what Alex was suppose to be doing, but her skin was tingling and her stomach was tied in knots from anticipation. Up and down her stomach the wand's tip went, around each harden nipple, and sliding lightly against her slit sending a shudder through her body and a breathy moan from her lips.

"Wh-What are you doing?" Harper finally asked as her heart thumped rapidly.

"I'm playing with you." Alex laughed, bringing the tip of her wand to her lips and licking it with a wink.

"Why?" The redhead scowled.

The dark haired girl crawled atop of her and kissed pouty lips. Her body purposely rubbed against her friend's and Harper bit her tongue to keep from moaning. She wanted to be angry, but she was having difficulties concentrating on that anger.

"Manipulation is all about control, you know." Lips pressed against Harper's neck, kissing down to her collarbone where teeth took their place, making her hiss and squirm.

"You can't manipulate me." The redhead braved.

"Pfft, because I never have?" Alex asked, tilting her head down to her friend's breasts.

"No! Wait. Have you?"

"You're cute when you're clueless. Have you tried to move your arms, by the way?" Alex's chin rested against the valley between the redhead's breasts.

Confused, she tried to move her arms and found them to be trapped in place at her sides. When she tried to move her legs, she got the same result. Except for her neck, she couldn't move her body.

"Alex? What did you do to me?" Her voice tried to keep out the creeping panic from it.

"I told you, it's all about control." Alex cooed, her fingers gliding against Harper's side and hip.

"I thought you meant self control!" Harper cried even as she shivered from the touch.

The other girl only smirked before moving her head so she can catch a nipple in her mouth. Harper groaned and shivered as her long time friend teased the flesh with her tongue and teeth. The hand on her hip teased the skin of her hip and thigh, it's path clear, but Harper unable to spread her legs to allow easier access. It was then that she realized this wasn't about easier access. As a matter of fact, there was a good chance this wasn't even about sexual pleasure.

"Oh no! You're not... ah... going to just tease me!?" Harper gasped as the hand on her hip found her slit.

"Do I seem like the type of person cruel enough to do that?"


The dark haired girl chuckled as she changed breasts, biting the other nipple and making her friend cry out. Alex's fingers tickled the redhead's slit, sliding along it's length but refusing to slide in. Harper was soon reduced to a twitchy and groaning mess as Alex's torture continued for several minutes. She was literally on the verge of tears before Alex finally eased up and stopped touching her.

"Please, no more." Harper begged, trying to sniffle back her tears. "I can't take anymore."

"Only because I love you will I little listen to your plea." Alex kissed her friend's mouth softly.

The redhead just nodded as Alex changed her position and finally pushed into her friend, fingers quickly becoming slippery in the very wet center of her friend. Harper moaned, the tears she'd been holding back fell hot and distantly angry. She loved Alex, but the wizard was going to be the end of her if she kept this kind of torture up.

-[Evil] End-