I couldn't help writing this little epilogue-ish fic after I read Starclimber. Just a glimpse into the future of Matt and Kate :)

I thanked the cabdriver, stepping out onto the sidewalk. My second home, a quaint Parisian house, greeted me. A garden filled with odd plants and a greenhouse turned laboratory peeked around the corner, rosebushes flowing over the white picket fence. I smiled, pausing at the gate, wanting to take it all in. It always felt good to come home again, even though I loved the sky.

I was just noticing that the mailbox was overflowing when my first home walked out the front door.

Kate Cruse grinned at me, her chestnut hair messily piled up on top of her head, the stained apron she used for her experiments tied loosely over a simple dress. She looked lovely. I went through the gate and gladly took her in my arms.

"Welcome back, husband," she smiled, and gave me a homecoming kiss. It had been a particularly long trip, and I'd missed her.

We pulled away after a few moments, and I winced as she shouted back into the house. "Aurora, Sam, come out, Daddy's home!"

I laughed at the shrieks of excitement emanating from within the house. "How've they been?"

"Oh, Sam was absolutely disgusted by the idea of taking a bath last night. He wanted to stay up and sketch his cloud cats all night." Kate sighed, but I could tell she was proud of our youngest. Ever since our family sightseeing trip over the Pacificus, Sam had been intrigued by the flock of cloud cats we'd spotted.

I was about to reply, but my curly-haired little girl came storming down the front steps and into my arms. "Daddy!" she cried happily.

"Aurora!" I replied, hugging her tightly. Our daughter was almost eight, but still slim and small enough to be lifted up, as I used to do all the time when she was little. I swung her about in a circle, pleased to hear her delighted giggle once more. Then five-year-old Sam was clinging to my leg, begging for a turn.

"All right, all right," Kate laughed, once he came in for a soft landing on the dirt path. "Dinner's almost ready, you two go wash up. Be quick, but thorough. Daddy wants to freshen up, too."

They each gave me one last hug and hurried to get ready for dinner. I took Kate's hand in mine, picking up my suitcase in the other. "Good to be home," I said, smiling at her.

"Good to have you back, Captain Matt Cruse," she replied, and we shared another kiss before heading inside.

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