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Chapter One


Sasuke sat in the living room with his family. His cool eyes laid upon the lawyer that was reading the will his Baa-Chan had left. She hasn't been dead for 24hrs yet, and the Uchiha family were already jittery about who she left what to. The first couple of pages was just babbling about what she enjoied about life. How she wished she done more than be a house wife. It dragged on for hours until the lawyer got to the juicy things everyone wanted to hear.

Sasuke was disgusted how eagerly people were leaning forward looking like hungry wolves while liking their dry lips. Sounds of groans, happy yelps, and curses were made as he went down the list. There was only one person left. The young Uchiha hiself. All the Uchiha's turned their heads toward Sasuke. They all knew that Uchiha Unohana favored him the most. Sneers were present on alot of people's faces as he smugly looked at him.

"Finally for my darling, Sasuke I leave..." The lawyer raised a brow, which made quite a few people raise their heads in curiosity. "For...My darling Sasuke..." The lawyer repeated slowly. a few eager people were whispering, hurry the hell up! The lawyer cleared his throat as he continued. "For my darling Sasuke I leave my prized lamp." Snickers were heard from all over the room.

"You have to be fucking kidding me!" Sasuke said as he stood up abruptly.

"What's wrong did you think you was going to get that old hags mo--Whoa!" Uchiha Ginta said with furrowed brows. "If this cunt doesn't get the money and none of us get the mon--" The lawyer cut him off with a sigh.

"Lastly," The tired lawyer said dryly. "I give all my money to charity."

"That fuckin' bi--" Sasuke busted Ginta's mouth, and a tooth flew out of the middle aged man's mouth, and landed in someones drink.

"She might be dead, but don't disrespect my Baa-Sama..."

"Why the hell do you care?" The man growled. "She left you a bloody lamp. A lamp for crying out loud!"

Sasuke clenched his fist as he growled she most likely had her reasons. The young boy was sure of it. Unohana might of been a little loopy at times, but she must of done it for a reason. It just had to be a reason. He mentally sighed to himself, 'Well at least I actually got something...Unlike some...' People filed out of the room one by one after collecting what Uchiha Unohana had given them. Sasuke casually strolled towards the lawyer who was for some reason kind of unwilling to hand over the lamp.

The lawyer's snake like golden eyes narrowed with disgust at Sasuke, which the young Uchiha brushed off. Hey if he wanted the stupid lamp he could have it. As Sasuke left he examined it closely. It wasn't the kind of lamp he imagined it to be. The make of the bottle was 6inches, but had a narrow neck, but when it got towards the bottom it turned roundish. The color was very elegant. It was a metalic purple embedded with blue jewels. "I guess this would make an okay decore for my house." He said to himself as he placed it into a box very carefully.


While entering his home Sasuke placed the lamp on the mantle above his fireplace. He scrunched up his face as he thought. "Did Baa-Chan get cremated?" He picked the bottle up and shook it. A rattling sound echoed from the lamp. He pulled the top from the lamp, and a purple smoke spirled out of the lamp. Curls of the purple smoke roamed everywhere. The young Uchiha coughed as he fanned the smoke away. "What...the..."

"I-I am the Djinn of the lamp." A girl dressed in arabian clothes.

"What kind of fucking joke is this?"

"I am not joking, Young M-M-Master."

"What did you just call me?"

"Y-Young Master."

"I am not your Master." He said with disgust.

"You have s-s-summon me so there f-for you are my Master."

"This is just really freaky..."

"Mistress Unohana didn't mention how difficult he would be." The Djinn thought to herself as her crystal eyes surveyed the young boy standing before her.

"This has to be a joke or something." Sasuke chuckled to hiself. "This can't be real."

The Djinn puckered her lips slightly and blew. Purple smoke once again engulfed the whole room when the smoke was gone, he was no longer in hhis home, but in the Land of Snow. Sasuke's teeth chattered as he held hiself. He looked over to the so called Djinn. She was standing in her revealing arabian outfit not once giving notice to the cold. "N-Now do you b-believe?" She stuttered again.

"Yes!" Sasuke yelled. "Yes, I believe okay just get me back!" With another blow with her lips and the eruption of purple smoke, and they were back in his cozy house. He was still shivering and the Djinn opened up her mouth, and a swirl of purple smoke wafted over to the fire, and a fire magically appeared. The warmth of the fire made Sasuke relaxed and sleepy at the same time. He rubbed his hand, and looked side ways at the Djinn.

"Djinn, eh?"

"Hai, Young M-Master?" She said as she bowed. "What is it that you need?"

"Don't call me Young Master...Call me Sasuke..."

"A-Alright, You--Sasuke..."

"Since you know my name what shall I call you by? What is your name?"


"That is what you are, but what is your proper name?"

The Djinn had to ponder. Its been so long since someone asked what her name was. Unohana just called her Tsuki, but she knew that wasn't her real name. 300yrs in a lamp can kind of mess up your memory. "Tsuki."

"Tsuki..." Sasuke said as he leaned against the wall. While Tsuki was pondering what her name was he was watching her steadly. He couldn't believe he had a real Djinn in his possession. He heard myths from his Baa-Chan all the time, but he never would of thought she had a real Djinn in her grasp. That woman was full of so many surprises. Sasuke mused to himself as he thought about what he could wish for. "Lets get down to buisness." He grinned from ear to ear."

"Hai, Sasuke-San." Sasuke sighed. Atleast it was better than Young Master.

"How many wishes do I get?"

"Your wishes are unlimited, bu--"

'Baa-Chan thank you!' He said to himself. Sasuke blinked a few times. "But what?"

"To make a wish I'll have to be right by you...If we are seperated for more than a week you're wishes are terminated." Tsuki remembered what Unohana had told her before she died. "So you'll know ahead of time I cannot kill people nor make people fall in love...and lastly..." Her crystal eyes bore into his. "I cannot bring people back from the dead."

The young boy's joyous musement died instantly.

"Once they're dead, they're dead."

"Then what good are you?!"

"...." Tsuki turned into purple smoke, and went into her lamp, and the plug to the bottle floated over and popped itself back into place.


Sasuke brushed his teeth while he wore a scowl on his face. Images of his mother flashed before him. That's what he wanted was his mother back. She was so kind and warm, and made life worth living. When she died it was like part of him died along with her. An aching pain shoot through his chest at the memories from so long ago. He risened his mouth then went back to his bedroom. When he opened the door his heart had nearly stopped beating, because it felt like his heart didn't beat for at least five minutes.

On his bed and on her knees was Tsuki the Djinn fully nude while posing with her hands behind her back. He gulped. His eye twitched as he took in her curvey features. "Sasuke-Sama, do you wish for me to please you?" She asked in a very seductive voice. The moonlight shone through the blinds, and made her appear as an angel. Candles popped up everywhere, and magically lit themselves.

Sasuke was about to act on his instincts and take the willing girl now, and ravager every part of her body. It took all her will power to stay in control. He abruptly turned his back towards her, as he cleared his throat. "Get dressed and leave." Within a puff of purple smoke she was right in front of him still fully nude. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and whispered into his ear. "Do you not find me pleasing to your eyes?" Her eyes once again bore into his. "I can change my appearance if you like?" Her breath tickled his ear as she licked it.

Tsuki looked into Sasuke's eyes, and blinked a few times. The beautiful enchanting Djinn was engulfed in a cloud of purple smoke. When the smoke faded away the young boy's eyes widen in horror. "What. The. Fucking. Hell?" He growled behind clenched teeth. Emerald eyes stared into his onxy eyes with brightness in them. Long pink locks cascaded down to her shoulders. "Why are you posing as her of all people?"

"Hm." Tsuki let go as she appeared as her normal self wearing her arabian outfit. "I just picked the first girl I saw."

"You saw?" Sasuke's eyes narrowed in annoyment. "You can read people's minds?"

"Hai." Djinn was staring Sasuke straight in the eyes. "Eyes can tell a thousand stories..."

"As my first wish..." Sasuke said with a cold expression on his face. He looked at his reflection in Tsuki's crystal clear eyes. "I wish that as long as you're my Djinn that you cannot read minds."

"As you wish." A gleam of purple shimmered in her eyes.

"What am I thinking?" He asked as a test.

"I do not know." Tsuki said in bewilderment. "Did you not want me to read your mind?"

"It was just a test..." Sasuke sighed as he rubbed his left shoulder. "You should get to slee--Not my bed!" Sasuke yelled as he saw Tsuki about to crawl into his bed. "Just go back to your lamp!" He growled.

"As you wish." Tsuki said as she disappeared in a could of smoke.

"Baa-Chan..." Sasuke said as he looked at his ceiling. "I don't know if this is a good thing or a curse..." With a final sigh Sasuke crawled into his bed and shut his eyes.


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