Chapter 3: Walking into the Light

"Where am I?" Anna said as she opened her eyes to find herself in a large bedroom with mahogany wood dressers and nightstands.

"Hello, anyone here?" She yelled. Anna became very nervous as no one replied. She stood up with a pounding headache and walked over to one of the dressers, and saw the Hogwarts emblem engrained in the wood.

"Oh god! I can't be here, can I?" She asked herself.

She looked on top of the dresser and saw it, the thing she had been trying to separate herself from for sixteen years. The crystal was beckoning to her, but she was fighting it, she did not want to put it on, it would make this nightmare a reality.

After a few minutes of crying on her bed, she heard a knock on the door.

"Ms. Figg, dinner is served." Snape said on the other side of the locked door.

"I am not hungry!" She yelled.

"Fine, starve for all I care!" Snape hissed back and then vanished.

Anna did not go down to dinner, but she did decide she needed some fresh air around midnight. She grabbed her wand in her hand, and she felt it tingle. She had not used it in years and yet she never forgot a piece of magic that she learned from this school.

"Alohamora!" She spoke to the door and it opened. Anna looked around the great big entryway. It looked exactly as she remembered it, except a little older. She was busy looking around when a voice spoke to her.

"Can it be, Annabelle Figg, back at Hogwarts?" The poltergeist asked.

"Peeves, you haven't changed a bit have you?" She said as she looked at his ghostly figure.

"Ooh, I bet Snape is fuming!" Peeves laughed and disappeared.

"What does he know?" She said to herself, opened the door, and walked out onto the grounds. She walked a good 15 minutes until she reached the beginning of the Forbidden Forest. She remembered how she would come out here to think, and even fall in love. She was angry that she was forced to come back, and wanted to scream at someone. However, just before she did she saw Severus Snape walking and talking to himself.

"I can't believe she was so difficult. She knows better than any of us that we are the last phoenixes! She must have felt the mark burn! She is so pigheaded. Who does she thinks she is, running out on her family?" Snape fumed.

Anna was so upset she ran back into the castle crying when she ran straight into Albus Dumbledore.

"Belle, are you all right?" He asked.

"What do you think, I was forced to come here, live in the same castle as Severus Snape, and fight a more powerful Voldermort!" She said upset.

"Belle, if it is really your wish to go back to your Muggle life, then I am not going to stop you, but Harry is in more danger that ever before, and you are the only phoenix that is not present at this school protecting him." He said as he offered her a tissue.

"I can't do this Dumbledore, I can't face him again." She cried.

"I know the pain he caused to you and Severus, but you can't keep running from your past because like now it will catch up with you." He said.

"I haven't done magic in sixteen years, Dumbledore; I am probably one of the least likely recruits for your war." She said.

"I pray that this will not result in war, but the wizarding world is beginning to part, and Voldermort knows it. Secondly, I truly believe that you are the most qualified person for the job. I have also asked your mother to help me." Dumbledore said.

"Ha, my mother, please do not even mention her around me." Anna said.

"Did Severus give you the crystal?" He asked.

"Yes, it was on my dresser when I awoke, but I did not put it on." She said

"I see, well when you have made your decision whether to fight with us or see our world perish please come and see me." Dumbledore said.

"It's not that I don't want to help, because I do. I just don't know if I have the courage." Anna said.

"Courage, my dear is not the absence of fear; it knows that there is something more important." Dumbledore said, and walked away. (A/N: This quote is from Princess Diaries, and by someone else, I do not remember whom.)

"Why does he always say things that make me feel horrible for my decision?" She said aloud after he had gone.

"Because it was horrible of you!" Snape said sadistically and walked away.

"God, I hate him!' She muttered after he was a few feet ahead of her.

Snape walked back to his room thinking about the past week. He had had to deal with emotions that had been left untouched for sixteen years, and he knew that today those feelings would stop, because now he had to work with Belle, the last person he wanted to see again. She had hurt him all those years ago, and now Dumbledore was willing to bring her back with open arms, while he had to play unknown hero for her.

The morning came too quickly for Anna. She did not want to face her fears and join the Order of the Phoenix, but she knew that she must for the wizarding world.

"May I introduce Annabelle Figg, to everyone? You may know her as one of the last remaining phoenixes." Dumbledore said as she walked through the door into Dumbledore's office to find, Remus Lupin, Sirrus Black, Minivera McGonagall, Severus Snape and Fawkes, better known as Arabella Figg, her mother.

"As you all know Annabelle, Severus, Arabella, and I are all animagus and can were born with the power to change into a phoenix. When Voldermort came to power, we were drafted into a special force known as the Order of the Phoenix. The is one phoenix that is not here yet, but you all know who I speak off, now if you will join us Annabelle, and put on the crystal. This crystal holds the light and our special power. If you were to break it, you would lose your ability to do magic." Dumbledore summed up, as the four of them walked to the desk grabbed their crystal and placed it around their necks.

Instantly they all changed into phoenixes. Severus turned a deep green, Arabella turned red, Dumbledore silver, and Annabelle turned a deep purple. She stretched her wings and walked into the light.