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"I dreamed I died."

Pausing at the hesitant, half-disturbed, half-awed words of his friend and subordinate, Sephiroth raised a brow in silent query of what he wasn't saying to go with the statement.

Sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck, Zack eyed the silver-haired man with unusual wariness as he muttered, "I died protecting someone."

Instantly, Sephiroth's gaze went from puzzled curiosity to mild concern. He knew that Zack had always wanted to be a hero, but the level of heroism he was implying…

"Don't worry, Seph, it wasn't suicide or me being a martyr or anything. I just…I felt that I had someone to protect and someone to go back to, so I needed to take care of them. There was a fight; a big one," he added thoughtfully, his far away gaze not registering Sephiroth's still body and expression. "I had a feeling this would be It, but I lasted to the very end, until I could barely stand or even see…and just when I was feeling hope, I got really tired…I blacked out for a minute, and then when I opened my eyes, it was raining, like the Planet itself was crying for me. Pretty selfish, huh?"


The spiky-haired Lieutenant shook his head, dismissing his friend's uneasy words before he could start trying to convince him that it was 'just a dream.' "I know it doesn't sound all that great, Seph, but it felt so real…and in the end, I could feel someone come and…" he swallowed and looked away to bow his head, his voice faltering over the words. But oddly enough, there was this small spark of pride in his dream-self that urged him to keep on speaking. "I asked if I had become a hero…and the feeling I got, Seph, it was so clear; it was like I'd fulfilled something I'd been born for."

A hesitant hand settled into his spikes, making him raise his head a bit in question at Sephiroth, who was looking at his own hand as if it had a mind of its own. He knew that the general wasn't exactly the most emotionally stable man, but it was still odd to see him questioning such human reactions as laughter or the need to comfort.

Even his voice, usually so calm and cold, radiated the uncertainty Zack could see lining the corners of his mouth. "I am sure that Angeal would be proud of you, but…" Here, he hesitated again before gingerly patting Zack's wild mane. "…I would much prefer it if you did not die at all, however heroic it may seem to have been." Uncomfortable, he turned to walk back to his office, a small, bittersweet smile crossing his face. "You are…the only person left who I wouldn't mind calling a friend."

Stunned, Zack stood rooted to the spot as Sephiroth stalked from the room. After a moment, he grinned to himself and scratched his head before murmuring, "I guess that's as good as him saying that we are friends then, huh?"

And that was good enough for him.

Quiet: Short, sweet and to the point. I actually dreamed him saying this to Seph. Weird, huh? o.O