Chapter. 42 Epilogue

It's been two and a half years since my wedding day. Edward and I finished our movie in the middle of January. Last year it premiered in Los Angeles, and quickly became a hit; as did our first movie. On January 23rd, Edward and I recited those eternal vows, during a small country wedding held in a beautiful, rustic barn, on his parents property. Alice and Esme outdid their selves, the one hundred guests in attendance sat on hay bales, facing the alter, which was made of more hay bales and a handmade hitching post. Hanging oil lanterns lined the aisle that was composed of beautifully colored fall leaves. My bridesmaids wore dark wash wranglers, with orange and turquoise plaid shirts, and brown phat baby boots. The men including the groom wore dark wash wranglers, white shirts with a black western tie, and orange colored vests, the groom's was white; Under a black western dress coat, and black boots. Half my dark brown hair was pulled up, giving a hint of the vintage style, the rest flowed down in loose curls. My wedding dress was made with the finest off white dupioni silk, tulle, and pearls. The top was a simple halter, the bottom hinted of vintage western style; being bunched and draped, with a long flowing train, that was later removed and replace with a pair of dark wash Roockies.

We ate, BBQ and drank lots of liquor, and partied till four in the morning. Edward and I boarded a private jet five hours later, and headed to Alaska. At about 7:00pm we arrived at small private cabin, that could only be reached by plane, and then snowmobiles. We spent the next two months making love, hunting, fishing, skiing, and relaxing, never going any further than ten miles from the cabin. Food and supplies where brought to us, once a week and we were in heaven!

We decided to purchase that cabin before we left, to return to LA. We also purchased a four bedroom two story home, on forty acres, an hour or so out of LA, by Santa Clarita. And we kept Edward's LA loft. Edward went right back to work, he had signed contracts for various movies, that were back to back. I decided to take my time and choose my movie roles carefully.

Edward and I celebrated our first year anniversary in Rome; because that is where he was filming. We spent three months in Rome. It was beautiful and romantic, and also where I got sick, for the first time in years. The nice doctor prescribe me some antibiotics, and in his very poor English, told me about the affect they would have on birth control, if I happen to be taking any. I, of course didn't understand a word he said other than, one every six hours, with food. So, Rome was also where we conceived, our first child, Lily Ann Cullen, who was name after Rosalie and Esme (Rose's middle name is Lillian, and Esme's middle name is Annie).

Lily has my dark curls and her daddy's beautiful green eyes, she also has every man in the family wrapped around her little chubby fingers. I have stopped any movie making until she is old enough to go to school, and even then I'm not sure. Because, Edward and his super sperm knocked me up as soon as it was medically possible, and now I am six months preggos with our twin sons, Yeah I said it….mother lovin TWINS! My belly touches the steering wheel when I drive the car…..I am HUGE! Ayden Mason, and Braden Anthony Cullen are due soon thank GOD!

So currently my life is all that I dreamed it could be, I have an amazing husband, wonderful family and friends, and children. I don't have to work, but I have to option if I want. Life is good right now, and I am just trying to take it day by day. I miss my husband, because he is gone a lot, but thankfully, his contracted movies, are almost done; I really think he is going to take a break from movies…..I think?

So that is the basically how I found, lost , found, thought I lost, sexed up, fell deeply in love with, ran away, ran back, got proposed to, got married, got knocked up, got knocked up, and currently raising a toddler while I waddle around bearing twins, all for the love of my life Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. I just hope he decides to slow down, and enjoy this stage in our life with me soon, cuz Damn I miss him, and I'm tired….he should be calling soon….damn is it 5:00pm already? Huh? Oh well, he call soon………

And that ladies and one gentleman, is where the story ends…or does it? I hope you enjoyed it! I would like to thank all of my faithful fans! I love you all dearly and if y'all are itching to know if Edward will call soon…GET ON YOUR KNEES AND BEG! LMAO! No no, I'm only kidding, get up! Seriously people don't cry! If enough of you request a sequel I will do it! But if you request you request one, you must tell me what you want it to be about or at least things you would like to know about….be forewarned it's not as "lollipops and gumdrops" as peaches! Also you have to Look for my next story….. "Haley" I would say angsty with a chance of sweetness, and a sprinkle or dousing of funny.