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Chapter 1: Here we go…

Alice's POV

The move went well, everything was great. Where we moved to you ask? Well Forks, Washington of course. Why? Well wouldn't you like to know? Oh fine, it all started when I got my first vision of her.

~Flash Back of the vision~

She was breathtaking, her hair felt like silk against my touch. She smiled the most magnificent smile at me. She cupped my cheeks, her butterscotch orbs stared down at my blue ones hypnotizing me. I was at her bidding. I could do whatever she asked me to. As long as it wasn't to stay away from her, I don't think I ever could.


For the pass days I continued to have visions of that girl and only that girl. She was a mystery to me, except I knew where she lived. It was two months ago when I got a vision of what school she's in Forks High.

I had to beg my parents to move here. Of course they asked why. I told them about the visions of the girl and how my feelings grew for her with each passing vision. They both knew I had visions before, but never so focus on one simple girl. But they agreed nonetheless, my sister was pissed to hear that we were moving because of my visions, yet I didn't have the time to care I was so freaking happy at the time. So here we are, in our own house. Lucky there was a house for sale.

I looked at the boxes around my room. I still haven't unpacked. My mind has been lately on the mystery girl. I shook my head of the thoughts that played in my mind and started to unpack. I started to hum so my mind wouldn't go back to her. Every single day my thoughts were on her.

It took me two hours to finish unpacking. Everything was put away my clothes were in my draws and closet. Everything else was put where it belonged. I looked at my alarm clock, it read 7:30. It was too early to sleep. Even though I start school tomorrow and my sister, Cynthia starts the day after. I know weird, but whatever.

I thought I'll take a shower, grabbing my bath robe from my closet. I stripped out of my closes and put my robe on, closing the robe and tying the rope like tie around my waist so it won't open. I headed out my room to the bathroom across the hall, closing the bathroom door behind me when I entered.

I untied my robe and let it drop. I walked into the shower, turning it on, allowing the water to get hot as I fully stepped in. I took a nice long shower when the water got cold I turned it off and stepped out the shower, grabbing my robe from the floor. Putting my robe on and closed it, I opened the bathroom door and headed back to my room. Kicking my bedroom door closed, I walked towards my draws. I pulled out fresh underwear and silk pajamas. I opened my robe, taking it off and tossed it on my computer chair. I put on the clothes I just pulled out.

I looked at my alarm clock, it read 8:00. It was still early but I had nothing else to do. I picked up the clothes I left on the floor. I put my dirty clothed in my hamper and made my way to my bed. Yes I was going to sleep early.

I crawled under the blanket, when my head touched the pillow. I was out like a light. I dreamt of her, my visions replaying over and over in my dream.

I woke up by an annoying sound. I slammed on the snooze button. God I rather hear my sisters shouting than an alarm. And my sis can shout.

I looked at the clock, it read 6:30, and school starts at seven. I threw the blanket back and jumped off my bed.

I went to my closet, I took out a white blouse and a black skirt, threw that on my bed. Then I went to my draws and took out a small black vest and black lace panties and a matching bra, threw those on my bed too. I stretched for a sec and went back to my bed.

This is it this is the day I get to met her. I smiled. I stripped off and put on the clothes I threw on my bed. I picked up the clothes I discarded on the floor and put it in my hamper. I grabbed my hair brush that lay on my draws. I brushed out the small knots that developed in my hair. I put my brush back where it belong and grabbed my bag that was next to my computer chair.

"Mary you're going to be late!" My mom yelled. I sighed at what she called me, Mary. I never liked that name, that's why I always go by Alice. My friends back in New York called me Alice, but back in my home town Mississippi they called me Mary, now let's see if people in this small town will call me that, before I have to correct them over ten times.

"Alright, I'm going!" I yelled back and put on my black stilettos that lay near my bed.

I headed to the bathroom first, brushing my teeth till they seem squeaky clean. After that accomplishment, I ran out the bathroom and down the stairs. I saw my mother, she held up the keys to my yellow Porsche turbo 911 and my black trench coat. I took them both and dashed to the garage.

I opened the driver's door and got in closing it. I tossed my bag and coat on the passenger's side. I started up my baby, pulling out the garage. I started my drive towards my new school. It wasn't that hard to find. There was a big sign saying 'Forks High'.

As I drove, I only noticed a few cars from a distance. All old and seem to be passed down. Then my eyes fell on a red Ferrari the only new one, well not anymore. I took a chance and parked next to it. I cut the engine and grabbed my coat and bag, getting out my car. I could feel eyes were on me, it started to drizzle. I put my coat on, leaving it open and ran inside the school building.

I looked for a sigh that'll lead me to the main office when I did. I opened the door, seeing a red haired lady in her mid-thirties sitting behind a desk. She looked up.

"What can I do for you?" She asked sweetly.

"I'm here to pick up my schedule. I'm Mary Brandon." I said, walking to her.

"Oh yes, one moment." She said, ruffling through some papers. When she found the correct ones she handed it to me, "Here is the map of the campus, your schedule and a slip you need all your teachers to sign and bring back." She said, I took the papers, smiling and left.

I checked the map and schedule. I had Bio, English, Math, French, Lunch, History and P.E. What a great schedule.

I went off to find my classes before the bell. When I found my third period class the bell rang. I headed to my first period. Oh joy.

The day dragged on like any other day. I've met a lot of boys, all wanting to score points. All of them called me Mary which I had to correct them. It was annoying. I only remembered three boys and three girl's names. The boys were Mike, Eric and Tyler and the girls were Jessica, Lauren and Angela. But out of all of them I only took help from Angela. She seemed to be the only one that wanted to help. The others wanted to score points or have something to gossip about.

It was lunch when I got out of French class. I walked with Angela and Jessica. I was in the middle of the two.

"So Alice you want to eat lunch with us and our other friends?" Jessica asked I could tell she was scheming to ask questions. She never got a chance to get answers, because I ignored them all.

"Yeah sure." I said.

As we walked, Jessica took the opportunely to ask me questions, again. I answered them with lies of course. I can't say that I've had visions of some girl and I begged my parents so we can move so I can meet her. Yeah that won't make me look crazy.

After the question asking and answering we made it to the cafeteria—okay in front of the double doors that lead to the cafeteria. Jessica and Angela pushed the doors open. We entered the cafeteria yet again all eyes were on me. I looked away and went to follow Angela and Jess.

Jess kept yelping her mouth as me and Ange pick what we want for lunch. We paid for our individual lunch and waited for the mouth, to join us.

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