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Chapter 5: Too good to be true

Alice's POV

It was time to go to school I was already dressed and fed. But there was one thing wrong here. I don't have a fucking car to drive to school, and my sis, the ass, drove to school already. She's a fucking bitch, god I hate her.

So I'm here in my living room sitting on the couch thinking of ways to kill my sister. My mind was stuck between two killer ideas. Either smother her in her sleep or cut the brake line on her car. But I think cutting the brake lines will be more enjoyable to watch. Smothering her in her sleep would cause her to flail her arms and try to push me off. Cutting the brake lines will…

A knock interrupted my killer thoughts, getting up I walked to the front door and opened it. I gasped when I saw that it was Bella in all her glory. Her chocolate brown hair flowed loosely complementing her gold iris. The blue V-shirt she wore hugged her every curve, matching the black skinny jeans and a pair of high top black all star converse. I couldn't keep myself from staring at her top. More out of envy that the shirt is on Bella and not me, then out of lust, although…

"Hello Alice." She said drawing my attention up to her face with a sly smirk, barely showing her perfect white teeth.

"Bella, what are you doing here—not that I don't mind it's…" She silenced me mid-thought, bringing her slender index finger up to my lips. My heart raced with the thoughts I'd do to Bella's finger. Oh god I need help...or her. Mainly her, though.

"I came to pick you up seeing as you don't have a car." She continued to smile, removing her finger from my lips.

"Really?" I said a bit too enthusiastically for this situation.

"Come on Al let's go before we're late." She chuckled lightly, turning around and walking ahead towards her car.

I stepped outside, closing the door, and locking it behind me.

"Al, hurry up before I leave your pixie ass." She called I quickly rushed to her side. She once again chuckled at my actions. "Don't worry Al I won't leave ya." She said smiling while ruffling my hair. Her words made my heart soar; but her hand in my hair pissed me off.

"My hair! Do you know how hard it's to get it perfect?" I whined this of course caused Bella to roar with laughter. I tried to fix my hair, but once again Bella messed it up. "Bella!" I swatted her hand away.

"Yes because it takes a hard time to make bed hair perfect."

"Screw you, Bella." I huffed crossing my arms, looking at her.

"Oh you wish." She said wiggling her brow seductively. I stopped walking, staring at her, my mouth agape; my heart once again raced. "Al, you don't want to be late, or do you?" She raised a brow, a devilish grin plastered on her beautiful lips. I couldn't help but wish she was saying what I was thinking; but as realization dawned that's too good to be true.

"Come on Al." Bella called, holding the passenger door for me. I slipped in and buckled my seat belt as I watched Bella walk around the front of her car and soon entering the car herself.

We drove to school in silence the only sound: the quick, heavy drumming of my heart.


The day went by too quick for my liking but I couldn't complain. Bella never left my side all day; we never exchanged words, only saying hi to each other. Bella would mostly add 'Al' in it, which made my heart go wild. I was a little overwhelmed to have such a goddess walk me to and from class. My mouth was dry as the Sahara Desert. I didn't mind people staring even though they were menacing glares but I wasn't going to let their stares get me when I have a goddess among women with me. Yet my thoughts weren't on today they were on yesterday, the day when Bella saved my life.

All day my mind was on what happen yesterday, and the questions I wanted to ask her. How did she hear me in gym? What did she really mean when she said 'I'm glad I got you on time'? Why did she have a panicked expression on her face then looked relieved when I didn't go to the parking lot? How did she save me from being crushed by Jess's station wagon? Or how did she know how to save me?Those questioned plagued my mind, throughout the day.


We both got out the car and walked up to my house. We stopped near the porch steps. I turned around and faced my savior. I had to ask her. I wanted the truth. I needed the truth. I looked at Bella I been dying to ask her this, "Bella, why did you said 'I'm glad I got you on time' before Jessica crashed into my car?"

"Alice, what do you mean?" She said slightly confused. I noticed she didn't say Al; she's been calling me that all day. Now she wasn't; something was up, I could feel it.

"You know what I mean…you knew I was going to die or something…didn't you and that's why you stopped me." I said piecing her words from yesterday together.

"Alice, I told you why I was glad I got you on time." She reminded me. Again she didn't call me Al.

I shook my head; I didn't believe her for a minute, even if I didn't have a vision of this. "Don't lie. When you called my name I turned around and you had a panicked expression on your face then it just went away and you looked relieved. Tell me what happen?" I demanded, clenching my fist. I don't like being lied to. I never liked being lied to; it makes me just want to break down. To some degree, I'm a very fragile girl.

She looked at me with amusement; does she think this is funny?

"I plead the fifth." She smiled. Oh no, she was not pulling that Bill of Rights shit with me.

"Bella, I demand you to tell me!" I yelled, frustrated with the whole situation.

She chuckled humorlessly, "Do you think you have the power to make me?" I couldn't believe what was happening all I wanted was the truth. Was it that hard?

"Is it really that hard to tell me?" I asked trying to control rage that will bring tears to my eye.

I noticed that her expression became hard, but her eyes didn't match it. Tell, don't tell, tell, don't tell, tell; the conflict raged inside her. It was like Bella was battling another side of her, her dominant side.

But it seems the dominant side won the battle. "Why don't you just be grateful I saved you and not question how?" She snapped, her gold eyes turning dark amber. That did it, I fell on my knees tears streaming down my cheeks. She looked at me for a second before turning around. I could see she didn't care, and I bet she never cared. What made this more irritating was that I didn't get a vision on how things will go. Had I gotten a vision all of this could have been avoided, but I didn't, and what's done is done.

I watched as she walked away towards her car, got in and drove away through my blurred vision.

And I knew it.

It was too good to be true.


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Chapter 6: Please…listen…

I drove to no particular destination. I couldn't believe what I did. The conversation I had with Alice replayed in my head like a horrible nightmare. Everything was fine before that conversation, she was no longer suffering and neither was I. But I ruined it.

I drove on a dirt road path surrounded by trees, stomping on the brakes and put my car on park. I slumped back in the driver's seat, my hands still on the steering wheel. Unclenching and clenching the wheel.

What in God's name it wrong with me? Why didn't I tell her the truth? Why did I have to do that to her? Why am I pushing her away? Why did I react in that way? Why God damn it? Why…why…

"WWWHHHHYYYYY" I screamed my head off, crushing the top part of steering wheel in little pieces. My whole body trembled; sobs were breaking out at an uncontrolled rate. Unshed tears left a stinging feeling matching my heart.


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