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Summary: After a hot afternoon of intense training, Team Gai takes a break in the shade. The guys start their "boy gossip" AKA girls' "assets" with an amused Tenten listening to every word. Is Tenten getting jealous? ~Nejiten One-shot~


Wrong in the Shade


It was a hot and humid day in Konoha and Team Gai just finished their afternoon training bout. Tenten and Lee flopped down under a shady grove of trees panting heavily. Neji sat down silently and leaned against a tree. His face was emotionless even though it was over 100 degrees and he was breathing a bit harder than usual.

Lee, after catching his breath, sat up and assumed an Indian-styled position, green spandex-covered legs crossed. Tenten stretched like a cat and sighed. She climbed into the tree Neji was leaning on and stretched out on a shadowy branch, her hands supporting her head as she lay down. Tenten's amber eyes followed Sakura's pink head flew past.

"Hi Tennie! Hey Lee, Neji. Got a mission. See ya!" Sakura shouted over her shoulder. Naruto and Sasuke followed. Sasuke gave a nod of acknowledgement while Naruto ran off in random directions shouting, "Believe it!"

After Team 7 disappeared into the shadows of the forest, Lee said cheerfully, "You know, Sakura-chan gets prettier everyday…" And then, to Tenten's disbelieving ears, Lee said something UNYOUTHFUL!!!

"She's got such a nice ass."

Tenten mentally gasped. Wow. Lee actually said something wrong.

"Hn." Neji grunted. From her position in the trees, Tenten could see a smirk forming on his perfect lips.

Damn. No wrong thoughts on your teammate, even if he is irresistibly hot. ARGH!! Bad Tenten!

"Yes, she is quite attractive. Although a bit undeveloped in some areas…" Neji's voice sounded.

Tenten rolled on the branch so she was on her stomach, looking down on the boys. I really hope Sakura doesn't hear that…I know her temper only too well.

Lee agreed, "Yeah, what about Ino-chan? Ino has a full chest and a great ass. She is hot too, but not as hot as my lovely blossom of youth."

"Ino is pretty, but I think she tries to hard. She is such a flirt even if she has bust." Neji replied smoothly. "She looks good with Kiba. Both annoying flirts."

"True, very true Neji." Lee replied. "And Hinata has a voluptuous—"

"You realize that is my cousin you are talking about?" Neji asked coldly. His gaze had hardened into the copyrighted Hyuuga Glare. "I really do not want wrong images in my mind of my cousin."

Tenten watched in amusement as Lee started his long apology of being unyouthful. She saw Neji close his eyes with disgust and heard him mutter something that sounded vaguely like "Incest…"

Finally deciding to say something, Tenten blinked a couple times before saying, "Do you realize how wrong it is to listen to that? They are my best friends, and it doesn't help anything to know that my teammates have wrong thoughts about them."

Neji looked up. He smirked ever so slightly. Neji glanced at Lee, who had finally stopped apologizing, and a secret communication was made.

"There is also this one girl who is very beautiful." Neji started.

Lee continued, "Yeah, she also looks really sexy when she lets her hair down. We notice her tops have been getting a lot tighter recently. And Neji happens to like her!"

"Shut up Lee. She is always cheerful and a strong kunoichi." Said Neji his annoying-yet-attractive smirk still in place. "And she is smart and a good strategist. Very caring too."

Tenten raised an eyebrow. "Oh really? And who might she be? If she is one of my friends, I will—"

"It's not Temari, if that's what you're thinking." Interrupted Lee. "Although she has a very admirable chest and curves."

Tenten was surprised. Temari was the only one whose shirts had been getting very tight lately. "O.K. then. Its not one of my close friends, so I won't bother asking anymore."

"You want to know." Neji stated plainly.

Tenten narrowed her eyes slightly. "Shut up. Let's see how you feel when you here disturbing things about your friends."

Neji arched a thin eyebrow of his own. Tenten shook her head, jumped down from her tree branch, cleared her throat and closed her eyes.

When she opened them again, they were wide and bright like all of Neji's fan-girls. You could almost see the hearts dancing. Tenten clasped her hands in front of her and said in a sweet breathy voice, "Oh my god! Have you seen Gaara lately? He let his hair grow longer and its sooo soft and silky! I could just play with it all day. And his brother Kankuro has such an amazingly attractive smile! And he so muscular I could just faint in his arms! Not to mention, Sasuke's dark eyes are so sexy, I would stare at them all day!"

Lee was rolling on the ground in pain (mentally and emotionally of course) while Neji was looking at her with evident horror in his pearl-colored eyes.

Tenten blinked and all traces of fangirlism were gone. "You see? I'm not the only one… By the way, I hope Sakura never hears of this. Her temper is short enough as it is, without her PMSing mode."

Lee was almost in tears. "I'm sorry Tenten!" he wailed. "I'll never do it again. If I do, I will run 10000 laps around Konoha as a punishment!"

Neji muttered, "Please don't ever do that again." It wasn't just disgust making him say that. Tenten could see something else in his eyes as well. Anger? Jealously?

Tenten grinned. "I love you guys so much! Oh, the girls are having a sleepover tonight. We'll be playing Truth or Dare. And I can bet they girls will ask what happened during training."

Lee and Neji both stiffened. They knew of Sakura's legendary wrath would come and get them if she heard of the inappropriate thoughts that were voiced today.

Tenten stuck her hand out. "Tributes to me so I keep my mouth shut."

Lee groaned and handed her a coupon for a free weapon. He had been saving it, but if it would save him from the wrath of Sakura, he'd give it to Tenten.

Tenten smugly took the coupon. "Thanks Lee. I'll remember to give you a good present for Christmas." Tenten looked at Neji expectantly.

Neji glared at her. "You are being very evil you know."

"I do. I know many things, especially blackmail."

Suddenly Neji stood up and grabbed Tenten's hand, pulling her very close to him. Tenten felt a slight blush creeping up due to their close proximity.

Neji leaned close to her ear. "That girl—its you." He murmured softly before kissing her cheek lightly.

Tenten was just stared at him in shock. Her amber eyes narrowed to slits. "And you and Lee have been having WRONG THOUGHTS ABOUT ME?!" shrieked Tenten.

Neji smirked slightly before effectively shutting her up by kissing her full on the lips. Lee just cried "happy" tears and said more things about youth.


The End or TBC, you decide.


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