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Hiashi inwardly smirked as he sensed the couple move toward his study door. There was sharp rap.

"Come in."

Neji calmly opened the door and Tenten followed him into the room with a delicate blush adorning her cheeks.

Hiashi looked up with narrowed eyes. "Yes, Neji?"

Neji glanced at Tenten who merely shrugged. He said, "We're getting married whether you approve or not, though I believe you would be most pleased to hear that I've snagged little Miss Ryuu Clan Heiress."

His fiancé smiled, showing her pointed eyeteeth. "Most pleased, aren't you, Hiashi-sama?"

Hiashi kept his face void of emotion. "Indeed?"

Tenten's grinned widened. "Yes…although I have no intention on listening to my future husband-to-be. I mean seriously, why should I be an obedient wife? That's just sexist."

The Hyuuga clan leader cracked a small smile. "I am pleased to hear that you are marrying into the Hyuuga clan on your own free will."

"I wouldn't be if it weren't for this bastard here and his endless antics to make me go insane. If it weren't for his stupidity, I wouldn't have found my family history and rivals so quickly…which wouldn't have led to many unfortunate happenings."

Neji twitched at the mention of bastard and stupidity. "I should hope you feel those unfortunate happenings are fortunate." He entwined his fingers with hers.

"Hmm?" Tenten looked at him innocently. "They brought me a bastard of a fiancé who is a gifted prodigy of his clan. Many of your fangirls would kill to be in my position."

Neji had his signature smirk in place. "Who wouldn't?"

Tenten frowned cutely and jerked her hand away from him. "Let's just hope you're as talented in other arts as you are in taijutsu."

"And what other arts do you refer to?" murmured Neji with an enticing smile.

Tenten crossed her arms and said teasingly, "Nether regions."

A vein throbbed and Neji narrowed his eyes. "That's what you're thinking about? We aren't even married yet."

His fiancé smiled coyly. "Mmhmm. Although you're one to talk. Who was the one who repeatedly kept doing weird things to me that no doubt come from whatever wet dreams he dreamed up?"

"That is beyond the point." Neji stated sternly, though he felt heat rushing to his face. He whispered quietly, "But I will make all you fantasies come true."

Tenten blushed. "What would you know about my so-called fantasies?"

"We probably spend more time together than Sakura chases Sasuke."

"Huh," sniffed Tenten childishly. "Are you sure you can really meet all my standards?"

Neji's smirk grew slightly. "I can assure you I am very gifted."

Hiashi, who had been watching the couple flirt relentlessly, interrupted with a cough. "If you are to discuss such matters, kindly remove yourselves from my study. I do not need to listen in on your sex lives."

"Uncle." Neji hissed, clearly flustered.

Tenten just laughed. "See you, Hiashi-sama. Once I get married, I'll send some dragons to annoy the hell out of you. Think of it as a favor for me marrying into the family!" With that, Tenten whisked from the room.

"Wait, what do you mean dragons?" called Hiashi.

Tenten poked her head back in. "Oh, did I not tell you? Niwakayuki had twins with Itadaki. You'll be dragon sitting for a while."

"Why am I the one who has to dragon sit?" inquired Hiashi grumpily.

"Because you're the head." A new voice snapped. "You ought to be one of the best in the clan. Surely you can handle something as small as babysitting?"

Niwakayuki came stalking into view in her human form with a pair of little dragon girls bouncing at her feet. "They are calmer than I expected…"

The dragon's mate appeared moments later.

"Ah, Itadaki." Tenten said.

The male dragon inclined his head to acknowledge her presence. "What are you doing here, Niwakayuki? You are supposed to be resting."

"Like I'd miss Tenten's proposal for anything." Scoffed the female dragon. "Eavesdropping is a talent, and I'm using it well."

Itadaki rolled his eyes and shooed his mate and children out the door.

Tenten and Neji left shortly after.

"I hope he doesn't want grandkids." Tenten said as she strolled into the courtyard.

Neji looked her. "You don't want kids."

"Well, I'm not sure. But I definitely don't want them to be branded with a curse seal." She said quietly.

Neji was silent for a moment. "If we do end up having children, I'll make sure that doesn't happen."

"I know you will."


"I, Hyuuga Neji, take you, Ryuu Tenten, to be my wife. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life. "

"I, Ryuu Tenten, take you, Hyuuga Neji, for my lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part." She said back to Neji. Tenten added after a moment, "Of course, I have no intention of obeying anything you say, just as a reminder."

She muttered quietly to Sakura, her Maid of Honor. "I don't like whoever wrote up that a wife should always obey her husband. Stupid egotisical men. The female race is not for mating purposes only. We are not pets nor are we work animls, dammit."

Sakura just laughed. "We aren't going by the whatever religion you're thinking up. Husband and wife, wife and husband. Just love each other forever no matter what and live in harmony. That is what marriage is about. And of course, the legal sex."

Neji arched an eyebrow at Tenten. "I have my ways of getting you to willingly do as I wish."

Tenten smiled. "As do I."

"I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Tenten interjected, "Why can't it be wife and husband?"

"Since when have you been such an open feminist?" asked Shikamaru with a sigh. "Wife and husband sounds weird, that's all."

Temari whacked him with her fan. "Be nice. It's Tenten's wedding afterall."

Sasuke added, "It's the Hyuuga's wedding too."

"Whatever, just deprive him and he'll do anything you say." Ino said.

Sakura rolled her eyes. "Just flatter her in the right way, and she'll do as you want."

"Will you stop talking about how our maried life will go?" Neji asked, annoyed the gang was talking about them yet again.

Tenten just giggled happily. "As long as Hyuuga is good to me, I won't deny him too much."

"Just be quiet and enjoy life together, hmm?" Neji tipped her head back, and kissed Tenten on the lips, once again, effectively shutting her up.




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