Title - Stubborn Boys

Author - sholot

Disclaimer - not mine

E/O Challenge word - pressure

Word Count - 100

AN - Happy Belated Birthday, Onyx Moonbeam!


"Dude, stay still."

"Keep your sasquatch paws to yourself."

"Stop squirming."

"Then stop touching me!"

"Dean, I need to get this clean - "

"Don't have to fondle me."

"I - Okay, here. Keep pressure on this."

"Where you going?"


"Sa - "

Door slams.

"… shit."

"Okay, Dean, just tough it out. Need clean it… Where'd he leave the holy water?"


"Fuck, that hurts. Okay, now pour."




"You idiot."

"Ngh… Smmy?"

"Yeah, dude. I'm here."

"Came back."

"Of course I did. Let's get this stitched."

"Came back. Like a puppy. "

"Love you too, jerk."

-= end =-