Title - Got Your Back

Author - sholot

Disclaimer - Dissed and claimed. -- lawyers loom. -- Uh, I mean, they're not mineā€¦

E/O Challenge word - pressure

Word Count - 100

AN - Happy Belated Birthday, Miyo86!


Two teens ran down a dirt path.

"Keep up, boys!"


Sam glanced uneasy at his brother.

"You okay?"

Pant. "Fine."

Minutes pass.




Crash to knees.



Fumble for pockets.

"Dude, where's your inhaler?"

Gasp. "Dad."

"Shit. DAD!"

John comes dashing back.

"What - "

"His inhaler."

"Wha - "

"He's having a fucking asthma attack, Dad!"


Digs through backpack.

Sam's arm wraps around Dean's arching back.

"Hold on, bro."


Plastic against blue-flecked lips.

"One, two, three..."

Reassuring pressure of Dad's hand on his neck.


Breathing eases slowly.

"It's okay. We gotcha, Dean."

-= end =-