A/N: Just another random oneshot I can picture in my mind. Hope you guys like!

Word Count: 100 exactly! (Jumps around for about 5 minutes)

Possessive to an extent


"No Sam, ours."

"Noooo, mine!"

Dean sighed, frustrated. Sam kept pulling all the blocks towards himself, and wouldn't let Dean play with them.

"Fine Sammy, they're yours."

Dean moved away, giving up on the idea of playing with Sam. He curled up against the foot of the sofa, staring resolutely at a picture of his mother on the table.

A few minutes later, a small pat on his leg brought his attention to Sam, who sat next to him with a hopeful expression, offering a green block in his chubby little hand.

"Deanie? You play with me?"

Dean smiled.