Greetings all! This is my first every Transformers story. I have had many ideas buzzing in my head these past few days and I have taken it upon myself to finally put one down to see if all the plot bunnies would leave me alone for a while.

There will be at least three pairings here. One Sam and Bumblebee (who doesn't love them together?) Two I haven't seen this one before so I am trying it out anyway Mikaela and Jazz. And finally Will and Ironhide. There might be others but I am not sure yet. But remember there is still Maggie to think about.

Let me first get something clear I am sure that you will notice that one or two characters will be well out of charterer but that is how I have decided to make them and if you don't like it the deal with it. ^_^

Now then I am not sure how exactly this cam about but the idea wouldn't leave me alone it just kept coming back so here it is.

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In the moment that Sam Witwicky had pushed the cube into Megatron's chest time and slowed down for a split second. The AllSpark knowing that it couldn't let its self be destroyed had taken action while it still could. It had left the cube form that it had lived in for countless millennia and split its self into three parts. It then went about finding three new forms that it deemed worthy to hold its power. The first had been the easiest to find, the young human male that held its cube form was selfless and brave wanting only to protect the ones he cared for the first part of the AllSpark entered the boys body.

From there the remaining two parts of the AllSpark found there home inside the bodes of Mikaela Banes and William Lennox having been the last two to have come into contact with its cube body and not wanting to use it for personal gain it had seen them as perfect hosts. Once it had set inside its three new hosts it watched as its former body was destroyed taking with it the former Lord High Protector. After the dust cleared and its new hosts started to calm themselves down the AllSpark essence started the task of altering them so that they would be better able to manage its power. It would allow them to use its power however they wished as long as it wouldn't lead to more violence.

After the battle if any of the three felt any different they would just write it up as being extremely battle worn. Both the human doctor and Ratchet had suggest lots of rest after the battle,which the three were more then happy take advantage of as they had to be kept in the former Sector Seven base until they were all debrief by various higher up military persons. Then they had to endor the countless stream of psychologist that were summoned to make sure that no one suffered from any kind of trauma. All three of them hated it and made a point to complain loudly to anyone who would listen manly Sam's Auto bot guardian Bumblebee who spent a good portion of the time in his alt mode playing upbeat music from his radio to try and cheer them up.

When they were finally clear to leave the two teens had said good bye to the captain whom they had become good friends with and had promised that they would come visit him and his wife and new daughter as soon as they could. Then they watched him leave being taken home by the weapons specialist Ironhide who would then stay with them as there guardian. After Will's departure the two teens got inside the shiny new 2008 Camaro and started the long drive home to Tranquility.

The first few weeks home had been great Sam and Mikaela both felt fine neither even felt sore which was surprising manly for Sam having been thrown off a very tall building only to land hard on a giant metal hand. They had weekly visits with the rest of the Auto bots and hand made good on there promise to visit Will. Sam and Mikaela's 'relation ship' had ended before it really got started. While they did have a good make out session on top of Bee's hood after one of there meetings they found that there wasn't any romantic spark between them but the agreed to keep being good friends (much to Miles disbelief).

Sam was the first to notice that something was wrong having had a pain in his right arm for almost a week and a half.

" You should go see Ratchet." Mikaela said leaning over her desk so that she could talk to Sam with out there new history teacher Mr. Logan or anyone else in the class hearing.

Sam turned in his seat and was about to make some kind of a smart remark when his cell phone started to vibrate in his pocket. Quickly reaching into his pocket he clicked the button on the side of the phone so that Mr. Logan wouldn't hear it. He would never understand why the phone people make it so that even when its on vibrate you can still hear it going off. Letting out a sigh he slowly pulled out his phone keeping an eye on the teacher giving his lecture at the front of the room. Hiding it behind his text book he looked at the new text message that he had. The screen read the name Bumblebee. It still amazed him how the Auto bots where so adaptable to earths technology.

Looking at the message Bee had sent him Sam couldn't help letting out another sigh.

" I agree with Mikaela. Ratchet would want to know if anything was wrong with you."

As quickly as he could Sam wrote a reply.

" You know some times I really don't like how sensitive you audio receptors are. I don't know why I put up with it."

It was only after he sent the message that Sam feared that maybe Bee wouldn't understand his comment as a joke and that he might get up set. He was about to send an apology when Bee's reply came and he had to struggle not to burst out laughing.

" It is important that I can at least hear or see you when you are away from me like this. This way I can know if you are in danger. And you put up with it because you put up with it because I could crush you with only a finger. :)"

Bee loved adding faces to his messages.

"Alright you win." Sam sent back with a smile on his face.

Sticking the phone back in his pocket Sam turned back to Mikaela.

"Fine I'll go talk to Ratchet and tell him about my arm. But only if you tell him about your leg hurting." He added the last part with a sly smile.

Mikaela gave him a 'what the hell' look before answering.

"How did you know my leg was hurting?"

"Please I am not blind you know. You hide it well but every now and then manly in the morning you keep limping. its been going on all this week." He replied.

She gave him a warm smile and held out her hand.

"Fine its a deal. But your the first under his scans, toughs things make me itchy."

Sam took her hand in his and gave it a small shake. He was about to reply when a voice from the front of the room made him turn hard in his seat.

"Mr. Witwicky, Ms. Banes I hope that my lesson isn't interrupting you conversation?" Mr. Logan called out making every head in the class room turn to look at them.

Out of the corner of his eye Sam say Trent giving him a smug smirk. Yeah, him getting into trouble would really make the jock happy. He was still under the impression that Sam had stole Mikaela away from him no matter how many time she told him that she had left him before she had even actually talked to Sam. But he insisted on making Sam's life even more miserable.

"No Sir. We were just making sure that we understood the point you were trying to make." Mikaela said in there defense.

"Really Ms. Banes then in that case Mr. Witwicky would you be so kind as to answer the question that I just asked?" He said a frown pressed flat on his face.

'Crap I am screwed' Sam thought to himself. He new that they were talking about something to do with the first group of settlers to come from England.

"...Uh..." He started out.

"Yes. I am waiting." The teacher said.

While Sam was trying to think of something to say he suddenly heared a voice in the back of his mind nothing more then a whisper but what it was saying sounded like a good idea and he ran with it chalking it up to his unconscious mind actually being useful for once. The worst that could happen was that he was wrong and he would get a detention.

" The first group of settlers didn't land on America like every one says but they landed on an island called Roanoke off the coast of North Carolina. The first group to settle the land was made of about 75 men who were to start the bases for the colony. A year or so latter when the boats came back from England caring fresh supplies and more settlers they came to find that off all the men that were left there they were only able to find the remains of one of them. There was no trace of the other settlers anywhere and the only other thing they found there was a name carved into a tree that said Croatan. Its referred to today as 'the lost colony.'"

Sam finished inhaling a deep breath and waiting for the teacher to yell at him for not paying attention. As he looked around the room many of the students where either staring wide eyed at him or at the teacher in front of the class. No one said a word and Sam began to wiggle in his desk a little.

After a moment Mr. Logan shook his head a few times.

"That's... that's correct Mr. Witwicky." He said looking amazed. He opened and closed his mouth a few time and looked as if he was going to say some more but luckily at that moment the bell rang signaling the end of school. for the week.

Garbing his bag and quickly shoving his things into it he slung it over his shoulder and grabbed the wrist of the still stunned Mikaela who had just enough seance to grab her bag before being dragged out of the class by Sam.

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