Author's Note

A recent review has really put into perspective how long I had not updated this story. I made a decision to put this on hiatus until I finish my Code Geass fic so I won't be trying to write two story at the same time but it was well after I posted the previous chapter, and as such, most you probably didn't know unless you visited my profile.

Here is my official stance on this story.

It is on hiatus until I finish my Code Geass fic, which is half-way done. I have no way of telling when I'll be done but hopefully before July, as that was when I started last year. I had wanted to re-read the manga but Onemanga removed at manga with mature content because apparently, the American public has a low tolerance for anything slightly pornographic. I will probably go on Mangafox or some other site to re-read it.

Until then, I'm sorry but this story is on hiatus.