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La Pantera Azul by Boogermeister

Chapter 1- Llegada (Arrival)

"Wow, I didn't know Mexico City would be so big," a teenage boy said as he observed the bustling city of Mexico City under the early afternoon sun. His chocolate brown eyes widened slightly in excitement, though he was stared at by the local. They have never seen a tourist with bright orange hair. Next to him was a very tall man with tan skin and dark brown wavy hair that often covers his eyes. If it weren't for his noticeable height, he would have blended in with the local despite being half-Japanese. "Hey Chad, do you think we can get a taxi around here?" asked the teen.

" . . . . It's possible," Chad muttered, he was holding most of the luggage. "It's easier to get one in the daytime, Ichigo."

"Mira! Ese hombre tiene pelo anaranjado!" chided one girl as she and her mother walked by.

"Huh? What that girl just said, Chad?" asked Ichigo.

"She said you got orange hair," muttered Chad. "You're really a sore thumb out here." Ichigo twitched in annoyance, he already had to take the ridicule back home and now these people are talking about him in another language.

"I'm not surprise," he huffed just as a taxi drove by and stopped. However, on the other side of the city near the slums, two other people were getting unneeded attention from the local as they walked through the littered streets. The taller of the two had baby blue-colored hair, intense turquoise eyes, and small tattoos underneath his eyes with the same yet slightly darker color. The other one had ebony hair that was straight down to his shoulder, and his vivid emerald eyes and dark make-up seemed to overshadow his pale white skin.

"Mira! Son medroso!" murmured some of them. The blue-haired one glared at who was talking, and they ran away out of fright.

"Why the fuck we're here, Ulquiorra?" he muttered angrily. "There's nothing here but weak, defenseless humans."

"Somewhere in this city holds the key to unlock our powers to its fullest extent," Ulquiorra replied simply. "Our current powers is not enough to control these human, Grimmjow." Grimmjow merely scoffed as he glanced up at the light blue sky.

"Still . . . . we could hurt people with what we have right now," he muttered, glancing down at his clenched fists.

"But it's not that simple, though," stated Ulquiorra. "Our energy can run out quickly, anyway." Grimmjow scoffed again, as they continued walking.


"Mmm-hmm . . . . . Mmm-hmm . . . . yeah . . . . okay," muttered Chad at the hotel phone; their friend, Orihime, had been chatting to them non-stop for the past hour and a half.

"Is it nice there? Oh, I bet it's very hot! I think you should go swimming if you get sweaty or something!" chided Orihime. "Hey, can I speak to Ichigo for a while?"

"All right . . . ." Chad replied before giving the phone to the orange-haired teen, who was sitting in the bed across from him.

"Hey, Orihime," smiled Ichigo. As usual, his friend rambled about everything for the next twenty minutes. "Listen, Chad and I are going out to see the city. I'll talk you later, say hi to Rukia for me."

"All right, bye!" smiled Orihime before hanging up. Ichigo hanged up the hotel phone, as his tall friend put on one of his usual Hawaiian shirts. Ichigo himself was wearing a red T-shirt and a simple pair of jeans. They then left the hotel and, with Chad leading the way, wandered through the bustling streets in the night. This was the first time the orange-haired teen went overseas, since Chad suggested someone to accompany him on his trip to Mexico for the summer.

Nearly everybody at school had plans. Orihime couldn't go because of her job at a store called the Shun Shun Rikka, especially since one of her supervisors is such a hard ass. Rukia was already visiting her older brother Byakuya in another town. Keigo was rather bullied by his sister into not going, while Mizuiro already went to Okinawa with ten older girls. Uryuu also had plans to go to a special caft camp, and Tatsuki was going to martial art camp also. Ichigo was the only one who was free, and he was glad to get out of his crazy-goat-faced-father-who-dropkicked-his-own-son-whenever-he's-home house.

"Do you want to split up, Ichigo?" asked Chad. "You can see all the sights you want."

"Yeah, I won't get lost," replied Ichigo. "I know how to get back to the hotel." Chad simply nodded before walking away. Ichigo went to another direction as he took out a tourist map from his pocket. Just as he turned a corner, a random guy suddenly bumped into him and ran off. Ichigo turned around to see the guy when he realized that person stole his wallet. "Hey, wait!" he shouted as he dashed after him through the busy crowds. "Come back here!"

It was useless, Ichigo couldn't speak Spanish and was yelling out in Japanese but he was still pursuing the thief, who ran into a dark alley. Ichigo followed him but stopped when he noticed the thief stopped and turned around, wielding a switchblade. "Hey, give me back my wallet," Ichigo gritted, though it was gibberish to the thief. The thief let a low whistle and suddenly, three more guys appeared from the darkness.

"Vamos a matar a este vato," muttered the first guy, as his lackeys pulled out switchblades also. Although Ichigo couldn't understand what he had said, he knew that it meant he's in trouble, as he took a step back.

"Hey, you're not from here, aren't you?" Ichigo turned his head and saw a man, slightly taller than him and somewhat spikey hair that was a very unusual color of baby blue. "Hey, you understand what I'm saying?" questioned the turquiose-eyed man.

"Y-yeah," replied Ichigo. The man simply grinned before glaring at the group of thugs.

"I see you got a problem here," he grinned as he stepped forward. "I'll do you a favor if you promised me one thing."

". . . . And what's that?" muttered Ichigo. The man merely grinned before his body started to twitched slightly. The thugs took a step back as the man's fingers developed claws, his teeth turned into jagged fangs, and his ears appeared feline-like. Ichigo stared wide-eyed at him, as the man hunched over and a long thin tail of midnight blue appeared and his legs became hind legs, similar to a jungle cat's.

"Q-que es?!" yelled one of the thugs, all of them were too terrified to move as the man/monster crept closer, his grin widened as he bared his fangs.

"Diga sus oraciones," he growled before suddenly pounced on the thugs. It felt like hours but only a couple of minutes, as Ichigo stood there motionlessly as he stared at the man/monster mauled the guys to death with absolute fear in his eyes. The man/monster stood up and reverted back to his original self, blood splattered across his face and chest as he was clutching the teen's wallet with his bloodied hand.

"W-what the fuck are you?" gasped Ichigo, body somehow couldn't move as the man walked towards him as if nothing had happened.

"I told you, I would do you a favor if you promised me one thing," smirked the man, waving the wallet in front of his face. "My name's Grimmjow, and I'm a werepanther."

"A what?"

"It's like a werewolf, except I turned into a big cat monster," Grimmjow plainly replied. "Anyway, here's your wallet." Ichigo tentatively lifted his hand and took back his belonging. His brown eyes stared at Grimmjow's turquiose ones as he tried to moved away but the taller man's arm suddenly blocked him. "Hey, hey, wait a moment, kid," grinned Grimmjow as his face leaned closer to Ichigo. "You're not gonna tell anyone what you just saw, right?"

"N-no . . . . no, I'm not," Ichigo muttered fearfully. Grimmjow grinned as his finger caressed his cheek before scratching it hard. Ichigo winced as a thin trickle of blood oozed from the fresh cut.

"Good, that's your promise," sneered Grimmjow, licking the blood from his hand as he took a step back. "I gotta warn you, though. I know your scent now, so if you go to the police . . . . you're dead meat. Hasta luego . . . . humano." He then turned to leave.


"Fuck . . . . fuck . . . . fuck . . . ." gasped Ichigo as he collasped to the floor of his hotel room, he had been running non-stop after the horrific incident with some kind of monster. His body shaken with fright as he touched the fresh cut, that guy, Grimmjow, can come back by scent. He quickly got up and rushed to the bathroom, turning the sink faucet and washed his face of dried blood.

Then again, that was pointless. Grimmjow could find him regardless, Ichigo thought as he turned off the faucet. In the mirror, he noticed dried blood on his shirt. He quickly took it off as he left the bathroom and shoved it deep into his opened suitcase. "Fuck . . . ." he muttered breathlessly. He can't tell anyone what he just saw, not even Chad.

"I gotta calm down," mumbled Ichigo as collasped to his bed. "I just need to sleep and all of it would be a dream." He then covered himself with the bedsheet and burying his head with a pillow. Though his mind was still rambling about the event, he closed his eyes and forced himself to sleep until he really did.


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