Note: One reviewer said that in Mexico, the Spanish language is slightly different. I know that the language differs depending on the regions and countries but I was taught the standard Spanish, just like that. I wouldn't know the Mexican dialect anyway.

La Pantera Azul by Boogermeister

Chapter 4- La Luna de Plata y Los Ojos Demoniacos (Silver Moon and Demonic Eyes)

Ichigo glanced at nearby children who was playing sparklers. He mentally smirked at the sight, it reminded him of his two little sisters playing those things at every summer festival. Dusk had settled around the city as he and Chad walked towards a small house that was covered in shrubs and some chickens walking around in the front yard. Ichigo was told that Chad was vacationing in Mexico City partly because he needed to visit his relatives from his grandfather's side. Chad knocked on the door while Ichigo eyed at the chickens clucking and pecking at the ground.

"Uh Chad, do they keep the chickens as pet or as food?" the orange-haired teen asked.

"Sometimes both," muttered Chad, that answer made Ichigo's face scrunched up in discomfort. Just then, the door was opened by a little tan-skinned girl with dark brown pigtails. She then glanced at the two teens before recognizing one of them.

"Mama, la gigante esta aqui!" she called out. A few seconds later, a middle-aged woman came up to the door and saw Chad.

"Yasutora, yo no le habia visto para tan mucho tiempo," the woman smiled as she hugged him.

"Buenas noches, Anna," smiled Chad. "Ichigo, this is my aunt, Anna." Ichigo simply smiled and nodded at the woman, he knew what she's thinking by the way she was looking at his hair.

"Entre, entre!" Anna smiled as they walked inside. The enitre house smelled like rice and corn flour and the small living room was full of little kids playing around.

"Ichigo, just sit down," Chad muttered. "Make yourself comfortable."

"Easy for you to say, you don't get as much stares as me, Chad," muttered Ichigo. His statement was backed up due to the fact that many of his friend's cousins stared at him and his bright orange hair. Even the baby stared at him.

"Su pelo parece extrano," whispered one of the kids.

"Es chino?" questioned another.

"I know 'chino' means Chinese, and I am not that," Ichigo muttered. "Chad, tell them not to stare at me like that."

"There's no point, they're just kids," Chad shrugged. "Don't give them the evil look."

"What evil look?"

"That one," replied Chad as he glanced at his scowlful face. Ichigo sighed as he sat on the couch, a five-year-old boy with a short ponytail glanced up from his picture book and stared at the teen sitting next to him.

"Hi," smiled Ichigo. The boy smiled back and showed him his book. "I can read it?" Ichigo asked as he took it. The boy just stared at him before getting off the couch. The orange-haired teen simply sighed as he glanced at the picture book, it appeared to be about an Aztec folklore based on the illustration of an ancient warrior on the cover. He opened the book and stared at the first few pages.

The story seemed to start with the warrior and his army fighting against a neighboring kingdom. As custom, they were supposed to sacrifice their enemies to their gods. Ichigo turned a page and stared intently at the illustration, the Aztec warriors was eating the flesh of their enemies. The gods were angry at the cannibalism and cursed them and their descendents by turning them into demonic animals. Ichigo furrowed his eyebrows at each creature the Aztec army turned into; wolves, bats, spiders . . . . then his eyes slightly widened after he turned the next page. The warrior himself was cursed into a black panther.

"What the hell . . . .?" he muttered to himself. The cursed army then cursed back at the gods, who concealed of what appeared to be a gem within their ancient city that was once surrounded by rain forests. That gem seemed to be important for the cursed army but Ichigo wasn't sure since the words were in Spanish. He went back to the page where the main warrior became a black panther. He felt a shudder inside of him, the character reminded him of Grimmjow the werepanther.

The same werepanther that somewhat molested him a few nights before. "I can't believe this . . . ." Ichigo muttered; he's not sure why but it felt like it could be linked between the story and Grimmjow.

"Jugo?" Ichigo glanced up and saw the same little boy holding out a cup of fruit punch.

"Uh, thanks," he smiled as he took it.


"Is that him?" chided Nel, leaning hard on Grimmjow as they stared at the house from a rooftop. Grimmjow grumbled under his breath as he nudged her off.

"Yeah, that's him," he mumbled. "The one with the orange hair. Don't know why you followed me, Nel."

"Because I wanted to see him, Grimmie," smiled Nel. "Lillynette even wanted to see him but Starrk said not to."

"Good thing, that little pup's too annoying and violent," muttered Grimmjow. "She would've cause too much trouble around here." Nel simply smiled as she hugged him closer to her, his face being suffocating by her huge chest. "Get off me, I can't fucking breathe!" he muffled as he tried to push her off.

"Not until you say the secret words!" Nel chided in a sing-song tone. The werepanther groaned in exasperation, he had no choice.

"I'm a cute little kitty that likes to be cuddle," he mumbled in defeat. Nel giggled as she let go of him; Grimmjow gasped deeply for air and glared at her. "Just because you're related to me doesn't mean I won't kick your ass, Nel," he growled lowly as he bared his pointed teeth at her. Nel simply smiled as she cocked her head.

"No you won't," she smiled.

"Damn it, I won't," grumbled Grimmjow, slouching over himself. Although she was his younger sister, Nel has about as much strength as him. He glanced back at Nel; her feline-like appearance were similar to his though her ears looked just like a cat's and her tail was a very dark green color, nearly black. She stretched and rolled around like a kitten before glancing back at Grimmjow.

"You wanna get him now?" she asked.

"Nah, not right now," muttered Grimmjow as he stood up. "Let's go back, Nnoitra's probably wants to know where we are."

"I hate that guy, he's such a stupid prick," Nel muttered, almost in a serious tone. Grimmjow glanced at her and sighed heavily.

"He knows he won't hurt you while I'm around," he muttered as he helped her up to her feet. "He's just a bug, I can easily squash him." Nel simply nodded as they lept off the rooftop.


A tall, lanky man with long inky-black hair strolled around a dirty hallway. His left eye were covered by a white eyepatch and he had a wide, cocky grin on his face. He suspected that Grimmjow had gone out to see that human. He stopped at a door at the end of the hallway and opened it. The room was full of cages, which had varieties of spiders and centipede. The man walked towards one of the cages and opened the top. "Hey there, Teresa," he mused as he picked up a large black tarantula.

The hairy arachnic simply crawled up to his arm and then to his shoulder. "I have a treat for you, mija," smirked the man as he took out a small live rodent out of his pocket. Immediately, the tarantula lept off his shoulder and onto his hand to feed on the feeble creature.

"I thought I told you not to mess with my specimens, Nnoitora." Nnoitora merely glanced behind him, a man with shoulder-length hair that had unnaturally color of pink and with white-rimmed glasses smirked at him.

"Teresa's my pet so I can feed her whenever I want to, Szayel," he muttered.

"She's still my specimen," Szayel argued. "Have you seen the two kitty-cats?" At that, they heard distant noises somewhere.

"My guess is they came back," replied Nnoitora. Teresa dropped the acid-ridden carcass from her mouth and restarted to crawl up her master's arm. "They went to see this human Grimmjow didn't off."

"Why didn't he kill him?" questioned Szayel in a curious tone.

"I dunno, but I assumed he's fooling around with him for a while," the taller man smirked. "I think Nel went to see him with his perverted ways. You know how she is."

"You should know, Mister Creepy Fingers," smirked Szayel, but Nnoitora simply laughed at the backhanded comment.

"I watch my steps whenever she's with Grimmjow," he said, putting his pet back to her cage. "Even though she can be very feral, she gets frightened whenever she's left alone with me."

"After that last time, who wouldn't?" Szayel sneered as he turned to leave. "Ulquiorra would probably discipline him again for not killing him."

"Oh, this I gotta see," smirked Nnoitora as they left the room. After a few turns in the hallway, they came to the doorless room where Grimmjow laying on an old couch and with his head resting on Nel's lap.

Grimmjow glanced up and growled when he immediately saw the two. "The fuck are you doing here, you ass-tards?" he snarled, he sat up when he felt his sister froze in place and wrapped his arm protectively around her.

"No reason," sneered Nnoitora as he and Szayel walked closer towards them. Grimmjow snarled again as he turned into his true form, making the two men stopped in their track. "Ah, don't act so naughty, little kitty," Nnoitora sneered. "What's wrong, ate some bad fish or something?"

"Go away, aranas," snarled Grimmjow. "I'll tear every one of your arms off if you take one step closer."

"I'd like to see you try, you overgrown pussy," smirked Nnoitora. Szayel simply smrked at the rising tension.

"It's best not to fight right now, Nnoitora." Ulquiorra appeared out of nowhere, sitting nonchalantly on the window sill as he stared emotionlessly at the mildly shocked group.

"It's best not to mess with me, Ulquiorra," Griimmjow growled under his breath, baring his jagged fangs at him.

"Must I tell you again and again to kill that human, Grimmjow?" muttered the pale man, his emerald eyes glared eerily at him. Grimmjow simply growled at him, he was in the mood for any confrontation right now. "You can't threaten me, Grimmjow," Ulqiuorra stated as he lept to the floor soundlessly. "You should know better than trying to go against me. Remember what happened last time."

"Leave me the fuck alone, Ulquiorra," Grimmjow snarled lowly.

"Yeah, let the two kittens play 'incest'," sneered Szayel.

"You want your tongue ripped off, you bastard?" snarled Grimmjow as he glared back at the pink-haired man.

"Fine then," muttered Ulquiorra. "If you won't kill him by the time we must leave, then I will." Grimmjow simply scoffed at his threat.

"Whatever, I'll do it," he grumbled, Nel glanced at him with a bit of concern. Ulquiorra merely glanced at Grimmjow before calmllly walking out of the room. "And take those pathetic pieces of shit with you, if you don't mind," growled Grimmjow, referring to the two other men.

"Whatever, pussycat," smirked Nnoitora as he and Szayel left the room. Grimmjow growled threateningly at them before turning to his normal self.

"Grimmjow . . . ." muttered Nel.

"What?" grumbled the werepanther.

"You're really going to kill him?" she muttered.

"Soon," Grimmjow bluntly replied.


"This doesn't concern you, Nel," Grimmjow cut her off. "Since this is my problem, I have to handle this myself." He then hugged her gently. "Just wait, we'll be more powerful than ever."

"All right, Grimmjow," muttered Nel.


Three days since Ichigo had seen Grimmjow, not that he was complaining. But he wondered why he felt that way to a person who was really a monster. He came back to the dark hotel room earlier than his friend, saying that he felt tired. "What a weird vacation I'm having," he mumbled as he plopped himself onto his bed. "Wish I didn't agree to come here."

Just then, he felt a cool breeze and sat up, he thought he had closed the window before he left. He got up and went to to close it when he suddenly felt another presence in the room. "Don't move," a harsh voice whispered to his ear as a pair of arms wrapped around his body.

Ichigo's breathing hitched sharply in fear, and his body trembled a little. "Gri . . . . Grimmjow . . . .?" he muttered softly.

"That's right, mi fresa," whispered Grimmjow, slowly dragging the teen back to his bed. "I did say that I'll come back for you, but not for killing." Ichigo shivered at his other intention but didn't dare to struggle from the werepanther. Swiftly, Grimmjow pinned him down to the bed and straddled onto his hips.

"W-wait," gasped Ichigo but was quickly muffled when the blue-haired man kissed his lips. Almost immediately he moaned into the kiss, slightly opening his mouth for the other one to slip his tongue in.

"Mi fresa . . . ." murmured Grimmjow, as his hand slipped under Ichigo's shirt. The teen's body immediately went hot from the cool touch. The werepanther growled softly from the kiss as his fingers gripped at his shirt and suddenly ripped the fabric off, exposing Ichigo's bare chest. "You're so tasty, mi fresa," he purred softly, as he proceeded to kiss and lick at his jawline and then at his neck.

"Grimmjow . . . ." moaned Ichigo, gripping at the other man's hair, wanting him to continue. Grimmjow growled softly before kissing him on the lips again.

"I know what I'm doing," he smirked, grazing his tongue along the boy's collarbone. His hands traveled downward towards the teen's hips and his fingers nimbly undid his jeans. "I craved for you, mi fresa . . . ." he softly growled. His tongue traveled around his chest and abs as he pulled off his jeans.

"Wha . . . ." Ichigo gasped softly but flinched when Grimmjow tore off his boxer, the teen was completely naked before the sexually hungry werepanther, who licked his lips at the partial erection.

"Turn around," he growled as he as he undid his own pants and pulled them down. Ichigo stared at his turquoise eyes, which appeared to be glowing, then at his bigger erection and shivered a little. "I said turn around, mi fresa," growled Grimmjow as he forced him to his stomach. "You can't turn back now." He then lifted the teen's hips up to his knees and hunched over him.

"W-wait," gasped the orange-haired teen as he glanced back at him as his eyes slightly widened, Grimmjow was in his monster form.

"There's nothing to be afraid of right now," he whispered, licking his own two fingers. "You're gonna enjoy this, mi frresa." Ichigo's breathing hitched from his husky voice before letting out a soft yelp when he felt the slick fingers inserted inside of him and stretching him out.

"Nnnhh . . . ." he whimpered, gripping at the bedsheets. His body was getting hot from the extremely intimate contact and soon after, he had a full erection. "G-Grimmjow . . . . please, do it . . . ." Grimmjow growled sensually as he removed his fingers and positioned himself.

"Whatever you say, mi fresa," he purred, slowly plunging inside him. Ichigo hissed sharply at the pain, his eyes shut tight as he moaned loudly. "Yeah . . . . I wanna hear you make noises for me," Grimmjow growled softly, he felt the tight warm heat of the teen and his feline tail flicked around in pleasure. He took a while before pulling out and thrusting back in, slowly at first.

"Ah . . . .! Ah . . . . ah, Grimmjow," moaned Ichigo. Grimmjow merely grunted in response as he continued with a gradual faster and harder pace. "Nnngghhh . . . . Ahh!" the orange-haired teen moaned loudly in pleasure as tears welled up in his eyes. The sensation was painful yet extremely pleasurable.

"Ahh, Ichigo . . . . mi fresa . . . ." purred the werepanther, sweat was drenching both of them as his clawed fingers raked over his hips and back, leaving red lines on the skin. Ichigo hissed in estacy and his breathing became labored and harsh at each thrust he was getting. "Te sientes tan bueno . . . ." Grimmjow purred as he thrusted hard into the teen.

"Aahh!" yelped Ichigo, Grimmjow had hit the spot. The werepanther grinned in satisfaction and thrusted hard again, making the teen beneath him moaned sharply and see blinding lights. "Ahh, Grimmjow!" he gasped.

"I know, it felt good doesn't it, mi fresa?" growled Grimmjow before grabbing the teen's erection and began to jerk it off. Ichigo writhed and twisted from the new touch but Grimmjow kept him still with one hand as he continued thrusting hard. "Se acerca . . . ." he growled softly, feeling the tight pressure inside of him.

"Ugggnnnhhh . . . . Grimmjow, I'm . . . . I'm gonna--"

"Wait, not yet," growled the werepanther. "I'm going first, I want you to feel my pleasure . . . ."

"I can't . . . . " panted Ichigo. "Grimm . . . . Grimmjow, I-- nnnngggghhhhaaaaaa!" Regrettably, he came into Grimmjow's hand as he moaned from the climax. Out of reflex, Grimmjow felt the teen's tightness around him and came as well. He let out a low, guttural growl as his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he collasped on top of him.

"Fuck . . . ." panted Grimmjow, cleaning his hand off the white stain with his tongue. "You're so fucking good, mi fresa. It was very good."

"Yeah . . . ." Ichigo panted, as the werepanther kissed at his neck and shoulder. Deep down, however, he was wondering why he's having some sort of feeling for this person.


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