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An Angel, a Ninja and two Lengths of Rope

"MINE!" screamed Sheena, pulling Colette's hair.

"No MINE!" cried Collette, kicking Sheena in the stomach.

Raine and Presea sighed simultaneously, pulling the pair apart, while insults continued to fly across the room, while Raine wondered where Colette had picked up such crude language.

"You bitch, Lloyd is mine!" Sheena shouted at Collette, while Raine was tying the ninja to a chair.

Collette would have replied in a similar manner, if Presea had gagged the blonde with some of the rope she was using to tie her down. The result was that Colette could only manage to produce a barely audible "Bitf".

The two girls had been doing this for about three weeks, and every fight had ended with them being tied up as far as from each other as possible. The main reason they got into so many fights was because all four girls were sharing a suite in the Altamera hotel.

The entire party was staying there at the offer of Regal after they had finally defeated Yggdrasil. The idea had been to relax, which Lloyd, Genis and Zelos were managing, although Regal was up to his ears in paperwork, quite literally: in order to see him, you first had to wade though the maze of paper that had materialized after the president's return.

For the girls, relaxing was hardly an option.

Raine entered her rant in fine style, "Can't you two get a grip?"

Presea left at this juncture, to see if she could find Genis, at least she did not have to fight anyone for her boyfriend, and, she thought, it would make a change from pulling Collette off Sheena.

About three hours later, having escaped from Raine's rant, Collette was changed into her swimming costume and heading for the beach. She hoped Lloyd would be there, and was almost certain Sheena would not, as the Ninja now believed everyone thought she looked like a stripper in her costume, Collette smiled, at least she had gained something from her shouting matches with Sheena.

Collette walked past where Genis and Presea were locked in a passionate kiss, while wishing she could do something similar with Lloyd, when her thought track was broken by someone calling her name. When she looked up, she saw the man she had been fantasizing about, standing right in front of her.

"Hi Collette, are you okay? You look a bit, well, lost."

"I'm fine, what are you doing here?"

"Going for a swim, wanna join me?"

Colette enjoyed that afternoon with Lloyd. They swam, splashed each other, and Colette laughed at Lloyd accidentally stepping on a flatfish which was rather disgruntled. As it started to get dark, they returned to the beach and it started to get cooler.

"Colette, do you want to go get something to eat after we've changed?"

Colette smiled. She was glad to spend as much time as possible with Lloyd, so she simply replied "Love to."

She changed faster than she believed physically possible, then went out to find Lloyd already waiting for her.

They found a restaurant and ate and talked. After they had finished eating, Lloyd looked straight at Collette, and said "Colette, there's something I need to tell you."

He was blushing, and Collette did too, as she felt her heart pounding against her chest.

"Collette I…I… l…l…

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