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Moonbeams: a Brilliant Baby

It had been a month since the party, and it was time.

"AH, it hurts, it hurts."

"Colette, calm down, it will only hurt more if you're stressed." Raine was clearly not in the mood for being particularly nice, even to the soon-to-be mother, which was not supprising, as she had been woken up at three o'clock in the morning to help deliver the baby. It was now about six.

Lloyd was standing by his fiancee, wondering when Colette had learnt to grip that tightly, as his hand slowly lost any feeling. Colette herself was lying on the bed, gasping out in pain. She had not expected the birth to be quite this painful, and it was all she could do to stop herself screeming out loud.

"Colette," the girl turned to her fiance. He was smiling at her. "Colette, it will be over soon."

Colette felt another contraction and winced. "It's almost time," Raine said calmly, in spite of all the noise from Colette. Raine knew that almost as soon as the baby was born, Colette's pain would subside. She was also fairly sure that the baby would be born within the hour.

For a good thirty minutes, Colette continued to cry in pain. Then she heard, "Push Colette." Somewhere, in the back of her addled brain, the message was received and decoded. She pushed, and she gripped Lloyd's hand even tighter. Eventually, "I can see its head." She pushed some more, and more, then "Congratulations, its a girl," and another's cries replaced Colette's.

For a few minutes more, Colette remained in a daze, hardly realising what was happening around her. That is, until something was placed in her arms, something small and delicate and wrapped in a pink towel. Then Colette realised, 'Our baby.'

She looked at the little girl in her arms. It looked so cute, and so small. She had a few strands of chocolate brown hair. The little baby was sleeping peacfully in her mother's arms. "She's beautiful," Colette said quietly.

"So just like her mother then."

Colette smiled up at her fiance, then Lloyd leaned down and kissed her.

Colette finally felt that everything was right in the world.


10 years later

"Mummy, Krats took my staff and won't give them back."

"Anna said she could cast better magic than me, but she cheats and uses a staff so it's not fair."

Colette sighed, she really wished she hadn't let Lloyd teach the children to fight from such a young age. They each both been learning since they were seven. Anna Irving was now just ten years old, and Kratos her younger brother was nearly nine.

"Kratos, give your sister back her staff, although I'm supprised that you didn't just take it with your magic Anna."

The girl pouted "Well I didn't want to blow anything up, and I couldn't find it."

"Well it isn't that well hidden." Kratos said with a smug smile on his face.

"What?" Anna looked confused and looked around. Then she noticed, attached to one of her own wings... "So that's wht it was so hard to fly." She grabbed the staff and turned on Kratos, "Now I'm gonna get you."

The two ran off, leaving Colette to herself. She, Lloyd and Anna had moved into their mansion shortly after the little girl's birth. Since then, the couple had got married and Colette became pregnant again on the honeymoon. Now the four of them lived a happy life together at the mansion.

The two children had been born as angels, but as Lloyd, neither had cruxius crystals and were capable of using their powers completely at will. This did not mean that they had completely mastered their control over their powers, as a certain toolshed found out one day, to its shagrin, for about two seconds before it was blown to pieces.

Lloyd walked up behind Colette, who had been walking round the garden before the children had interupted her. "Heh, you okay? You don't normally just stand still for ages looking at a flower."

"I was just thinking, what'll we call our next baby?"

Lloyd raised an eyebrow, "You don't mean?"

"Yep, we're gonna have another one."

Lloyd smiled and hugged his wife. As it got darker, they stayed there, and as the moon came out, a moonbeam struck them.

Moonbeams: FIN.

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