Sam's POV again and maybe a little slice of lemon this time? Who knows… :) I think Sam and Emily's relationship is pretty similar to Bella and Edward's relationship, so I added some connections, who can find them ;)?

Sam: Pained pleasure

I'd done it. The one thing I had promised myself only a week and a half ago – and that was never to hurt Leah again. I knew she'd been devastated when I had left without even one word of goodbye – I had a pretty good reason, though, I'd changed into a big wolf and I had no clue how to phase back –, but even the despair of me gone missing couldn't have been as worse as the look of pure agony I'd seen on her face just a minute ago.

When I'd told her about Emily – her own niece, to make it even more despicable – and me, she didn't move at first. It was like all the feelings, all the thoughts had evaporated from her body; her look was empty. That was until I said 'goodbye' and tried to escape through the door, away from the damage I'd caused – involuntarily, but still, I had caused the empty, dead look on her face.
As soon as I had turned around to try to leave like the coward I was, she'd grabbed my arm and begged me to stay. And I wanted to stay, I still loved her exactly as much as I had done before I'd seen Emily, but as much as I wished it would be enough, it just wasn't. It would never, ever be enough and I would always have to live with the thought of what I had done, the memory of the heartbreak and agony that was written all over Leah's face when I had stepped through that door.
I practically ran down the driveway, looking behind me one more time to mouth 'I'm sorry'. I had to get out of there so I could face my own pain alone; I could deal with my own agony, but I could not bear Leah's. I'd seen the look in her eyes and I knew she would never forgive me for this. Good. I didn't deserve forgiveness and I would never forgive myself either, so the hate for me would be something we would always have in common.

I pushed my legs faster, driving my muscles to a speed I'd never reached before. I didn't even know where I was running to until I had reached Emily's house; I thought I had just been running, but my subconscious knew me better than my own brain. I'd thought I wanted to be alone, but now I realized I just wanted to be with Emily tonight. My love, my life, my world. But even my love for Emily I had already screwed up. I had lost my temper once, just one time when I hadn't been in control of myself, and I had hurt Emily. My reason and the spill of my existence, the only justification for my miserable life. And though I knew she had forgiven me, I would never, ever forgive myself; the image of my claws tearing apart her skin would always haunt me.

She opened the door after the first knock, she'd been expecting me. We didn't say anything, words weren't necessary. After one look on my face – I didn't know the exact amount of pain she saw there –, she pulled me into her arms, stroking my back soothingly. Her hands trailed idle patterns as I sobbed onto her shoulder.
After a while, the pain was slowly being pushed back by other feelings: desire, passion. It wasn't being pushed away, only pushed back, back to another part of my mind where it hurt less – a part that seemed surprisingly insignificant compared to the other parts that were slowly defeating the rest.

I pulled up my head and stared into Emily's eyes. All I saw was concern and love. Concern and love for me, the monster that had ruined her face. Not that she was less beautiful now, she was still the most gorgeous woman on earth, though she didn't believe that, she never saw herself clearly.

I couldn't help it. I was disgusted with myself and helpless at the same time – disgusted because I was able to think of this right now when I'd just hurt Leah so badly and helpless because I couldn't repress the overwhelming and unparalleled passion I felt for the woman in my arms.

My lips crushed against hers with the same desperate desire as I'd kissed her a couple of days ago in her bedroom.
I scooped her up into my arms, my lips never leaving hers as I carried her to the bedroom. I knew we both wanted this, I could see the same feelings I had in her eyes. By the time we reached the bedroom door, we'd already lost half of our clothes; our need for each other was too strong, we both couldn't hold it back. I didn't know what this was, these extreme feelings I'd never had before. Of course I'd made love to Leah before, but never in my life I'd experienced something like this.

I gently laid her down onto the bed, carefully holding my weight up so I wouldn't crush her. I looked at her body in awe, I couldn't believe how extraordinary beautiful she was – and she was mine. I lowered myself onto her, entering her as I placed feather-light kisses all over her face, worshipping her, saying her name with the reverence she deserved.

I can't even begin to explain how it felt to be fully connected to her, to be one with her. Every touch of her fingers left a burning trail on my already overheated skin; every kiss sent a jolt of electricity through me; every time my lips and tongue caressed her skin, euphoria numbed my mind.

We moved together like we were made for each other, like two pieces that were meant to be connected. Our hips met each other with desperate thrusts as our lips locked in a feverish kiss.

Then her nails dug into my back and we clung to each other as we finally reached that sweet oblivion that made us forget the devastation our love had caused for a moment.

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