Title: Tales of an Emerald City Scandal 6/6
Wicked – bookverse
Rating: PG-13 for series
Multiple pairings but the focus is Milla/Elphaba
While living in the Emerald City, Milla runs into a familiar face.
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Notes 2: I kind of cheated with my table here. I used a different prompt for each chapter. This one was #16: supervise. Also, some text here was taken directly from the book.

"Any news?' Milla asked anxiously, as soon as Boq appeared in her parlor.

"No," Boq said, sinking into a chair and putting his head in his hands. "Nothing."

He looked tired, and miserable; his face was drawn and ashen. Milla herself was much the same way. Since Elphaba's disappearance a week earlier, they had been combing the city for signs of her, but it was as if Elphaba had never existed at all.

"How," Milla said again, "can a green woman hide herself so completely?"

"You know Elphaba," Boq said. "She's good at blending in."

Neither of them mentioned the other possibility; that perhaps Elphaba wasn't anywhere at all.

"You look tired," Boq said, gripping Milla's hand and studying her face. "You're not sleeping."

Milla shook her head. "I've been waiting at Elphaba's every night," she whispered. "I keep thinking - maybe she'll still come home."

Boq frowned. "Milla..."

"I know," Milla said quickly. "I know. But I can't give up on her, Boq. Not on Elphaba."

He nodded without looking at her. They sat together in silence for a few moments before Boq sighed. "It is so like Elphaba to get caught up in her cause." Looking up, he asked quietly, "Do you love her?"

"What?" Milla looked at him quickly, startled. "What do you mean?"

Boq met her gaze steadily. "You have been seeing her for months," he pointed out. "You seem -," he studied his hands. "You seem very worried about her."

Milla sighed. "I care about her," she said quietly. "But I don't love her. Nor did she love me. We were -," she paused. "I don't know what we were," she finished quietly. "But we were not lovers. In fact," Milla took a deep breath. "There is another, that I do love, very much."

Boq met her gaze. Hesitantly, Milla reached for his hand, shifting herself closer. He watched her, unmoving, until her face was mere inches away from his. Then, suddenly, he cupped her cheeks in his hands and leaning forward, bringing their lips together.

Milla leant into him. Kissing Boq was different to kissing Elphaba, and infinitely better than kissing Alex. Fire flooded through her, making her dizzy. She didn't want to ever stop.

Boq pulled back after a moment, his breathing shallow. "Milla," he said. "We can't do this. I will not do this. You are engaged to Alex -,"

"Oh, Alex!" Milla cried suddenly, tears gathering once more behind her eyes. "Marry him, so that I can spend my time bored in the city, just another object for him to show off? No! I'll break off the engagement! I cannot marry him, and I won't! Please, Boq." she took his hand. "Please, take me away from here."

Boq swallowed. "It won't be easy," he warned. "A farmer's wife is never free."

"I don't care," Milla said. "I want that, and I want you."

Boq hesitated. "Well then, Milla," he said. "Will you marry me?"

Milla held his hand tightly, the tears beginning to slip out of her eyes.

"I will."


"Milla, look, who's here, come quickly! It's Miss Elphaba, from Crage Hall! In the flesh!"

Milla came quickly from the house. Elphaba did indeed sit in their front yard. "Oh my," Milla said tartly, "and we forgot to dress in our finery. Look who's come to laugh at us in our rustic state!"

There was a flicker in Elphaba's eyes as she looked Milla over. It had been years, now, since the panicked and ultimately fruitless search for Elphaba, and years since Milla's decision to marry Boq instead of Alex, and thus leave society behind.

Milla met Elphaba's gaze steadily. Elphaba's lips curved up into a smirk. Milla winked.

Elphaba was restless, though, eager to talk about shoes and politics in a way she never would have with Milla back in the Emerald City. She stayed only minutes, barely acknowledging her past with either of them, before she was off, disappearing down the road that they lived on.

Boq and Milla stood together, watching her go, the children playing noisily in the dirt around them.

"Well," Milla said. "At least this time we know she's alive."


"You know," Boq remarked later, as he and Milla sat up in bed, two of their children asleep between them. "It's funny – with Elphaba here I felt almost like – well almost like a schoolboy again. I could so easily have been back at Shiz with Crope and Tibbett, caught up in one of Elphaba's causes." He paused, and turned to her. "We thought we could change the world," he said quietly.

The children stirred, woken by the talking, and Milla and Boq gently nudged them out of the bed and into their own. Milla blew out the candle and they lay down in the darkness, the snores of the children soft around them.

"I know," Milla said quietly, once they were settled. "As soon as I saw her I could have been in the Emerald City, sneaking into the Low City to visit her and planning my grand marriage to Alex Proteger."

She heard Boq shift towards her. "Would you -," his voice was hesitant. "Would you ever have wanted it to be different?"

Milla tucked herself into his arms comfortably, pressing her face into his neck. She breathed him in; his scent of earth and home washed over her.

"No," she whispered, her eyes closed and her lips curved upward. "I would want it to be just the same."

Boq smiled, and held her tighter.