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I Can't Reach

"Dammit," she muttered, "why did I have to put it there? All the way where I can't reach it..." She held the washcloth in her hands, wondering what to do. She couldn't do it by herself and asking for help was... not a good idea.

'Well, it was my decision to put it there... but when I did it, I didn't really think I'd be in this situation,' she thought, washing the rest of her body first. However, that didn't take long and she was back to her original problem. She sighed and tried to reach herself, finding that she was no where near where she needed to be. It would burn if she had been.

"Oh man," she groaned, bracing herself. "Kenshin?" she called.

"Kaoru?" he answered, opening the door and coming in. "What is it?"

"I need help," she told him through the shower door.

"With what? Have you never taken a shower before? I recommend washing your hair first," he replied.

"Ha ha, very funny. I can't reach my tattoo," she corrected. "And it has to get washed; it's been two days."

"Oh, for cripes sake..."

"Kenshin, please? I don't want to ruin it," she pleaded. "Do you really think I'd be asking you if I had any other choice?"

"Point taken," he conceded, opening the shower door abruptly.

She shrieked and turned away from his prying eyes. "A little warning next time, please!"

"How was I supposed to know you weren't ready?! You asked me to wash it and I agreed, so here I am!" he defended, blushing. He'd only had a glimpse, but it was enough to make him want to see more.

She thrust the washcloth at him without turning around. "Here, just do it. Carefully, okay?" She pulled her hair over her shoulder so it would be out of the way.

"I got it," he told her, taking the cloth and squeezing some of the water over her shoulder blades.

His eyes followed the movement of his hands as they worked over her skin. The tattoo was all dark outline work that contrasted with the paleness of her skin. As he moved the cloth over her skin, he couldn't help but notice just how smooth her skin was. He fought the urge to run his bare hands all over her back and then follow the path with his lips.

He shook himself a little as he realized where his thoughts had been going. This was his enemy! His rival! He shouldn't be having vivid fantasies about her. He scowled and finished his task more gently than he would have liked.

"There. All done. Anything else, you highness, before I leave?" he demanded, dropping the washcloth on the floor of the tub.

She shot him a confused look over her shoulder. Her eyes were narrowed as she looked at him. She was curious as to his sudden change. She had been enjoying the feel of his hands, even covered in the washcloth, as they glided around her shoulder blades.

Not that she would ever admit that to him. "No, that's it," she finally answered, turning her face away again. She heard the shower door shut and heard him open the door to the bathroom on his way out. "Kenshin?"

"I thought you said you didn't need anything else?"

"I don't. Just... I... Thanks," she told him, flushing.

"Your welcome," he said.

And then he slammed the door shut.

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