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Never Enough

Kenshin stared at the message on his phone once more before dropping it onto the bed. It had to stop. It was madness. Why break up with someone if you were just going to keep seeing them? It didn't make sense. But it didn't matter. He sighed and picked up the phone again and typed a quick reply. And then he put the phone down again, shaking his head.

It didn't matter how many times he had her. It was always new, always exciting, and always... perfect even as it was imperfect. He couldn't explain it. He'd never known another woman like her. Every time he tried to walk away, she pulled him back in. But it worked both ways. She'd walked away from him just as many times, only to come back again.

He could picture her in front of him, teasing smile in place. He would do anything to see that smile and tease it right off of her lips with his. He knew it would only be a couple of hours till he saw her again and he was already dreading it. He dreaded it because it meant that he was giving in again. It meant that she was going to win this round.

The last time, he'd won. It had been her who had caved and come crawling back to him. He'd relished that victory. Savored it. It had been sweeter simply because it had been her to give in to him. He licked his lips, thinking about how she had shown up at his doorstep, soaked to the bone from the afternoon rain shower.

He groaned as he pictured the sexy little smirk she'd slid him before letting herself in and asking if she could use his shower. From there she'd stripped all the way into the bathroom, leaving him a trail to follow. She'd wanted him to think that she had total control of the situation. He had known better. It had killed her to be the one who wanted more at the time.

Today would be different. Kaoru wouldn't need the illusion of control. She would have all the control. Because today it was him who was going to show up at her door. With that thought, he sighed and picked up his car keys, deciding that he couldn't wait a couple of hours. It may be his turn to grovel for her attention, but that didn't change the outcome. He would enjoy it nonetheless. He may feel weak and guilty when he woke up in her apartment tomorrow, but it would be worth it.

He knew that from experience.