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(Prompt - Beginnings)

Square One

Date: Saturday 10th October 1981

Gene watched as Alex walked slowly from his office. Her head was down, her shoulders slumped, and she looking utterly defeated. He'd told her to go home and get cleaned up before Shaz's welcome home party at Luigi's, but the truth was he thought she needed a little time alone.

Reaching for the bottle of whiskey again, he poured himself a generous amount and leaned back in his chair. It'd been a hell of a few days, the visit from Scarman, the gay rights protests and the whole mess with the Prices. He thought about the little girl; Alexandra, and his stomach turned that a father was willing to go to the lengths of trying to murder his own daughter because of his wife's indiscretion.

He shook his head as his thoughts came back to his own Alex. She was the damnedest woman he'd ever met, and yet despite his best efforts, he couldn't help but admire her. Her passion, her emotion, and her grief for a couple that most of the Met would be glad to see the back of. He could admit that at first, the emotional outbursts infuriated him, not understanding why she had to make everything so bloody complicated. But tonight, after Evan had taken the little girl home, she'd sat in his office and the way she had looked at him… It sent a shiver down his spine as he thought about it. It was as though she was really seeing him for the first time, seeing deep inside him. He wasn't sure if he was pleased or uncomfortable with the attention, and that was another reason he'd sent her home.

Stubbing out his cigar in the overflowing ashtray, he blew out a breath. When he thought about it now, he was glad that she hadn't taken him up on his offer to 'watch a video' the previous night, not that he'd really thought she would. He sometimes had a hard time remembering that he was her superior, her boss, without complicating things by ending up in a physical relationship with her.

But still. The way she said his name, now that she'd dropped the finger waggling, the way she would sometimes look up at him from beneath her lashes and the sexy smirk she gave him when they were joking around. And that was without the way she made him feel when they were arguing, the way the blood rushed through him when they were getting up in one another's faces, how all he wanted to do sometimes was grab her and kiss all the argument out of her.

His watch bleeped and a glance out of his office told him that everyone else's had too, with Chris fairly dancing outside the door. "Yes, Christopher go and get Granger, before she runs off with one of them junior doctors! As for the rest of you, I think it's about lunch time!"


Looking at the makeshift notice board and calendar on her wall, Alex gave a long, ragged sigh. She wouldn't cry again, there was no point to it, it wouldn't change anything, she couldn't change anything. Slowly she began to pull down all the scraps of paper and the newspaper cuttings.
It was over, the worst day of her life. Again. She didn't think she would ever get over her parents death in front of her eyes, not fully, and now she'd had to witness it again, only this time with the knowledge that what had happened had been orchestrated by her own father.

He had tried to kill her, had succeeded in killing himself and her mother and there had been nothing she could do to stop it no matter what she had tried. She knew that she was in shock, but didn't know if it was because she couldn't stop her parents death, because she was still stuck here in 1981 or because everything she thought she'd known about that day had been wrong.

Laying the papers down on the table, she walked to the bathroom, splashing cold water on her face before she went about fixing her make up, her thoughts returning to Gene.

Every time she tried to think about the part he had played in today's drama, her head started spinning and she had to steady herself. Her whole life she'd thought it was Evan who came to her rescue that day, had taken her hand, had swept her up into his arms and carried her away from the burning wreckage of the car, but it hadn't been. It had been Gene Hunt, a man she'd still, up to the moment she'd seen him with her younger self, brushed off as a figment of someone else's imagination.

Taking a long shaky breath, Alex fluffed up her hair and headed for the door, pausing for a moment. Could this be real? Could he be real? And if he was, did that mean that she had really gone back in time?


"Unbreakable, Bolly, unbreakable."

Alex lifted her glass, giving Gene a nod before sipping the wine, feeling the alcohol beginning to work immediately on her emotionally battered mind.

"Unlike this bloody wine which is undrinkable! Luigi, bring me a beer!" Gene looked across the table at his DI, his partner in crime. She'd looked so alone and sad sitting at the bar on her own and his frustration had risen, not knowing what to do for her.

But now she was smiling at him, a rueful smile that told him that although she was far from okay, she would get there eventually.

Alex half listened to conversations around her as she watched Gene light a cigar. She wasn't going home yet. Her parents death hadn't been the trigger to get her back to 2008, but she had found something out. Gene had come to her rescue, when she'd needed him the most, and he was here with her now.

She just had to start again, find the significance, make the connections and trust that Gene Hunt kept to his word. That when he was needed, he would be there.